California Bound by

NOTE: The following birth, death, and marriage notices are copied from Panama City newspapers. In order to alphabetize the surnames, liberty was taken to re-compose the notices.


Allen, of a son, on Wednesday, the 24th instant, the Lady of Mr. Edward Allen. (Panama Herald, May 26, 1853)

Brown, of a daughter, in this city, on Saturday morning, the 23d inst., (to) the wife of Mr. Archibald Brown. (Panama Daily Star, July 24, 1853)

Corwine, of a daughter, on Sunday, the 22d inst., at the residence of the United States Consul, the Lady of David M. Corwine, Esq. (Weekly Star, Panama, May 30, 1853; Panama Herald, May 24, 1853)

Delf, of a son, in this city, on Wednesday, the 23rd inst., to the wife of Mr. Peter Delf. We have seen the "blessed baby," and heartily congratulate our friend Peter on becoming a father of such a "bouncing boy." (Daily Panama Star, February 24, 1853.)

Henriques, of a daughter, in this city, on Sunday the 13th instant, the wife of Mr. A.N. Henriques. (Panama Herald, September 13, 1853)

Hurtado, of a daughter, on Saturday last the 25th inst., at the British Consulate, the residence of her father, the Lady of Don Jose Marcelino Hurtado. (Panama Daily Star, March 1, 1854)

Jones, of a daughter, on Sunday, the 12th inst., (to) the Lady of David Jones, Esq. (Panama Herald, June 14, 1853)

Joy, of a son, on Friday, the 10th inst., (to) the Lady of R.A. Joy, Esq. (Panama Herald, June 14, 1853)

Kellinger, of a son, on board the steamship Sarah Sands, to Mrs. J.P. Kellinger. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Nelson, of a daughter, on Monday last, to the Lady of William Nelson, Esq. (Panama Herald, August 11, 1853)

Rowell, of a son, on Wednesday evening, June 29th, (to) the wife of Rev. J. Rowell. (Panama Daily Star, June 1, 1853; Panama Herald, July 2, 1853, gives DOB as June 28, 1853)

Shaben, of a daughter, on Tuesday the 13thinst., to the wife of Mr. Mark Shaben. (Daily Panama Star, November 27, 1852)

Thomann, of a daughter, on Thursday evening June 30th, (to) the wife of Mr. F. Thomann. (Panama Herald, July 2, 1853)



Allen, Marian, in the city of Panama, at Liberty of the Isthmus House, on Monday, April 15th, a native of Montego Bay, Jamaica. (Panama Herald, April 21, 1851)

Allen, Mr., in the American Hospital, Paita, Peru, on the 25th January, of Nantucket, formerly cooper of the ship Mariner, of Nantucket. (Panama Herald, February 9, 1854)

Ansoategui, Sor. Manuel, in this city, on the 29th ult. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Armington, Captain George W., on the 27th, at Payta, Peru, in the American Hospital. (Panama Herald, January 17, 1854)

Arosemena, Carolina, in this city on Sunday, the 3d instant, eldest daughter of Don Elduardo Arosemena, aged 22 years. (Panama Daily Star, July 6, 1853; Panama Herald, July 7, 1853)

Arosemena, Sen. Pablo, with the resignation of a true christian, and with the calmness of an honest man, on the morning of the 28th inst., a native of this city. The nobleness of his soul and rigid integrity has gained him sincere friends and imitatives of his modest virtues. (Panama Herald, December 1, 1851)

Arze, Sr. Louis Peredes, in this city, on the 15th inst., merchant. (Panama Herald, May 19, 1851)

Ashe, C.L., of Philadelphia, recently died on the Chagres River, "came out on the recent trip of the (steamship)Georgia." (The Panama Star, October 4, 1850)

Ball, Mr. D.Y., in this city, on Sunday, 23d inst., of fever, of Mobile, Alabama; aged 20 years. Mr. Ball was waiting a letter from his parents to follow them to San Francisco. His death was sudden, having been confined to his bed but a few days, though his friends who attended him during his sickness had no hopes of his recovery for two days before his death. (Panama Herald, May 28, 1852)

Barstow, John, on yesterday, 2nd inst., of dysentery, aged 20 months, only son of Capt. John and Sarah Barstow, of New York City. (The Panama Star, June 3, 1851)

Bates, Mr. Josiah, B., in this city, at the Hospital, on the 3d instant, Printer, from Vermont, and recently from St. Louis, Missouri. The deceased has been of some time employed in the Herald office, and was much esteemed by those who knew him. (Panama Herald, July 10, 1851)

