California Bound by

The New York Daily Times, February 3, 1854

SS Yankee Blade
Captain: Henry Randall
From New York City: January 31, 1854 (* In The Panama Route, 1848-1869, Kemble notes the Yankee Blade sailed from New York on February 2, 1854, and arrived in San Francisco, May 4, 1854.)

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Yankee Blade, for Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, and San Francisco,

For Rio de Janeiro—
Jones, J.W.
Muller, E.P.
Southworth, Mr.
Van Buskirk, E., and lady

For Valparaiso—
Collins, J.H.
Corning, R.
Dumphey, E.
Hoyt, James T.
McGill, G.P.
Thompson, J.L.
Wales, Charles

For San Francisco—

SS Yankee Blade
New York to San Francisco
New York Times January 28, 1854

Alcott, M.R.
Austin, Mrs.
Avery, Mrs. Susan **
Banks, E.B., and lady
Buell, R.P.
Conklin, H.B.
Dailey, T.
Eustia (Eustis ?), J.R.
Fairchild, E.
Fuland, R.
Hewett, L.
Honard, Mrs. Ann, and child
Horry, A.L.
Howard, A.B
Howard, Master
Howard, Miss
Irwin, Daniel
Karins, T.
McElrath, J.
McNann, Mrs. John
Moncrieff, A.
Mont, J.B., and lady
Mulligan, M.
Newby, W.B.
Nichols, Mrs.
Quimby, Samuel A.
Smith, Daniel
Stickney, M.
Stickney, Master
Stickney, Miss
Stickney, Mrs.
Van Deusen, Mrs.

** According to a story in the Brooklyn Eagle (online), April 27, 1854, Susanna Russell, about 20 years of age, came on board the Yankee Blade posing as the sister of Edward H. Avery, about 26 years of age.. He met her in a "house of ill fame"and he was paying her passage, while he worked on the ship for his passage. On February 15, at about 8 PM, he became jealous of her carrying ons with other passengers and stabbed her to death. The Brooklyn Eagle of June 24, 1854, reported that Mr. Avery had been tried for the murder of "Susannah Russell" in the U.S. District Court, and, by reason of insanity, was discharged.

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