California Bound by

New York Daily Times, October 21, 1852

SS Illinois
Captain Hartstein
Sailed from New York City: October 20, 1852

NOTE: Passenger names listed below and followed by an asterisk are on the passenger list of the SS Oregon, which arrived in San Francisco on November 20, 1852 (Source: Louis J. Rasmussen's "San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists, Volume IV, June 17, 1852 to January 6, 1853").

Port of New York .... Wednesday, Oct. 20.

Steamship Illinois, Hartstein, Aspinwall, M. O. Roberts.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Illinois, for Aspinwall --
Abbott, F.*
Arato, M.* (Martin Arato)
Armstrong, J. H.* (John H. Armstrong)
Austin, D.* (David Austin)
Ayres, Jno. W.* (John H. Ayres)
Bachibego, G.* (Girvanni Bacibigo)
Backus, W. R.
Baker, E. C.*
Bazinlingo, G.* (G. Bacizulugo)
Baztin, Franco
Beau, A.
Beaupre, E.
Bemes, H.
Bermaditti, J.
Berrard, Mrs. L.* (Mrs. L. Bernard)
Berry, Rev. E. M.*
Black, A.
Blanco, P.
Bowell, G.
Bowman, John*
Bozzi, A, and boy* (Andrea and Angelo Bozzi)
Brayton, Chas.*
Brewer, N.*
Brown, J.
Bushnell, Mr.*
Bushnell, Mrs.* (H. Bushnell)
Butler, Miss Helen
Cabins, H.* (H. Cabius)
Callahan, K.
Campbell, M.*
Carle, A.* (Arthur Carl)
Carpenter, Mrs., and 2 children* (Mrs. Carpenter and child)
Carpenter, W.* (William Carpenter)
Chigoli, A.
Clark, Mrs. C. L.
Clifford, E. A.*
Clifford, W.*
Coates, A. J.
Cohen, L., and lady*
Cook, George*
Cook, John*
Coyle, F.*
Cramer, A.*
Cuner, H.
Cutts, W.*
Devoli, G.* (Giovanni Devoli)
Dillon, J. M.*
Donald, D.
Douglass. C. G.
Doyle, W.
Dunham, L. P.* (L. J. Dunham)
Dupeau, Mrs. Capt. John, and child*
Eachelli, F.
Emery, J.* (Jonathan Emery)
Fanington, W. C.
Fenno, J. E.
Fisher, Miss O.*
Fleeheart, A.*
Fletcher, T. P.*
Folsom, P.
Ford, Jno., lady and 2 children
Fountain, I.
Franklin, Miss. C.
Frealey, J.
Freihert, C.
Freme, D.
Fuller, William M.* (W. L. Fuller)
Furst, Mrs., and 2 children* (Mrs. Fust and 2 children)
Fuzicar, Miss
Galden, R.
Gallagher, G., and lady
Garde, M.
Gasper, R.
Gertz, G. W.
Gihon, Thos.*
Gilfoy, J.* (John Gilfoy)
Green, J. J.* (J. O. Green)
Greene, J. P. D.
Grid, R.
Griffin, M. F.
Griggs, G.
Haight, H. H.* (Henry Huntington Haight, future governor of California)
Hale, L. M.
Hall, Alfred, and lady
Hall, W.
Hamilton, Hon. S. H.
Hamilton, J.* (John Hamilton)
Harding, Capt. C. F.*
Harris, A. H.*
Hass, Chas.
Hayes, Miss Catherine, and mother (Famous Irish Soprano (Kate Hayes), her mother and party)*
Herde (?), Mr.
Herrick, B. F. S. E.
Hess, L.*
Hesse, L.
Hick, J. D.
Horton, Capt. A. J.*
Howe, G. G.*
Howe, Mrs. Jakuna* (Mrs. Joanna Howe)
James, Wm.*
Joseph, Mrs.*
Kennedy, M.*
Kilduff, P. D.* (Mr. Kilduff and wife)
Kotch, J. G.* (J. G. Koch)
Kullman, M.
Laidley, Mrs., J., and 2 children* (Mrs. Laiddy and 2 children)
Lemecaux, C. P.
Leob, A.
Lester, P.