Baxter, Capt., at Chagres, N.G. (New Granada), commander of the river steamer Swan. His remains were conveyed to New York for interment. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Beard, Mr. B.F., at Gorgona, July 29th, of Cholera, of Brooklyn, N.Y. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Belpaume, Mr. F., in this city on the 23d inst., of France, and lately a resident merchant of San Francisco. (Weekly Star, Panama, June 24, 1853; Panama Herald, June 25, 1853)

Berry, Mr. Charles Clare, at Taboga, June 28th, aged 43 years, a native of Leicester, England, and had resided in this city about twelve months. (Panama Herald, July 2, 1852)

Bidlack, Benj. A., of Pennsylvania, Charge de Affairs to this Republic, is reported in the States as having died in Bogota on the 6th of January, by apoplexy. (The Panama Star, May 13, 1849)

Blake, Joline, (daughter of the late Capt. John Perris, a well known trader between the Atlantic coast of this Republic and Jamaica), in this city, at 2 AM, on the 11th inst., and attached wife of Mr. Constant Blake; leaving a bereaved husband and four unfortunate children to mourn their irreparable loss. The many friends of all classes, which by her urbanity she made during the short sojourn of five months in this city, manifested their attachment by accompanying and then .... carrying her remains to the grave. She was a fond mother, attached wifeand sincere friend and has flown on angel's wings to meet her Creator. (The Panama Star, October 18, 1850)

Boggs, Mr. A.F., on the 24th, at the Foreign Hospital in this city, late of Springfield, Ohio. Mr. Boggs was one of the engineers connected with the United States Exploring Engineers, and died from over exertion and debility. (Panama Herald, April 25, 1854)

Browne, Esq., John, At Aspinwall, on the 28th ult., of the firm of Nelson, Hyams & Co. (Panama Herald, July 2 1852)

Buckingam (sic), Joseph, at the Island of Taboga, March 29, aged about 23 years, from Peritonitis. He stated that he had run away from school to go to sea in company of another young man, and that his connections were of high respectability in London. (Panama Herald, April 4, 1854)

Cameron, wife of Mr. Cameron, of Taboga, late of Scotland, was found dead Wednesday in her house with her throat cut from ear to ear. It is supposed that she must have committed suicide in a fit of temporary insanity. She leaves three young children. (Panama Herald, April 7, 1851)

Campbell, Mr., of Brooklyn, N.Y., on the river between Chagres and Cruces, of Cholera, a passenger on the SS Empire City. (Approx. dod, 8/6/1849). (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Carrion, Sor. Manuel, in this city, on the 3d inst. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Cazot, Jacques, in this city, on the 12th inst., infant son of M. Cazot, Consul of France. (Panama Herald, May 19, 1851)

Chase, Isaac D., in this city, on the 17th instant, late of Webster, Wastenaugh County, Michigan. The effects of the deceased were taken in charge by his brother-in-law, Warren J. Williams. (The Panama Star, June 20, 1851)

Chestnut, Mr. William, in this city, about 2 hours after his arrival from Chagres, of Albany, New York, aged about 38 years. OBITUARY: SUDDEN DEATH. We are pained to record the sudden death of Mr. William Chestnut, late of Albany, N. Y. He crossed the Isthmus on Saturday, having come from the States by the Georgia. The exposure to the sun produced dizziness, in consequence of the congestion produced by the intense heat. He was found in a dying state about 12 o'clock, yesterday, at the foot of the hall stairs of the Washington House, having undoubtedly fallen while attempting to ascend the steps. He lived but a few moments after he was found. He has a brother in California whom he expected to meet in a short time, in that land of promise and gold. A sad termination to his golden dream. (Panama Herald, January 12, 1852; no DOD given)

Clough, Mr. T.C., on the 23d inst. of rupture caused by overexertion, of Enfield, Mass., aged 45 years, leaves a wife and four children. (The Panama Star, April 29, 1849)

Clymer, James, in this City, on Sunday morning last, aged 26 years, formerly of Indiana. (The Panama Star, September 23, 1851)

Coates, ____, of Philadelphia, recently died on the Chagres River, "came out on the recent trip of the (steamship)Georgia." (The Panama Star, October 4, 1850)

