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New York Daily Times, May 6, 1853

SS Star of the West
Captain Tinklepaugh
Sailed from New York City: May 5, 1853

NOTE: Passengers aboard the SS Star of the West appear on the passenger list of the SS Pacific which arrived in San Francisco on June 13, 1853. Visit The MARTIME HERITAGE PROJECT for details.

Port of New York .... Thursday, May 5, 1853.

Steamship Star of the West, Tinklepaugh, San Juan de Nic., O. B. Allen.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Star of the West, for San Juan --
Allen, C.
Allen, O.
Allen, S. B.
Askden, A.
Askden, Jos.
Austin, Joshua P.
Ayre, W. W.
Bach, C.
Bailey, C. B.
Batchelder, E. M.
Baxter, Daniel, lady and son
Becherer, Frank
Becherer, Jacob
Beers, Geo.
Bennett, R. W.
Bergen, A., and son
Blake, A. J.
Blanchard, J. J.
Booth, E.
Boswell, John
Bradley, W.
Briggs, C., and lady
Briggs, S., and son
Brown, Matthew H.
Bryce, J. G.
Buffington, Mrs. Mary W., and 3 children
Burr (Barr ?), David H.
Burton, Miss Harriet
Campbell, James
Campbell, Mrs. Ann
Carroll, J.
Charleston, Mrs. Mary
Childs, G.
Cilley, A.
Clemfoot, J. H.
Coates, Mrs. Fanny
Cohn, Henry, lady and servant
Cohn, Mrs. S. H., 3 children and servant
Cohn, W.
Comstock, Ira
Coyle, J.
Crowley, J., and nephew
Danielson, C. L.
Davis, Alexander B.
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, J.
Davis, N. S.
Davis, S. M.
Delany, W.
Dempsey, J.
Dennis, M.
Dickson, Henry
Donaker, J.
Donavan, Michael
Dougherty, J.
Dout, Geo.
Dunn, Mrs. S. M.
Dunn, T.
Eppstein, S., lady, servant and 2 infants
Farr, J. L.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas
Fitzpatrick, Wm.
Frederick, A.
French, G. L.
French, G. W.
Gage, Richard
Gavarretto, F.
Goldstein, P.
Goodwin, J. G.
Griffin, Lynch, and lady
Haberd, John
Hadsill, D.
Hanford, F. A.
Hasson, H.
Haywood, J. D.
Hazetta, E.
Heigman, John
Heston, J. F.
Heverin, Mrs. E., and 2 infants
Hilliard, Warren
Hitchcock, Charles E.
Hoff, S.
Horwitz, Julius
Hunter, John
Huston, E. T., and lady
Huston, H. D.
Hutchinson, Geo.
James, John R.
James, S. L.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, David
Jones, J.
Jones, Mrs. Mary P., and child
Jones, S. (S. ?)
Joseph, A.
Kahn, Moses, and servant
Keeling, D.
Kelley, James
Kellogg, J. C.
Kiernan, Mrs. C., and 2 infants
Kierski, Wm.
Lane, Michael
Leninthal, A.
Leufestey, W. H. F.
Levy, M.
Levy, Miss B., and servant
Lewis, G. W.
Long, J.
Lynch, Mrs. Mary
Malone, Thos.
Marks, H.
Marks, M. L.
Marks, Mrs. C.
May, W.
McCardle, P.
McCoy, Robert
McNeill, Adam
McSorley, A.
Meyer, M. M.
Meyerfield, Morris
Miller, Charles
Moffa, W.
Monnasse, Joseph
Mosher, J.
Munro, Mrs. A. P.
Murphy, Patrick
Murray, J. A.
Nichols, Miss Louisa A.
Ottignen, John L.
Owen, S. E.
Pander, Miss Catherine, and servant
Parsons, Mrs. S., and 2 infants
Petit, Peter
Powers, Isaac
Price, J.
Rappold (Reppold, Rippold, Roppold ?), C.
Redd, H.
Reid, W. V.
Relay, John H.
Rice, E.
Robinson, B. F.
Robinson, Mrs. E., and infant
Rogers, J.
Rollins, B. F.
Rosenflatt (Roseblatt ?), S. A.
Rowbach, C., and lady
Ruthardt, J.
Schetts, M.
Schubnel, S.
Scofield, E., and lady
Sealey, Geo.
Selby, J. N., lady and child
Selling, Isaac
Shepherd, Wm.
Silvey, Robert
Smith, J.
Southworth, S.
Standish, Mrs. E., and infant
Stein, C.
Stewart, M. L.
Stewart, R. L.
Sutro, A.
Sutro, W.
Sylta, B.
Sylvester, S.
Tilton, Hazen
Tinker, W. W.
Treher, John, and lady
Van Darn, G., and lady
Watkins, Joseph
Wessner, Dr. Joseph
West, Hiram
West, R.
Whitehead, J.
Wiggins, W. S.
Woodleaf, H.
Woolenberg, N.
Wratten, J. E.
Wright, Capt. Thomas
and others in the steerage.

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