California Bound by

New York Daily Times, July 7, 1853

SS Northern Light
Captain Miner
Sailed from New York City: July 5, 1853

Port of New York .... Tuesday, Jul. 5.

Northern Light, Miner, San Juan de Nicaragua, Charles Morgan.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for San Juan de Nicaragua --
_routman (Croutman ?), H.
Abbott, A.
Arrons, R.
Bell, F.
Belthus, J. A.
Blake, J. C.
Blunt, M.
Booth, C.
Branks, R.
Brindle, C.
Byington, E. I.
Candee, C. L.
Card, D.
Card, L.
Carter, J. R.
Correl, Mrs., and child
Countz, Mrs. C.
Cummings, N. C.
De Vaul, J.
Dempster, J.
Dendener (Deodener ?), M.
Dinsman, S.
Downing, J. K.
Dunn, T. O.
Durham, J.
Dyon, J., and son
Ely, H. C. M.
F_ll (Fell, Fall ?), E. L.
Flanders, A.
Flanders, J.
Flanning, J.
Fletcher, C.
Fodeshergtram, Mr., wife and child
Folk, Mrs.
Foster, J.
Foster, W.
Fowler, Mrs. J., and child
Frawley, W.
Freeborn, H.
Friper, U.
Garlick, C. P.
Gelvier, M.
Gray, E. A.
Grier, H. A.
Groves, Mr.
Haffender, Mr., and lady
Hall, Allen
Halpin, P.
Haltz, C.
Haverner, Mrs. M.
Henderson, J. M.
Heron, B. B., and wife
Higgins, J. B.
Hol_ (Holt ?), T. B.
Holt, E. L.
Howarth, J.
Hubbart, J. P. (?)
Hunter, Mrs., and son
Ingles, T.
Johnson, D. F.
Jones, D.
Jones, J.
Kauheme, Mrs. A., and 2 children
Kelley, G. W., and lady
Kellogg, Mrs.
Knowles, L., and wife
Kratz, P.
Krotter, H.
Laughman, E.
Lawrence, A. G.
Lawson, G.
Layen, A.
Leach, J. H.
Lelly, Ann
Lelly, Mary
Levi, H.
Ling, J.
Little, J.
Mallery, G.
Mannasah, M.
Manson, F.
Manson, McNeal
Maxwell, Mrs.
May, L.
McCall, D.
McHenry, J.
McKeel, S. W.
McLaughlin, F.
McLaughlin, J.
Meagher, J. J.
Meyer, G. R.
Murphy, E.
Murphy, M.
Newhensen, Miss
Newhensen, N.
Noland, J. (?)
Packer, Mrs., and 2 children
Parhud, Mrs., and daughter
Parmite, E. (F. ?)
Patrick, J. L.
Patrick, J. Y.
Peabody, J.
Peach, W. S.
Perkins, M.
Perry, H.
Philips, M.
Picchi, E.
Picchi, Mrs.
Power, C. A.
Pritchard, R.
Rehm, M.
Riley, F.
Rollins, J.
Rowland, W.
Schloss, C., wife and servant
Scott, A. G.
Segrist, J. J.
Selly, A.
Shepard, D. A.
Shields, J., and wife
Shoule, J.
Siggins, J.
Silverman, J.
Sinclair, R. B.
Small, L. J.
Smith, R. C.
Smith, R. W.
Smith, W. S.
Snyder, A. S.
Solano, J., and wife
Solomons, R.
Spich, Mrs., and infant
Staple, R.
Stell, W. M.
Taylor, C. L., and wife
Washburn, D. M.
Whitney, L. C.
Williams, T.
Wood, Mrs., and child
and others in Steerage.

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