Comston, Mr. Robert M., August 6, 1849, of Bangor, Maine, from over exertion crossing the Isthmus, a passenger on the SS Empire City. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Coon, Capt. W.T.: This gentleman, who was shot a short time ago, by Dr. Austin, an account of which we published at the time of the occurence, died at the American Hospital in this city on Monday last. He was buried in the American burying ground on Tuesday evening, the corpse being followed to its final resting place by a number of Americans, residents and others. Capt. Coon was about forty-five years of age, and leaves a family in Sacramento City, California. The physicians who were in attendance upon Capt. Coon state that his death was not of the immediate effects of the wound received at the hands of Dr. Austin. (The Panama Star, January 28, 1851)

Cordiere, Louis, in this city, on Monday, 26th of December, of fever, a native of France. (Panama Daily Star, December 27, 1853; Weekly Star, Panama, January 1, 1854))

Croal, James, in this city, on the 4th inst., after a few days illness, youngest son of Mr. John Croal, aged 4 years and 6 months. (Panama Daily Star, July 7, 1853; Panama Herald, July 7, 1853)

Crooker, Mr. Eristin, on the 23d inst., of jaundice and general derangement of system, of Durham, Green co., N.Y.; aged 58 years; leaves a family. (The Panama Star, April 29, 1849)

Daguerre, Mr., in this city, the 24th inst., recently of Bogota. The deceased was nephew of the inventor of the Daguerreotype. (Panama Daily Star, July 26, 1853)

Darlington, Francis, in this city, on the 31st ult., recently of Baltimore, aged about 40 years. (Panama Herald, November 3, 1851)

Davis, Mr. Charles F., at San Pablo, of cholera, Sept. 5th., of Charlestown, Mass., aged 26 years. (The Panama Star, October 4, 1850)

de Bonneville, Mrs. Miriam, on the 13th instant, at Aspinwall House, in this city, of Providence, Rhode Island, aged 36 years. (Panama Herald, January 18, 1853)

de Rosoy, M. Le Vicompti du Jay, Chancellor of France, at Panama, died of apoplexy on the night of the 26th inst. M. De Rosoy was a volunteer in the army of his country, in the war against the allied forces of 1814-15. He entered the Polytechnic school in Paris, in 1818 -- and in 1820, was appointed secretary to the general-in-Chief, Commander of that Institution. In 1823, he served in the campaign in Spain. In 1825, he was Secretary of M. De Corbiere, Minister of the Interior -- and 1825, he was Inspector of the Charitable Institutions of France. As Director of a French Company in California, he arrived here in 1849. He became Chancellor of France, (Vice Consul) at the French Consulate in this city, some three months since. (Panama Herald, November 30, 1852)

Dickson, Thos., died in this city, on the 4th inst., of Mobile, printer, native of Scotland. (The Panama Star, October 6, 1849)

Dilts, Mr. Jacob N., in this City, on the 13th inst., at Garrison's American House, of fever, aged about 35 years. Mr. D. was of the firm of Weed, Dilts & Tabor, of Gorgona, and formerly of New York City. (Panama Herald, February 15, 1853)

Eastabrook, Dr. E.W., in this city, yesterday, of Philadelphia. The deceased came to his death by cause of an affection of the brain, incurred during a recent excursion to Gorgona, in search of the perpetrators of murders on the Chagres river. Immediately after his return to this city, he was siezed with sickness, which settled upon his brain, and has thus resulted in his death. During his sickness, he received every attension which his condition required, and yesterday his remains were attended to their final resting place, by a large number of acquaintances. (The Panama Star, April 4, 1851)

Eastabrook, S.W., in this city (Panama City), on the 24th inst. (March 24, 1851), dent. formerly of Philadelphia. (Panama Herald, Panama City, Panama: April 10, 1851)

Ellis, Mr., on the 13th instant, at the Louisiana Hotel, in this city, whilst on his way to Cheriqui, of London, aged about 27 years. (Panama Herald, January 18, 1853)

Ells, Dr. Joseph H., on the 23d inst., of dysentery, of Harpersfield, N.Y.; leaves a wife and three children. (The Panama Star, April 29, 1849)

Ewing, Dr., on board the bark Elizabeth, on her passage from San Francisco, native of Scotland. (Panama Herald, Panama City, Panama: May 25, 1851)

Fallon, Mr. A.J., August 8, 1849, of Lafayette City, La., from Cholera, at Cruces, was a passenger on board the Steamship Alabama. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Farrell, John, at Taboga, on the 17th inst., a native of Ireland, in the 26th year of his age. (Panama Herald, January 21, 1854)

