California Bound by

New York Daily Times, September 5, 1852

SS Prometheus
Captain Sellew
Sailed from New York City: September 4, 1852

Port of New York .... Saturday, Sept. 4.

Steamship Prometheus, Sellew, Aspinwall, D. B. Allen.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship Prometheus, for Chagres --
Adams, A. F.
Anderson, Wm.
Arthur, Mrs. Ann
Badger, Edward
Baesett (?), Thos.
Bailey, Thomas R.
Bancker, Abram
Barry, Mrs., and child
Barscheim, C.
Beckwith, Mrs. A. C. H.
Beirney, O.
Benjamin, P.
Bernan (?), E.
Bernier, E. E.
Berry, William
Bragg, Charles, and wife
Brecht (Bracht ?), T.
Brown, A.
Brown, Daniel
Bush, D.
Bush, P.
Cady, F.
Carson, Mrs., and daughter
Cauldwell, John
Chamberlain, R., and wife
Chiari, B.
Cook, Thomas, and lady
Crozier, Miss Jane
Davies, John S., and wife
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, D. M.
Dennis, George
Donald, Isabella
Donald, John
Donald, Sarah
Douglass, S.
Dowds, Charles
Dunton, Henry M.
Eddy, Mrs. Amelia, and child
Ede, Mrs. B., and son
Eustis, John
Finley, H.
Glover, E. F.
Glynn, Mrs. Sarah A.
Gottardo, B.
Hall, James S.
Hank, W.
Hart, E.
Hart, L.
Hawes, William
Henry, F. W.
Henry, Walter
Hibbard, Henry
Hirsfield (Hirefield ?), E.
Hollreck (Holireck ?), Leonard
Honseal, William
Howe, Otis, and wife
Howe, T.
Hungerford, L., lady and 3 children
Jacka, John
Jones, E. D.
Jordan, S. P.
Kelsey, K., and lady
King, J. T.
Klose, A.
Lang, James
Lee, B. (R. ?), F.
Lee, W.
Lilley, Mrs., and child
Lipton, E. B.
Luizi, R.
Macomber, G.
Macomber, P.
Magee, Joseph
Magee, Miss Catharine
Marchand, H.
Martin, R.
Martino, P.
Mateo, G.
McAllister, David
McCabe, A.
McCatterey, Samuel, wife and child
McGarrey, S., and wife
McKee, James
McKee, Samuel
McNeal, James
Mecklebaugh, J.
Mitchell, Thomas
Monell, E.
Morell, A.
Morlan, T.
Morrow, H. D.
Nelson, W.
Pasino, P.
Patten, Captain M. L.
Pedro, Albert
Penfield, J. L.
Perkins, J.
Plumley, Auldin
Poole, N. A.
Proctor, R. J.
Proule, A.
Proule, G.
Proule, O.
Quimby, G. M.
Reay, D.
Rich, George F.
Richards, J. P., and sister
Rogers, Miss Mary
Roubonelle, P.
Rowe, Thomas
Ryder, A.
Saenz, G., and wife
Sawtell, Thomas
Schwagg, P.
Searle, Alanson
Searle, William
Second, J. B.
Smith, E.
Spencer, Abner
Stewart, F.
Strout, George
Sumpter, George M.
Thompson, Captain R.
Tisdale, H.
Townsend, M.
Walsh, J.
Ward, Patrick
Wheeler, F. A.
White, Charles
White, William
Wilcox, M. R.
Williams, J.
Wilson, C. T., wife and brother
Withwhite, Isaac
Wood, H.
Wright, D.
and 95 in steerage.

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