California Bound by

New York Daily Times, September 2, 1852

SS United States
Captain Berry
Sailed from New York City: September 1, 1852

Port of New York .... Wednesday, Sept. 1.

Steamship United States, Berry, Aspinwall, Jones & Johnson.

Passengers Sailed.

In steamship United States, for Aspinwall --
Abraham, L.
Alderson, H.
Allen, J. G., wife and 2 children
Arnold, J.
Atkins, C., and lady
Austin, R.
Baker, F.
Baldwin, J.
Beard, A.
Bevis, Miss
Bevis, Mrs., and child
Blake, C. F.
Blake, R.
Blanney, P.
Bloom, J.
Boller, E.
Bowland, E.
Brigham, A.
Brown, C. H.
Brown, John, and wife
Brumagin, M., and lady
Brundle, Mrs., and 3 children
Brune, Jacob
Brunsted, J.
Burch, J.
Byrne, E.
Canfield, R. C.
Carr, J., and wife
Carr, T., and wife
Chase, Charles H.
Clark, A. B. & Son
Codd, James
Coffin, O. G.
Cook, F.
Corey, S. G.
Corwin, M.
Cramer, Mrs.
Crocker, G. H.
Daggett, Capt.
Daniels, A.
Davis, Charles
Davis, W. D.
Demander, D. B.
Dodge, W.
Donaldson, Wm.
Downing, B.
Downing, J.
Drew, S.
Duffey, H.
Dugan, James
Eaton, J. W., and family
Eisenhart, Daniel
Everson, W., wife and 2 children
Ewlett, B.
Fallon, Miss M.
Fernaher, M.
Fisler, M.
Flynn, J. R.
Folger, F. R.
Folger, J. W.
Froskolawski, Joseph
Gage, J. F., and wife
Gilchrist, J. A.
Gooding, G. G.
Granby, S.
Hall, John
Handy, William
Hannegan, Miss
Harris, Daniel, and lady
Harris, J.
Havilland, W.
Hayes, F. W.
Hayes, S. W.
Hendrickson, H.
Hoy, R.
Hunt, J. D.
Hunt, T.
Hussey, Charles G.
Ingles, Mrs. C.
Jackson, P.
Jackson, P. W.
Jess, J.
Jess, M. A.
Jewitt, F.
Jewitt, Samuel
Kelly, James
Kelsey, George
Keran, J.
Klyne, M.
Klyne, Mrs.
Lane, C.
Ledman, G.
Leet, George W.
Leets, Henry
Lehghson (Lebghson, Lelighson, Leighson ?), S.
Levild, Jacob
Lines, D. C.
Ling, C.
Ling, H.
Lockwood, S. D.
Lord, H.
Luther, John T.
Lyons, Philip
Marks, S.
Mason, W. E.
McCarty, G.
McGraw, Henry
McRae, A.
Mead, Mrs.
Medbury, James
Messenger, A.
Meyer, Fred
Meyer, Miss
Michael, H.
Miles, William
Morgan, A.
Muir, Miss
Muller, P.
Munez, C. A.
Mung, William
Murdoch, N. E.
Murphy, J.
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Richard
Murphy, William
Myers, Mr.
Myrick, R. B.
Myrick, W. C.
Oakley, Mrs. B.
O'Conner, P.
O'Neil, J.
Pachnier, J.
Packard, C.
Paddock, E. W.
Patten, H., and lady
Pattle, F.
Pattrage, Mrs., and child
Pease, S.
Pendergast, D.
Peters, Mrs.
Pratt, M.
Pratt, Miss Amelia
Pratt, Mrs. L.
Pratt, William A.
Rand, C. W.
Reynolds, Miss, and child
Rice, E. C.
Rich, W., wife and son
Richards, Cyrus
Richards, Luther
Ring, M. A.
Riston, J.
Rivers, H.
Robbins, S., wife and son
Robson, John
Rogers, Joseph
Rondebush, M. L.
Rosenberg, A. S.
Rosendale, Max
Rowe, John
Rowland, W.
Runion, Louis
Safford, S. A.
Salamon, Daniel
Salomon, Henry
Sampson, Charles
Schiel, A.
Scollar, Charles
Shutland, George
Sillias, J., and son
Sparks, M.
Stanley, J.
Stiffen, Richard
Stiffen, S.
Sumner, W.
Swoin, C. C.
Taber, G. R.
Thomas, W. P.
Turner, John
Tyson, M.
W__ber (Webber, Weiber ?), J. S., lady and child
Wagner, A. A.
Wallace, E. M.
Ward, S., and lady
Washington, S.
Wheaton, A. S.
Wheaton, Miss
Wheaton, Mrs. S.
White, N. B.
Whitmore, C.
Winter, Dr. J. W., and lady
Winthrop, T.
Witham, D. D.
Witham, H.
Wyckoff, James
Yates, J.
Young, E. C.

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