Feraud, Mr. John B., on Sunday the 7th inst., at his residence in this city, aged 55 years. (Panama Herald, November 9, 1852); "FUNERAL of JOHN B. FERAUD, Esq.: Yesterday morning the remains of Mr. Feraud were accompanied to their last resting place by almost all the respectable native and foreign population in Panama; the expressions of regret for his loss, and the acknowledgement of those qualities that rendered his whilst living a valuable and useful member of society, were universal and sincere. The principal stores and houses of business were closed as the melancholy cortege passed through the street, and a general gloom seemed to hang over the city during the day." (same newspaper)

Floresi, Mr., at Aspinwall House, in this city, on the 27th instant, of congestion of the brain. He was the leader of the Exploring Darien Expedition new in this city. (Panama Herald, March 1, 1853)

Floyd, Capt. R.H., suddenly, of Cholera, at the American Hotel on Monday, the 13th inst., of Brookly, late of the U.S. Army. Capt. Floyd was well known as the individual who carried home the remains of Capt. Pearson, of Brooklyn, L.I., from Mexico. A friend has promised us a few interesting items in respect to him, which we will publish next week. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Folkes, Mr., many years mayor of Vicksburg, Miss., died on Friday night. (He) was the person who, in a moment of delirium, jumped from his window, last week, and broke his thigh. (The Panama Star, April 29, 1849)

Foot, Mrs. -- With sorrow we announce the death of Mrs. Foot, wife of the Hon. T.M. Foot, lately charged d' affaires to Austria, who arrived in the steamer Baltic, on Sunday. Mrs. Foot, had been in feeble health for some time. Her remains were conveyed to Buffalo last evening. --New York Spectator. (Weekly Star, Panama, July 29, 1853)

Freeman, Otis S., May 3d, on board steamship Isthmus, on her passage from San Francisco to Panama, of Massachusetts. His remains were intefred (sic) at Realejo. (The Panama Star, May 13, 1851)

Funck, John, at Cruces, on the 7th inst., of dysentery, a native of Abo, Finland, a Lieutenant in the Swedish Navy, and at later periods, Colonel in the Mexican, Salvadorian and Nicaraguan Armies. In the revolutions of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Col. Funck greatly distinguised himself as second in command to General Morazan, having been wounded five times, [and carries two musket balls to his grave] and often honorably mentioned in official dispatches. "yRequieseat in pace!" (Panama Herald, June 14, 1853)

Glosser, Mr., of N.Y., died on Friday night. (The Panama Star, April 4, 1849)

Gonzalez, Herman: FATAL ACCIDENT: We regret to announce the death of Herman Gonzalez, a very worthy young man of this city, in the employ of Messrs. Ran Runnels & Co.-- On yesterday morning, in the company of Wm. Hance, former proprietor of the New York Hotel, the deceased went out hunting. According to Hance's statement, the gun of the deceased accidently fired off, and the whole charge passing through his right arm, lodged in his body, producing almost instant death. Assistance was immediately called, and the body brought into the city, where a post mortem examination was held upon it.-- There being some doubt in the minds of some of the friends of the deceased, as to the mode of his death, Hance was arrested and placed in jail, where he now is, to await examination upon suspicion of having intentionally killed Gonzalez. We trust the prisoner will have a speedy trial, and be fully enabled to substantiate his innocence. (The Panama Star, November 15, 1850)

Goulborn, Mr. R.H., in this city, on the 16th instant, of Liverpool, aged 30 years. (Weekly Star, Panama, July 15, 1853)

Green, Mr. C.B., in this city, yesterday morning, of Boston, aged about 30 years. (Panama Daily Star, July 20, 1853)

Green, Col. Edmund B., on Sunday, the 11th inst., at Cocoa Grove Hotel, Panama, late Editor of the Panama Herald. (Panama Herald, July 13, 1852)

Greenbenck, Rev. Mr. C.: UNFORTUNATE CASUALTY: We learn that Rev. C. Greenbenck, of West Chester, N.Y., was accidently shot in ascending the Chagres river, on the 10th inst., by an intimate friend and neighbor, with whom he was traveling to California. It seems that the gentleman who was so unfortunate as to kill his friend, had occasion to use some papers which were were in a side pocket with his revolver, in removing which, one of the barrels was accidendtly fired, the ball entering the neck of the deceased, and killing him almost instantly. It was doubtless others far ______ agony of mind than the infliction of any physical pain could possably produce; and while deploring the death of the deceased, we would at the same time pity and sympathize with the unfortunate being who produced it. (The Panama Star, September 20, 1850)

Hackett, Mr. Jesse, on board the steamer Carolina, on the 24th ult., a passenger, from Liverpool county, Illinois. (Panama Herald, June 2, 1851)

