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New York Daily Times, April 6, 1854

SS Northern Light
Captain Churchill
Sailed from New York City: April 5, 1854

NOTE: Passengers aboard the SS Northern Light appear on the passenger list of the SS Pacific which arrived in San Francisco on May 4, 1854. Visit The MARTIME HERITAGE PROJECT for details.

Port of New York .... Wednesday, April 5.

Steamship Northern Light, Churchill, San Juan, -----.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for Puenta Arenas --
Andrews, M., and wife
Armstrong, A. N.
Asson, G. N.
Babb, Charles
Bachman (Pachman ?), S.
Bailey (Pailey ?), Mrs. S. L., and son
Baker, C.
Baldwin, Capt. Chas. H., and servant
Barnstead, F. S., and son
Barnum, A.
Barnum, C. N.
Barr, J. K.
Batterson, N. B.
Becket, Wm. S.
Bigley, Mrs. A. G., and 2 children
Bird, B. B.
Blankman, H.
Blasdell, Mrs., and child
Bower, Mrs. W. B. Breed, E.
Breen, Miss H.
Brewster, Mrs. H. W., and 4 children
Briggs, J. C.
Britton, George, Sr., and wife
Britton, George, wife and child
Britton, Miss J.
Brown, Jas.
Brown, Mrs. E., daughter and servant
Buck, G.
Busher, M. E.
Chaffee, B., wife and child
Chappell, Mr., wife and child
Cheesman, Mrs. C.
Clare, Mrs. E.
Coleman, M., and wife
Compton, C. L.
Connery, C. W.
Cousins, Miss L.
Cousins, Miss M.
Cushing, Miss E.
Cushing, Robert
Dane, Mr.
Dane, Mrs. G. W., and 3 children
Davis, Mrs. E. C., and child
Derick, Mrs. A.
Doll, J. G.
Dougherty, James
Downing, Wm. H.
Doxey, C.
Doyle, Wm.
Duff, Mrs., and infant
Eagan, George L.
Epstein, M.
Favot, Mrs. K., and 3 children
Fearn, Alexander C.
Fearn, Mrs. A. C., and infant
Fish, N. B.
Fitzgibbon, J. W.
Follanshee, Joseph
Fuller, C.
Fuller, N.
Fuller, S.
Gable, W. H.
Gardner, W. L.
Garrety, Miss Catherine
Gibson, P.
Gillet, D.
Gladwin, W. B.
Gongrais, D., and wife
Gordon, Miss Jane
Granriss, Mrs. J., and infant
Graves, W. H.
Gregory, A. W.
Griffin, Miss J.
Grove, M. F.
Gruendike, J.
Guyot, E., and wife
Hall, Mrs. H., infant and servant
Haskins, R., and wife
Hastings, Miss M.
Hathaway, Dr. E. N.
Hazelett, J. G., wife and infant
Heeley, Mrs. J.
Hendricks, Mrs., and wife
Holcombe, A.
Holcombe, S. E.
Hurlbut, Mrs. T. B.
Jagest, J.
Jameson, H. D.
Johnson, L. A., and wife
Johnson, Miss S.
Johnson, Mrs. C. E., and child
Johnson, Mrs. E.
Johnson, Mrs. S.
Johnson, Mrs. S. F.
Jones, F.
Judah, Miss H. B.
Judah, Mrs. M. J.
Judah, Theo. D., wife, child and servant (The promoters of the Sacramento Valley Rail Road brought Theodore D. Judah to California from New York. The SVRR finished, he surveyed a route over the Sierra Nevadas and founded the Central Pacific Railroad Company. Instrumental in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.)
Karfals, S.
Kemp, W.
King, Wm.
Lancaster, D.
Litchfield, F.
Lombard, J.
Long, C. W., and wife
Lustey, I., wife and infant
Lynch, D.
Magness, Miss Ellen
Magness, Miss Margaret
Mahon, R. J.
Malind, Mrs.
Mandelibaun, Jos.
Mansfield, Col. J. K. F., U.S.A.
Martin, M. F.
Martin, Miss S.
Martin, Mrs. E.
Martin, Mrs., child and servant
Mattat, M., and boy
Mattat, Miss Mary
McCabe, Mr.
McCarty, J., and wife
McClelland, H., and brother
McCloy, Miss
McDonald, W.
McGines, M.
McGinis, Miss Margaret
McGinis, Miss, and 2 children
McNulty, J.
McRuel, D. C.
Meil (Mell ?), F.
Melbourne, A. P.
Melbourne, Mrs.
Metcalf, Mrs. A. R.
Meyers, A.
Michael, M., and servant
Miller, D.
Montfort, Mrs., and 2 children
Morass, Jos. A.
Murphy, Mrs. P.
Myers, C. F.
Nagle, Geo. D., wife, child, and servant
Nichols, H.
Noery, Mrs. E., and infant
Norris, George S.
Nudd, A. D.
O'Neil, D.
Pixley, F. M.
Porter, A.
Porter, J.
Riley, Miss E.
Rillilea, B., and wife
Robbins, H. H.
Roberts, E. R.
Robinson, G. N.
Ross, J.
Ross, Mrs. Mary _. (J. or I. ?), and 4 children
Ryan, Miss Catherine
Sargeant, L.
Selig, M.
Seymour, Geo.
Seymour, George
Shale, Mrs. S.
Smiley, M. T.
Snook, Wm.
Soles, S. G.
Stenes (Stones ?), G. W.
Stewart, Wm. H.
Stiles, J. H.
Stowell, J. M.
Stuart, James, and wife
Sullivan, Mrs. M., child and infant
Sweedenstien, O.
Sweeney, Mrs. E., and infant
Thompson, D. W.
Thompson, Mrs.
Thompson, Mrs. M.
Thompson, T.
Tuttle, W. J.
Valentine, C. H.
Van Rennselaer, V.
Vance, R., wife and 2 children
Walker, T. W.
Wardrof, Wm.
Watson, G.
Watson, Wm. S.
Watts, Mrs.
Weaver, Ed.
Weidner, A.
Wells, S.
Willis, Miss E.
Willis, Mrs. John, and 3 children
Wilson, S. L.
Wood, C.
Wood, Frank S.
Wood, Wm. H.
and a full compliment in the steerage.

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