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New York Daily Times, October 23, 1851
SS Daniel Webster
Captain: Baldwin
Sailed from New York: October 22, 1851, for San Juan de Nicaragua

NOTES: many of the passengers listed aboard the SS Daniel Webster appear on the passenger list of the SS North America which arrived in San Francisco on November 28, 1851. Check both lists for given names, variations in spellings and different initials. An "*" after a name below indicates that a name, or variation of it, appears on both lists.

The SS Daniel Webster, a packet ship (1187 tons), was built in October, 1850, at the Donald McKay Shipyard, located at the Foot of Border Street, East Boston.


Yesterday afternoon great excitement and interest was occasioned by the sailing at the same hour (3 o'clock) of one inland and four ocean steamers -- the Philadelphia, for Chagres; the Union, for New Orleans; and the Daniel Webster for Nicaragua. The D. W. had a tow, astern, the little steamboat Central America, recently built to run on Lake Nicaragua in the line by that route to San Francisco. The capacity of this one for carrying fuel being but small, a quantity of steam was generated that was only sufficient to turn her wheels according to the velocity with which she was towed, so that they may not impede her progress by making dead water. Long before the hour had arrived for the vessels to depart, multitudes of people, numbering some thousands, had assembled on surrounding wharves and piers, many of them mounting piles and climbing up heaps of wood and coal, and anything that would elevate them a foot or more above the common level and enable them to obtain a more commanding view of the interesting scene. All the vessels appeared to have crowds of passengers, some of whom were probably returning to their homes after a sojourn at the North, and others migrating to the shores of the Pacific, tempted thither by the golden prospects that are still exhibited in that quarter to all hardy and enterprising adventurers. No sooner were the vessels observed to be moving from their berths than parting cheers began to be exchanged between the people on board and those on shore, which were heartily renewed and continued till the increasing distance between the parties rendered them inaudible. The spectacle was indeed no less ennobling than it was exciting, calculated as it was to awaken within the breast of every American citizen feelings of national pride and exaltation in the contemplation of the grand results which have followed the conquests of our arms in strange and distant lands; enhancing, as they have done, the wealth and resources of the country by enlarging her boarders, increasing our naval and maritime forces, and giving a new impetus to the energy, enterprise, and genius of our countrymen. The Union having the fewest passengers and a smaller quantity of fuel on board, far outstripped the others in point of speed.

Passengers Sailed.

