California Bound by

New York Daily Times, Monday, December 6, 1852
SS Prometheus
Captain: Churchill
Sailed from New York: December 4, 1852, for San Juan de Nicaragua

NOTE: many of the passengers listed aboard the SS Prometheus appear on the passenger list of the SS Independence which arrived in San Francisco on January 8, 1853. Check both lists for given names, variations in spellings and different initials. An "*" after a name below indicates that a name, or variation of it, appears on both lists.

PORT OF NEW YORK .... Saturday, Dec. 4.

Prometheus, Churchill, San Juan, D. B. Allen.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Prometheus, for San Juan de Nicaragua --
A_nt_ll (Antill ?), B.*
Ackert, P.
Allen, O.*
Allen, S., and wife
Andrews, R.
Andrews, T.
Bacon, J.*
Bagley, T.*
Bancock, O. B.
Barnes, J.*
Begole, A. T.
Bendle, W.
Bennett, N.*
Berry, _. Q.
Berry, J.*
Bertrand, A.
Blake, James
Boyd, S. P.
Buttingham, Mrs. E. L.*
Carton, J.
Cheeney, E. J.
Clark, A.*
Clark, Mrs. M.*
Copeland, G.
Copeland, R.
Crearner, J. M. or McCrearner, J.
Dacy, D.
Daly, P.
Davis, B.
De_ere (Devere ?), C.
Delany, W. D.
Dening, J. F.*
Diflen (Dillen ?), J.
Dillon, S.
Donnery, E.
Donovan, D.
Edmunds (Edmonds ?), Judge J. W.
Eisen, A.
English, J. M.
Everett, J.
Flynn, T. O.
Fogerty, Mrs.
Frary, A. P.*
Frary, Miss
Gardiner, T.*
Gatchell, A. O.
Gay, H. S.
Gayner, C.
Ge_nisheim, M.
Gough, P.
Gray, J.*
Gray, R.
Guay, F.
Hammond, J.*
Hand, F.
Hardenberg, J. G.*
Hasbronck, J.*
Helt (Holt ?), Mrs., and child*
Henion, D.
Holsey, A. S.
Horn, Mrs. J. B.*
Hudson, T.
Hughes, P.
Jones, J.*
Keenan, P.
Kirsman, Robert
Lake, T. B.*
Lea, H. G.
Littlefield, J. W.
Louis, V., and wife*
Marshall, J. R.*
Martin, G.
McCrearner, J. or Crearner, J. M.
McGrath, J.
McGrath, T.
Mead, R.
Mead, W., and wife*
Meehan, J.
Meers, S.
Meland, J.
Miller, H., and wife*
Moore, D.
Mullihan, J.
Mullihan, P.
Mullin, P.
Neville, T.*
Norcum (Norcom ?), Dr. H. S. S.*
Nowland, H. U.
O'Dwyer, P.
O'Dwyer, T.
Osman, G.
Ostrander, H. J., and wife*
Parish, G.
Pease, C.
Pease, L.
Pennell, R.
Phillips, L.
Pike, T.
Pinkham, A. W.
Pomeroy, Mrs., and 3 children*
Presta, J., wife and 2 servants
Rhodes, B. H., and servant*
Rice, C. R.
Rice, L., Jr.
Riley, P.
Riordan, Mrs., child, infant and servant*
Rogers, S.
Rowe, W.*
Say, Mrs. T.
Sharp, Mrs. Louisa*
Shore, J.
Shumway, S. A.
Sidersarf (??), W.
Smith, E.
Smith, G.*
Summerville, Robert
Taylor, J. C.
Touns, M.
Trask, H.*
Traylow, H.
Tuttle, E. (F. ?)
Valentine, Mr. (Mrs. ?)*
Voorhees, G.
Voorhees, James
Wainwright, W.*
Walsh, J.
Watson, J.
Willis, E. B.*
Witcher, J. C.*
Wood, Col., family and party
Young, R.*
and 237 in steerage.

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