California Bound by

New York Daily Times, Monday, February 6, 1854

SS Northern Light
Captain Miner
Sailed from New York City: February 4, 1854

Port of New York .... Saturday, Feb. 4.

Northern Light, Miner, San Juan, Charles Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for San Juan --
Adam, Mrs. Mary
Aitken, S., wife and 2 children
Alexander, W. G.
Anthony, J. G.
Ash, Mrs., infant and 2 servants
Atkens (Aikens ?), Mrs.
Barker, A.
Basqui (Basqur ?), E., and brother
Beattie, Miss E.
Belknap, Mary A., and 2 children
Biggs, J., wife and 2 children
Billington, M.
Billow, Mrs., M., and infant
Bownton, T. H.
Braddock, D.
Brown, O. N.
Bull, Miss A. M.
Bull, Miss M. E.
Bunker, Mrs. H. S., 2 infants, and servant
Byland, J.
Campbell, T.
Carpenter, J., and wife
Champlio, O.
Chapman, Miss H.
Clifford, D. B.
Clifford, H. R., and wife
Cothser (??), C. J.
Cox, S.
Crafts, Dr. E. G.
Cressman, J. S.
Cro_ke (Crooke, Crocke ?), W. B.
Crooks, J. C. K.
Crossman, Mrs. J. S., and child
Crosson, Mrs. B.
Curtiss, A.
Cushing, C.
Dar_ (Dart ?), Putnam C.
Davis, Mrs. C. D.
Desgatudier, S., wife, 3 children and servant
Dodge, Mrs. R. M.
Drake, S.
Dudley, J. H.
Dutton, J.
Dyer, J. A.
Dyer, T. F.
Everett, E.
Farrington, N. C., wife and 2 children
Faucett, J.
Fitzgibbon, Miss E.
Franklin, J. S.
Franks, F.
Gardiner, A.
Gardiner, Mrs. George
Gaskill, D. W. C.
German, Mrs. E., and 2 children
Grass, Mrs. L.
Gregg, Mrs. J., and 2 children
Hall, F. W.
Hamilton, Mrs. J., and child
Han_lin (Hamlin ?), G. J.
Harmon, Wm.
Hazeltine, S. B.
Heal, P.
Hewlett, A.
Hewlett, E.
Hill, C. H.
Hines, R. W.
Hodgin, J. W., wife and 2 children
Humphrey, J. B.
Hyman, J.
Ingler, Mrs. T., and 2 infants
Johnson, J.
Johnson, J. R., wife and son
Johnson, R. C.
Jones, H. S.
Jones, W. D.
Knight, W.
Laughlin, M. B.
Leigh, Miss M. A.
Lincoln, D. A.
Lipsack, D. H.
Lister, William
Long, T. W., and servant
Loughlon, Misses C. and B.
Ma__ich (Maynich ?), Mrs. E., and infant
Machenheimer, Miss S.
Mayher, George W.
McC_e__an (McClellan ?), W. G., and wife
McComb, R.
McGee, Miss M.
McGerey, Miss M.
Millard, E. H.
Moffitt, O.
Moore, A.
Morgan, Miss
Morgan, Mrs. Mary
Mull, J.
Newell, Capt. F. A.
Northrup, J.
Norton, A. W.
Oatman, Mrs. Dr. J. E., and child
O'Brien, Miss
O'Brien, Mrs. E., and infant
Oliver (??), W. H.
Packard, Charles, and wife
Page, R.
Para, H.
Pearce, J. W.
Perin, L.
Piper, W. A.
Pitman, J. B. (H. ?)
Post, V. P.
Prayn, J. F.
Preston, Mrs. Augusta
Pri_r (Prior ?), R.
Quimby, Amos
Ra__ond (??), George
Randall, C.
Reynolds, A.
Ridley, H. J.
Rowland, J.
Rughee (??), S. C.
Rundlett, W. F.
Sanger, Miss L.
Saunders, G. A.
Sawyer, S. T., wife, and 2 infants
Schwarg, H.
Senderwick, J. S.
Sh__n_ (Shiend ?), W. A.
Shaw, W. P., wife, and infant
Shim, J. M.
Silverstone, J.
Simonson, Mrs.
Simonson, T.
Smith, Mrs. Thomas, and infant
Smith, R.
Smith, Thomas, wife, infant, and servant
Snider, A. S., and wife
Snider, W.
Spencer, J. P.
Squire, H. A., Jr.
Steely, J. W., wife and 3 children
Stetson, J.
Stinman, J., and brother
Such, George
Such, Miss C.
Swift, Capt. J.
Swift, Mrs. D., and 2 sons
Taylor, C.
Tisdale, D.
Tolles, J. R., and wife
Tolles, Miss A. M.
Tolles, Miss M. G.
Tompkins, Miss S. E.
Tompkins, S. C., wife and child
Tompkins, Wm. S.
Tr_stman (Tristman, Trastman, Trustman ?), Mrs. A.
Trainor, P., and wife
Tucker, Mrs. G. W., and 4 children
Turpin, Mrs. J. N.
Vincent, M.
Wade, S. H.
Waines, G.
War_k_r (Warnker, Waraker ?), J.
Welch, Miss M.
White (?), Hon. Joseph L. (bearer of dispatches)
White, C. E.
White, Loomis L.
White, R. G.
Wilcox, J. W.
Williams, C. B.
Wilson, Miss M. A.
Wilson, Wm. L.
Wingate, R. B.
Winship, C. F.
Woodward, J. N.
with a full compliment in the steerage.

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