In the steamer Daniel Webster, for San Juan --

Abrams, Joseph
Allen, J.*
Anderson, Mrs. Deborah*
Andrews, L. C.*
Armstrong, H.
Atwell, Henry
Bacon, J. P., and lady*
Bailey, J. H.*
Ball, R. L.*
Barrett, Jesse*
Barrett, Joseph*
Barton, W.*
Batchelder, W. R.*
Beebe, T.
Bibber, Ori*
Bickford, Charles*
Billings, Gilbert
Blaney, Wm.
Blatreley, H.
Bolles, L.
Booker, Emery*
Booth, H. L.
Boyd, E.
Boys, J.
Bradford, C.
Breeds, Alfred
Briggs, E. A.
Brimaer, Alfred
Brimford, Caleb
Brin, David
Brower (Brown ?), A.*
Brown, C. J.
Brown, Chas.
Brown, Miss Sarah K.*
Bullions, J. B.*
Bunker, Ish H.*
Bunker, Wm. G.*
Burrell, Jonas*
Burrell, Ransom*
Butterfield, T.
Cain, Thos.*
Cain, Wm.
Calleton, H. S.
Calton, George*
Carhart, James
Carleton, Charles*
Carpenter, John*
Catlin, Peter
Cauldwell, A.
Chapman, R. J.*
Chase, Geo. C.*
Chase, J. A.*
Chase, N. M.*
Chase, Robert*
Chesbro, Charles
Chipman, Nelson*
Clark, A. N.*
Coborn, Art*
Colegrove, F.*
Collins, H. M.*
Combs, Thos.*
Cooms, Asa, Jr.*
Cooper, S. R.*
Corlett, R.
Covill, John*
Cowell, H.*
Cowley, R.
Crandall, G.
Crandall, Thomas
Craves, E. S.
Creighton, H.
Crocher, Miss
Croxford, A.*
Crump, George B.
Curry, John*
Curry, L.
Curtis, W.
Cutter, J. S.*
Dain, W. M.*
Damon, W.
Danley, Wm.*
Davis, Dr. R. R.*
Davis, Mrs. Anna B.
Delano, Chas.
DeMeter, J.
Dilliber, N. C.*
Dodge, A.*
Doliver, C. G.*
Donovan, James
Dryden (Bryden ?), Samuel*
Dryden, J.*
Drydon, R.*
Dubois, Alexander
Dubois, John N.*
Duddell, E. A.*
Duddell, W. A.*
Dunning, Robert*
Eastwood, W.*
Edwards, D. E.*
Elliott, Augustus*
Ellsworth, James
Failing, Jesey
Feltz, A. J.*
Ferguson, P.
Fierce (Pierce ?), G. W.*
Fitzpatrick, Thos. H.
Flood, Samuel*
Foothaker, J. A.*
Foster, Edward V.*
Foy, Wellington*
Freeman, A. M.*
Frink, Henry*
Gaines, John B.
Gardiner, J. H.
George, Herman*
Given, Cushman*
Goff, Joseph
Goud, John
Gould, Asa*
Graves, Cooledg (Cooledge ?)*
Gray, R. W.*
Green, Francis
Green, James*
Green, Wm.*
Grover, G. W.*
Groves, John L.*
Gunner, Samuel*
Hall Geo.
Hamilton, Paul
Hanel, S. J.
Hanson, C.*
Harding, Everitt
Harper, Stephen
Harris, Geo. M.*
Harrodt, Wm.
Hart, Peter
Hastings, Thomas
Hawes, Chas.
Haywood, Peter*
Haywood, Saml.*
Haywoop (Haywood ?), Peter*
Henderson, D. C.*
Henderson, H. C.*
Henderson, Wales*
Henry, John*
Henrys, S., lady and child*
Hill, James
Hodge, Henry*
Holbrook, Manuel
Holdridge, George H.
Hollingbrook, Saml.
Holman, Mrs., and two children*
Hopkins, Nathan B.*
Horring, F. H.
Horwitz, H.*
Hubbard, D.*
Hubbard, P., Jr.*
Hunt, Daniel
Hunt, Thomas
Hurley, Jas. D.*
Hursey, Jas. H.*
Ingraham, James*
Irwin, Amos
Isaacs, Chas. E.
Isaacs, Richard*
Jackson, Thos.
Jacobs, S. H.*
Johnson, J.*
Johnson, James*
Johnson, John*
Johnson, Jos. S.*
Johnston, J. F.*
Jones, Henry*
Joy, Alfred*
Joy, J. H.*
Judkins, Mr.*
Kealy, Chas. D.
Keene, Abel
Keith, Mrs., and child*
Kelly, F.*
Kelly, Forrester
Kemp, W. A.*
Kemp, W. P.*
Kirby, Mrs. W. L.*
Ladd, A. K. S.*
LaForge, Peter