Haggart, Mr. James, on the 21st inst., of fever, of Johnstown, Fulton county, N.Y. (The Panama Star, April 29, 1849)

Hall, Mrs. Harriet, at the Louisiana Hotel, in this city, on Wednesday the 14th instant, wife of Mr R. Edmonds, late of New York, aged 16 years. Her remains were interred in the American Burying Ground, where she was followed by a large and respectable number of ladies and gentlemen. (Panama Herald, July 16, 1852)

Hallock, Richard and Isaac, brothers, at Panama, of Marquette Co., WI. The brothers left home in company for California in May last, by the overland route. Reverses brought them to New Orleans, where they shipped in the bark Florida, and reached Panama on the 12th July. Richard was taken sick from fatigue in crossing the Isthmus, and Isaac over-exerted himself in taking care of his brother, in consequence of which he died on the 21st July, aged 48 years. Richard lingered to the 26th, on which day he died. Aged 35 years. Their effects and clothing brought at auction, $25. They had at hand in cash $140; in all, $165 – which was taken in charge by Mr. Wulvin, of the New York Bowery Mining Company, to send to their family. Richard left a wife and three children – Isaac a wife and four children. Northern papers please copy. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Hartson, Mr. L.F., late of New Orleans, and for many years a resident of Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio, died on Tuesday last, of the fever peculiar to this climate. He has left a wife and child to mourn his untimely end. It may be some consolation to them to learn that though he died in a strange land, he was yet among friends, who rendered him every assistance in their power during his ilness, and procured huim a christian burial. A large number of Americans followed his remains to thee Odd Fellow's Cemetery, and were very feelingly addressed by Mr. Farren, of New Haven, Conn. The deceased is a member of Harmony Division Sons of Temperance, New Orleans. (The Panama Star, August 4, 1849)

Harvey, Mr. George, in Panama, August 16th, of Cholera, of Alexandria, La. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Hicks, Mr., (approx. dod, 8/6/1849), of Boston – last of Havana, at the French Hotel, Panama, passenger on bark Elvira. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Hobbs, Mr. A.S., of Philadelphia, at San Francisco, on the 14th, suddenly. His death was caused by an overdose of Morphine, administered by himself. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Houston, Mrs. Pency Jane, at the Louisiana Hotel, in this city, on the 5th inst., daughter of the late Samuel Houston, Esq., of Mason County, Kentucky. (Panama Herald, May 7, 1852)

Hurd, Mr. Leavenworth, on the 10th inst., in this city, of prevailing fever, from Cincinnati, Ohio. The funeral obseques, directed by members of I.O.O.F., Rev. James Rogers, from Conn., acting as chaplain, were attended by a large concourse of Americans. (The Panama Star, November 20, 1849)

Hutchins, Mr., August 7, 1849, came from New York to Chagres as Clerk on SS Empire City, of Cholera. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Irwin, John, suddenly, in this city, on Friday evening, 4th instant, aged about 40, recently of St. Louis, Mo." (The Weekly Star, Panama, March 14, 1853; Daily Panama Star, March 6, 1853.)

Johnson, J. A., on board the bark Croton, of New York, on July 28th. (Alta California, August 2, 1849)

Johnson, Mr. J.M., August 7, 1849, of Arkansas, from Cholera, at Cruces, was a passenger on board the Steamship Alabama. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Jones, Zachariah, died of abscess of the lungs, on the 28th December 1852, at the State Marine Hospital in this city, aged 43 years, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and late a merchant of Panama, New Granada. He leaves a bereaved wife and mother in Baltimore to mourn his decease. (Panama Herald, February 1, 1853)

Joy, Benjamin: "OBITUARY: Your paper of the 7th inst. contains the announcement of the death at Guayaquil of Benjamin Joy, master of the English bark Malcolm. I felt the blood of the Anglo-Saxon race warmly rushing through my veins, upon reading of the sudden death of my friend. Truly, "in the midst of life, we are in death." So it is verified in this incident. Who of us does not remember Capt. Joy? the good ship master, the ostentatious and good man. He came amongst us, transacted the business of his ship and departed, leaving many friends, and in the full belief that he would return another season to Panama. His quiet unassuming manner, his pleasant face and friendly qualifications, will endear his memory to us all. His friends and family in England have the sympathy of many friends in this place, to comfort them in their sad affliction. (Panama Herald, March 9, 1851)