Lewis, A.
Lewis, Frederick*
Lewis, M. P.*
Lewis, Mrs. P.*
Lewis, S.*
Livingston, Major J., and family
Longinetti, G.
Lonte, D.* (Dominick Lonte)
Lorandini, F.
Lugovini, A.* (Angelo Lugoni)
Luke, C.
M_n_aire, G.
Macine, S., and 2 boys* (S. Maccini and 2 boys)
Mahoney, M.* (M. Mahony)
Maker, James* (James Makee)
Maker, P. W.* (P. Makee)
Man, H. Selig (probably a typo; see "Seligman" below)
Martin, H.*
Martin, S.
Matton, J., and lady* (Mr. Mattoon and lady)
Maxto, F.
McCabe, M., lady and 3 children*
McClery, Mrs.*
McEvoy, James*
McManus, _.* (B. McManus)
McManus, T.
McNeil, J.* (I. McNeil ?)
McQuard, P.
Meade, W. H.* (William H. Meade)
Melinori, P.*
Memfield, S.
Menges, Mr.* (Herr Minges/Minges, celebrated baritone, accompanying Miss Kate Hayes. Miss Hayes' pianist, Signor Herald/Herold, would have also been on board.)
Metcalf, D.*
Mille, M.
Mitchell, Charles H.*
Mitchell, Lieut. J. C., and lady*
Mitchet, J. C.
Morin, John
Morse, J. F.
Morton, J., and lady
Mozazi, Antonio
Mussin, D.
Newman, T.
Noble, C. W.*
Nolle, O. L.* (O. S. Noble ?)
Nugent, T.
Padock, W. C.* (W. O. Paddock)
Purdy, W.
Reamer, W.
Reynolds, Mrs. William
Rider, H.
Rider, J.* (John Rider)
Roberts, Miss*
Roberts, Mrs.*
Robins, W.
Rockwell, B.
Rosenstack, S.* (Samuel Rosenstock)
Roundtree, I.* (Isaac Roundtree)
Sallent, D. J., and lady
Sampson, Mrs.* (Mr. Sampson)
Sartorio, L.
Schreve, G.*
Schreve, G. (may be double entry)
Schreve, S. S.*
Seligman, H. (on passenger list of SS Oregon, 11-20-1852)
Shea, J.*
Simpson, B. C.*
Skelton, F.* (Frederick Shelton)
Smith, Charles W., and lady* (C. H. Smith and lady)
Sneyder, Mrs.
Snyder, Mrs.* (Mrs. Snyder and 2 children)
Solace, A.
Solace, G.* (Guiseppe Solane ?)
Solace, P.
Solair, J.* (Innocenzo Solair)
Solari, B.*
Solari, G.*
Soper, Mr. (U. S. mail agent and Dayter)
Stack, Thos.*
Stamford, Jas. H.* (J. W. Stamford)
Steele, D.* (David Steel)
Stoce, Miss
Stoce, Mr., lady and child
Stoce, Rev. P.
Sweighert, Adair
Sweighert, Mr., lady and 3 children
Talman, J.* (J. P. Tallman)
Taylor, E. W., and lady*
Taylor, S, H.
Templeton, Charles. L.
Thompson, H.* (H. Thompson and lady)
Thompson, L. B.*
Thurston, F.
Tobias, E. W., and lady
Tomatine, Dr. E.
Tupper, John*
Urie, A.*
Van Howsen, B.
Van Howsen, Wm.* (William Van Hoesen)
Van Stykes, A.
Vaudenhery, William
Volmer, J.
Wadsworth, A.* (Amos Wadsworth)
Walker, James*
Watts, J. Jr.
Weeks, Lieut. D., and lady
Westerly, Mrs. E.* (Mrs. E. Westerby)
White, A. F., and lady*
White, John*
Wildman, W. W.
Willis, Mr.*
Willmann, W. W.
Wilson, Judge
Wilson, R. S.*
Wolfe, J.
Wolfe, Jno.
Wolfingstader, Mr., lady and boy
Wood, Charles
Woodburn, Jas.*
Worsef, J. H.
and 400 in the steerage, including 150 mechanics and laborers for M. C. Storey, to complete the Panama Railroad -- Total, 750.

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