Lang, F.
Larkin, Daniel
Lathrop, M. C.
Levey, A. D.*
Lewis, George*
Lewis, Mrs.*
Locher, Joseph
Lockwood, Abm.
Lopaz, S.
Loper, C. A.
Lord, C. A.
Lord, Donald*
Lord, Gilbert
Lord, Saml.*
Loveland, J.
Lumbard, C.*
Mack, H. L.
Madden, Daniel
Manning, L. S.
Mansfield, H. A.*
Mansfield, Philip
March, M.*
Marschall, Wm.
Martin, W.
Marvin, A. S., Jr.
Marvin, F.*
Marvin, Henry
Marvin, James
Marvin, William
Maynard, G.*
McCready, Mrs., and four children*
McLanchlin, W. A.*
McNeish, James
Megan, Mm.
Merryman, W.*
Merwin, A.
Meyer, Henry
Miller, Bernard
Miller, R. D., and lady
Miller, Wm.
Miner, Abm.
Miner, B.
Mitchell, A.
Moncer, Isaac
Moore, E. L.*
Morris, P.*
Morrow, Abraham*
Morse, C.
Morse, George*
Morton, J. W.
Mount, Thomas
Mumford, Edmund*
Murphy, Hugh
Murphy, M.
Myerbach, S., and lady
Mygatt, Henry*
Nickerson, D. K.
Noble, B. F.*
Noble, S. T.*
Noble, W.
Osborn, Sulivon*
Palmer, L.*
Peck, R. H.*
Pennell, A.*
Phillips, B.
Phillips, N. L.*
Pickering, Edwd.*
Poll (Pell, Pall ?), C. C.
Pomeroy, Amos
Porter, Horace
Porter, Horace
Porter, Wardworth
Potter, Benj.
Potter, J.
Potter, N. A.*
Pottle, Benjamin*
Proctor, J., and lady*
Purrington, R. H.*
Quayle, W.*
Quercan, Mrs., servant and child*
Randell, F. M.*
Rarns, W. H.
Read, Samuel B.
Reed, J. T.*
Reynolds, J.*
Richards, W.*
Richardson, W. R., and lady*
Richarnson (Richardson ?), A., Jr.*
Roberts, George*
Roberts, John*
Robinson, H. G.*
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Wm.
Rollins, B. P.*
Russell, C.*
Sackett, W. C.*
Samson, George*
Sanford, S.
Saunders, E.
Schook, M.
Sheppard, C. M., and wife*
Sheppard, W. F.*
Sill, Daniel*
Slocum, B. F.*
Smart, John*
Smith, Alex. A.
Smith, John
Snow, John*
Snow, Lorkin D.*
Soule, P. H.*
Southmae (Southmage, Southmaen, Southmaem ?), A.*
Sparks, Walter
Spencer, H. D.
Spicer, Mark
Stanton, George B.
Stanton, Ichabod
Starboard, Samuel
Starkweather, A.*
Starkweather, C.*
Stedman, D. P.
Stephens, James
Stephens, Stanton
Steutenberg, S.
Stevens, D. A., and wife*
Stevens, George
Stevens, James*
Stevens, Lemuel
Stewart,, H. A.*
Storm, Egbert
Stormes, Chas.
Stormes, Nich.*
Story, W. F.*
Stout, Horace B.
Swift, M. A.*
Sylvester, Capt. H.
Sylvester, Hinchman*
Tappen, Jas. S.*
Thomas, H.
Thompson, Jos.
Toothaker, G.*
Tracy, G. T., lady and three children
Truckle (Turckle ?), J.*
Turckle (Truckle ?), Francis*
Turnbull, George
Turnbull, J.
Tuttle, Henry*
Vandervoort, H.
Vose, John
Vreeland, George
Walker, C.*
Walton, C.*
Washburn, S. B.*
Watson, John A.*
Webb, Mrs. C. C.*
White, F.
White, Geo.*
White, R.*
Whitmore, Charles*
Whitmore, T. P.*
Williams, C. H.
Williams, E.*
Williams, Frank
Williams, Franklin
Williams, Fred. J.
Williams, J. B.*
Williams, John*
Williams, Mrs. Franklin and daughter*
Williams, Peter
Williams, William L.*
Wolfe, N. H., Jr.
Wood, Alex., and son*
Wood, S. B.
Wright, O.*
Wright, Samuel
Youmans, Addison*
Young, E. A.*
Young, W.*

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