California Bound by

New York Daily Times, December 21, 1852

SS Northern Light
Captain Miner
Sailed from New York City: Monday, December 20, 1852

NOTE: many of the passengers listed aboard the SS Northern Light appear on the passenger list of the SS Pacific which arrived in San Francisco on January 17, 1853. Check both lists for given names, variations in spellings and different initials. An "*" after a name below indicates that a name, or variation of it, appears on both lists.

Port of New York ..... Monday, Dec. 20.

Steamer Northern Light, Miner, for San Juan, D. B. Allen.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Northern Light, for San Juan --
_il_inghast (Dillinghast ?), Stutle
Adan (Adam ?), J. Q.
Andrew, J. S.
Andrew, W. D.
Anthony, E.
Arthur, Mrs. James
Baldwin, Aaron
Baldwin, H.
Baldwin, Lafayette
Baldwin, Samuel, wife, daughter and infant*
Barney, D. G.
Beebe (Beade ?), Henry
Benson, Elias
Benson, Joseph
Blackwood, A.
Blake, A.
Blunt, Sylvester
Bodfish, J.
Bogart, Jesse*
Boult (Boalt ?), Simeon, wife and child
Brickwedell, John*
Brickwedell, Mrs., 2 infants and servant*
Brighum (Brigham ?), C., Jr.
Brison, Mrs., child and infant*
Brittain, A. S.*
Brittain, Joseph W.*
Brown, H.
Brown, J. W.
Brown, M.
Brunner, P.
Bunnell, W.
Burke, J. A.
Burke, Jacob
Burns, Thos.
Bush, John C.
Bussey, B.
Campbell, Miss M. J.*
Campbell, William, wife and 2 children*
Cartwright, J.
Clark, R. J.
Cliffin, G. H.
Coe, R. (?)
Coffin, George, and wife*
Coffin, O. C., wife and two children*
Colby, E.
Collier, F. F.*
Colman, G. A.
Colman, Thomas
Costello, A.
Couch, E. M.
Counter, James
Cox, C. H.
Cragan, John
Crocker, S., and son
Daniel, Samuel
Darren, Mrs. Mary, and child*
Daun (Daon, Doan ?), J. S.
Davis, A. G.
Davis, Joseph
Dedrick, P.
Denning, Wm.
Dickey, A.
Dock, C.
Dolan, P.
Doyle, J. P.*
Doyle, John*
Doyle, Miss*
Doyle, Mrs. F*
Doyle, R. E.*
Dyer, C. V.
Eddy, W. H.
Edee, C.
Edwards, J.
Egan, B.
Emary, J.*
Emery, Miss S.*
Emory, O.
Eominson (Edminson ?), J.
F_edney, W.
Feany, M.
Fisher, Philander, wife and child*
Folger, D. (B. ?) F.
Folger, Mrs. J. S., and child
Forbes, James
Forbes, Mrs. James, and 2 infants*
Ford, W., wife and child*
Forrest, James
Fuller, A. S.
Gage, George
Gale, J. H.
Gale, John S.
Gates, D.
Gill (Gail ?), R. A.
Goldworthy, John
Gordon, Isaac
Griffin, John
Hand, S.
Handy, S. W., wife and three daughters
Harris, B.*
Hayer, James
Heffern, Oscar
Henderson, J. B., and boy*
Henderson, Miss R. P.*
Henderson, S., wife and child*
Hendricks, J.
Hess, Z.
Highan, S. J.*
Hinckley, Charles
Hitchcock, Walter
Hodges, B. A.
Hoffman, A.*
Holmes, Henry
Hopkins, J.
Hopkins, J. P.
Hopkins, L.
Hopkins, Rufus*
Houseman, Mrs., and 3 children
Houston, J.*
Houston, J. B.
Hoyt, Calvin
Hunt, A.
Huntley, G.
Hurat (?), M. F.
Hutchinson, J.*
Irelaw, George
Jackson, Richard H.
Johnson, J.
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, Miss Emily T.*
Jones, Mrs. George M., and three children*
Jones, Mrs. Thomas, and son*
Joyce, Thomas*
Killburn, J. E.
Kinney, James
Laing, Wm.*
Larkin, Martin
Lee, A.
Leonard, S. S.
Levy, A.
Lewis, K.
Lord, Thompson
Love, D.
Love, F.
Lyman, William
Macy, Henry
Mancho, Mrs.
Matthews, T.
McArthur, John A.
McCabe, Patrick
McCabe, Philip
McCargo, John
McCarter, James
McClain, George H.*
McCollough, S. G.
McConnell, J.
McDowell, A. J.
McDowell, H. P.
McDowell, J. D.
McDowell, J. N.
McDowell, S. H.
McGinly, B.
McLevey, Peter
McWilliams, Edward
McWilliams, John
Mead, T., and wife*
Merrill, A.
Mills, Theodore T.*
Molloy, Dominick
Monroe, Mrs. C., and child*
Nelson, W.
Nevin, James
Nichols, J. C.
Nicholson, J.
Nowell, J.
Orpin, Edward
Overacker, M.
Parker, Daniel
Parker, Lewis
Parmlay, R. S.
Patten, Mrs. Elizabeth
Perkins, Hiram R.
Perry, O. S.
Pettigrew, Joseph
Phillips, J. W. D., and lady
Pierce, William J.*
Polk, George*
Pratt, Andrew
Radvey (?), Hugh
Redding, Franklin
Reese, N.*
Roberts, John
Robinson, John
Ryan, M.
Salter, J., Jr.
Sampson, Benjamin*
Schwartz, T.
Shelton, Miss E.
Sicht (Bicht ?), J.
Singer, J.
Small, R.
Smith, D.
Smith, John
Smith, S.
Smithson, John
Spicer, H.
Staples, C.
Stebbins, H.
Stephens, W. H.
Straus, G.
Swain, Miss Malvina*
Swain, Miss Susan C.*
Taylor, Cris (Oris ?)*
Thompson, William*
Tifts, Mrs. L., and child*
Toothacher, E. H.
Trevett, C. W.
Trevett, J.
Turl, E.
Turner, George
Vail, Wallace*
Venther, T.
Vermilyea, Wm.*
Vernon, W.
Ward, John
Warner, G.
Warr, Matthew
Webster, J.
Wells, John C.
Wheeler, B. B.
Wheeler, George
Wheeler, Orrell M.*
White, J. V.*
Whiting, S.
Wilkinson, Mrs. E.*
Williams, A.
Williams, C. H. S.*
Williams, Thomas K.
Witham, S.
Wood, Mrs. Susan, and 2 children*
Woodward, W.
Yerger, John P.
Zinn, S. E.
and 173 in the steerage.

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