Kearns, Maria, at Taboga, on the 7th instant, aged 31 years, wife of Mr. Jonas Barman, proprietor of the Taboga Hotel. (Panama Daily Star, July 9, 1853; also in Panama Herald, July 9, 1853, as KERN)

Kerwen, Thomas, of consumption, at the Pavilion Hotel, Island of Taboga, on Sunday, 11th inst., late of Columbus, Mississippi. The deceased arrived here in the steamer Winfield Scott, en route for the American States, but he was too feeble to proceed further. (Panama Herald, September 13, 1853) (see Kewen)

Kewen, Thomas, at Taboga, on Sunday, the 11th inst., of consumption, of Columbus, Miss. The deceased came down a passenger on the steamer Winfield Scott, and was on his way to the United States. (Panama Daily Star, September 13, 1853) (see Kerwen)

Lake, Mr. Jerrod, at Gorgona, August 8th, of Cholera, late of Indiana; formerly of Wisconsin. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Lamcke, Capt. Wm., of the American brig Winthrop, at Valparaiso, on the 23d ult., after two days illness. (Panama Herald, April 21, 1851)

Lanes, C.C., of Flemmingsburgh, Ky., died on board the S.S. Columbus, from San Francisco to Panama, on the 1st instant, of dysentery. He was buried at sea. (The Panama Star, November 15, 1850)

Leonard, John, in the City of Panama, N.G., on the 14th August, 1851, a native of Ireland, but for the last fourteen years a resident of New Orleans. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1851)

Logan, Mr. John D., at Taboga, on the 7th inst., late a merchant of Panama, and formerly of Kingston, Jamaica. (Panama Herald, February 9, 1854)

Loghlan, James, of Scotland, in the American Hospital, Paita, Peru. (Panama Herald, February 9, 1854; no DOD)

Luther, Mr. James, at Gorgona, July 30th, of cholera, of Cohoes, Albany county, N.Y. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Lyon, Dr.: It is with sincere regret that we are called to record the demise of our much respected countryman, Dr. Lyon, who died in this city on Monday night of Chronic Dysentery. Dr. Lyon was a native of Vermont, and both in his profession as a dentist, and in his private character as a gentleman, had won the esteem and respect of all who knew him. The remains of the deceased were interred yesterday evening in the foreign burying ground, whither they were accompanied by a numerous body of the foreign residents. (Panama Herald, April 19, 1851)

Malicarne, Mr. F.A., in this city, on the evening of the 4th inst., of an apoplectic fit, formerly of New Orleans, La., where his family now reside, aged about 47 years. (Panama Herald, June 9, 1851)

Manby, James, of the barque Vigilant, in the American Hospital, Paita, Peru. (Panama Herald, February 9, 1854; no DOD)

Marsh, Mr. J.B., August 6, 1849, of Bangor, Maine, from over exertion crossing the Isthmus, a passenger on the SS Empire City. Mr. Marsh left a wife and children, and had his life insured for $2000. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Marston, Mr., (approx.dod, 8/6/1849), an American, came from Havana on bark Elvira. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Mayo, Mr., August 7, 1849, of Boston, a passenger on the SS Empire City of Cholera. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

McCabe, Mrs. Mary, on the 8th instant, at the American Hotel, in this city, aged 42 years, of New York city. Mrs. McCabe was attended during her illness by her brother, Mr. B.F. Simmons, of this city. (Panama Herald, January 11, 1853)

McWhorter, John, in this city, on Tuesday last, Dec. 7, aged about 19, formerly of Buffalo, N. Y. Mr. McW. had been ill but one week of intermittent fever, which suddenly assumed the character of a brain fever on the day of his death. The deceased had been a resident of Panama but about two months and during most of that time, in the employ of Messes. S.L. Theller & Co. (Panama Herald, December 10, 1852)

Middlebrook, Capt. R.T., died on the 28th ult., of Trubull (Truball, Trambull ?), Conn., aged about 34 years, leaving a wife to mourn his untimely loss. (The Panama Star, May 13, 1849)

Milow, Michael, on the 22d instant, on Chagres River, of diarrhea, of Lancaster, Wisconsin. He was buried at San Pablo, six miles below Gorgona. Friends wishing information, may address W.T. Henry, Sacramento, California. (Panama Herald, December 29, 1851)

