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The New York Daily Times, December 10, 1851

SS Empire City
Captain Tanner
Sailed from New York City, December 9, 1851, for Chagres


Steamship Empire City, Tanner, for Havana, New Orleans and Chagres.

In Steamship Empire City, for Chagres.--

Attree, W. P.
Beach, G. H.
Beach, Wm.
Brainard, W. B.
Bullard, H. D.
Bunah, S. D.
Chesley, A.
Clark, E. M.
Clark, M.
Clark, R.
Cohen, S.
Colley, D. B.
Crowley, C.
Cushman, M.
Davis, W.
De Forrest (DeForrest ?), N. J.
Evans, A.
Faulkner, T.
Fiske, H. M.
Fitzgerald, M.
Fitzgerald, W.
Gay, A. L.
Gordon, J.
Gordon, R. A.
Haff, O. B.
Harlster, C.
Hathaway, D.
Helm, W.
Heuston (Houston ?), P.
Higgins, Jno.
Hill, F.
Hitenger, C.
Hooper, Mrs. Mary
Houghtaling, C.
Huntado, SR., F. A., servant and child
Kent, Mrs. M. G.
Korn, J.
McMahon, J., and lady
McMahon, Miss
Miller, G. L.
Moore, L.
Morris, L. W.
Moss, E. W.
Parsley, J. L.
Pease, H. A.
Pease, J.
Perig, C.
Petty, G.
Rickford, A.
Riley, A.
Roberts, M.
Robinson, W.
Robinson, W.
Rodgers, J.
Roundy, L.
Runyon, W.
Rutherford, J. S.
Ryon (Ryan ?), Wm.
Seaman, S.
Sherry, M.
Smith, J. H.
Squire, H.
Stanton, M. D.
Stebbins, J.
Steele, E. R.
Stephenson, J.
Stephenson, S.
Stiles, A. L.
Stiles, S.
Stratton, F.
Thompson, R.
Tines, G.
Van Stavonn, A.
Westwood, J.
Wheeler, D.
Williams, J.
Winkler, G.
Wooster, Mrs. N.

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