Mitchell, Francis, on the morning of the 14th instr., of Nantucket, Mass., a youth of about 17 years of age, who fell from the quarter deck awning on board the U.S. Frigate "Raritan," (now in the port of Panama,) receiving a severe contusion in the left temple; he remained in a state of almost complete stupor until the 15th, at 10 o'clock, when he died. He had the best medical attendance and the sympathy of all on board; where he had rendered himself a great favorite by the amenity of his manners and his strict attention to duty. He was buried yesteray, the 16th inst., at the American Burying Ground, near the city of Panama, and was attended to his last resting place by Lieutenant ot the Ship, and Midshipmen Kimberly, Palmer and Mitchell, with 32 boys from the Raritan, in their uniform. Mr. Fisk, the Chaplin of the Raritan, performed the service. The graveyard is beuatifully situated and adorned with the evergreens of the South.-- The body was deposited beneath an immense and beautiful tree,--the only one in the enclosure. May he rest in peace. (The Panama Star, June 17, 1852)

Moeur, Philippe, in this city, on the 30th ult., of New Orleans. (Panama Herald, September 1, 1851)

Monti, Mr. A.G., at his residence yesterday afternoon, the 29th inst., of consumption, of this city, a native of Italy, for many years a resident of New Orleans, and for 3 years past of Panama. (Panama Herald, November 30, 1852)

Morris, Mr. David G., in this city, on the 19th inst., of New York City, aged about 20 years. (Weekly Star, Panama, May 30, 1853; Panama Herald, May 24, 1853)

Munn, Edmund Chapman, at Honolulu, March 3d, of abscess of the liver, a native of Springfield, Massachusetts, aged 22 years. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Murray, Alexander, at Gorgona, on the 25th ult., aged about 50 years. Mr. Murray was a native of Jamaica, but had been residing in Lima for many years, where he has left a family. (Panama Herald, July 2, 1852)

Murray, Edward, Esq., on the 26th ult. of Yellow Fever, on board the P.M.S.S. Co.'s Golden Gate, on her voyage from Panama to San Francisco, Merchant of San Francisco, eldest son of Thomas Murray, Esq., of Liverpool. (Daily Panama Star, June 29, 1853)

Nash, Mr., of the city of Lafayette, La., died at Cruces, of cholera, on the 20th of July. (The Panama Star, August 4, 1849)

Navin, Miss Mary, at the Mansion House, in this city, on Thursday, 1st inst. Mary was well and favorably known by many travellers (sic) who had stopped at the Union Hotel, at Gorgona, for her kindness and attention to them. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Neyraud, Jean Baptiste, in this city, on the 31st, of France, aged about 26 years. (Panama Herald, September 1, 1851)

Niles, Mr. Charles Jay, on the 19th Dec., at Payta, Peru, in the American Hospital, chief officer of the whaling brig Venezuela, Ed. Russel, master. (Panama Herald, January 17, 1854)

Ockleston, Mr. W., on Saturday last at the residence of Mr. Harry Howard, on the Plaza Santa ana, of Liverpool, in the 24th year of his age. On Sunday ,the remains of the deceased were accompanied to their last resting place in the Foreign burying ground by a large number of our most distinguished citizens. (Panama Herald, February 22, 1853)

Olmstead, Mr. Henry W., in this city, August 20th, of New Orleans, formerly of East Hartford, Conn., aged about 30 years. (Panama Herald, August 28, 1851)

Patterson, Norris, in this city, this morning, late of Nashville, Tenn. (The Panama Star, February 4, 1851)

Parsons, Peter L., Esq., In this city, Sunday evening, November 23, in the 43d year of his age, a native of New York city; but for the last sixteen months a resident of of Panama. (Panama Herald, November 24, 1851)

Perez, Aniedd, of Havana, at sea, on board steamship Sarah Sands. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Picon, Col. Francisco, in this city, this morning at 5 o'clock, general commander of this military department. His funeral will take place from his late residence, this evening at 5 o'clock. (Panama Herald, July 21, 1851)

Post, Mr. Israel, August 6, 1849, in Panama, book publisher, of New York, from Cholera. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Richard, a boy calling himself Richard, August 6, 1849, a stranger, but supposed to be nephew of the stewardess of the Empire City, in whose care he came from New York to Chagres, of Cholera. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Robertson, Margaret, in this city, of dysentery, only child of James and Janet Robertson, of this city, aged 2 years and 4 months. (Panama Daily Star, October 2, 1853)

Rock, Mr. James, at the American Hotel, on the 24th inst., of London, lately arrived in the city on his way to Lima. (Panama Herald, June 25, 1853)

Rodgers, Capt. Richard, in this city, on the 15th inst., of Plymouth, Mass., late of the ship Persian. (Panama Herald, May 19, 1851)

Russell, Susanna, murdered aboard the steamship Yankee Blade, (April 1851), "... was a rather good looking young woman, with bright eyes; she was about 20 years of age. Accused prisoner, Edward H. Avery, born in Springfield, Mass., is about 26 years of age. They became acquainted in a house of ill-fame in Worcester, Mass. (Panama Herald, April 16, 1851)

Schlesinger, Wallace, on Monday, 26th September, late of Panama, N.G., at the residence of his father, 367 Tenth-st, New York, much lamented by a wide circle of friends. (Panama Daily Star, October 19, 1853)

Schuber, Andrew, at Biloxi, Miss., on Tuesday morning, the 6th ult., at 2 o'clock, of indigestive fever, only son of Caroline and Francis Schuber, aged 2 years, 11 months, and 5 days, a native of New Orleans. (Panama Daily Star, October 2, 1853)

Schuber, Mercedes C., on the Island of Taboga, on Saturday evening, 25th Feby., at the residence of her parents, Henry and C.F. Schuber, aged 17 months and seventeen days. New Orleans papers will please copy. (Panama Daily Star, February 26, 1854)

Shay, Mr. James, in this city, on the 9th inst., of intermittent fever, late of New Orleans. (Panama Herald, October 13, 1851)

Ship, Miss Julia, at the Aspinwall House, on the 2d inst., late of Glasgow, Missouri. (Panama Herald, June 2, 1852)

Smith, Jane, in this city, on Sunday morning last, of cholera infantana, aged about 8 months, daughter of A.F. and Hannah Smith, lately of New Orleans. (The Panama Star, March 25, 1851)

Stafford, Mr. David T., at Cruces, August 13th, of Cholera, of Cheneyville, La. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Stafford, Jasmes (James ?), of Ann Harbor (Arbor ?), Michigan, at sea, on board steamship Sarah Sands. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Steffens, Mr. Henry G., on the 21st inst., at his residence in this city, of the firm of Steffens & Co., aged about 26 years. (Panama Herald, June 23, 1853)

Stoutenburg, Mr. George C., at the California House in this city, on the 28th at 10 A.M., of Dysentery. He was a native of Newark, N.J., and was on his return home from California. (Panama Herald, October 1, 1852)

Sullivan, Mr. John J., August 5, 1849, of Boston, a passenger on the SS Empire City, of Cholera. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Surle, Francois, on the 10th inst., in this city, in the 30th year of his age, late of New Orleans. (Panama Herald, July 13, 1852)

Synott, Nicholas, in this city, on the 22d October, aged about 40; from Wexford, Ireland. (Panama Herald, October 27, 1851)

Taylor, George, Esq
., June 24, 1849, on board the steamer Colonel Stanton, of Apoplexy, an old resident of Natchez, Miss., and late Master of the Quitman Lodge of A.Y. Masons of New Orleans. (Panama Star, Panama City, Panama: August 14, 1849)

Theller, Emily, at the residence of her father, Dr. E.A. Theller, on the 19th inst., youngest daughter of E.A. and Ann Theller, 13 years. (Panama Herald, January 21, 1853)

Thompson, Lieut. Wm. H., U.S. Navy, on board the U.S. ship Warren, on the 15th ult. His remains were conveyed to San Francisco. (Panama Herald, April 21, 1851)

Thurston, Hon. Samuel M., on or about 6th inst. (April 6, 1851), aboard the steamer California, late Delegate from Oregon to the U. States Congress. (Panama Herald, Panama City, Panama: April 28, 1851)

Tracy, Henry, Esq., in this city, on the 30th ult., of New York, aged 35. (Panama Herald, June 2, 1851)

Vallerino, Senora Francisca, in this city, on the 11th instant, eldest daughter of Don Ramon Vallerino, Postmaster of Panama. (Daily Panama Star, February 13, 1853)

Wallach, Robert R., on Sunday night, the 26th inst., at his residence, San Juan de Dios St., aged 27 years. The New York and Washington papers will please copy. (Panama Herald, September 28, 1852)

Walters, Rev. W., in this city on Sunday, the 9th inst., Roman Catholic Minister, [of Ireland] and lately officiating in Spanish Town, Jamaica. (Panama Herald, November 17, 1851)

Watson, Mr. E., on Sunday, the 28th ult., at the residence of Mr. Charles Zachrisson, in this city, aged about 45 years, late of New York city. The deceased had been living in this place for the past six months, in which time he had won the resect and esteem of all who knew him, and the entire confidence of the house in which he is engaged. His death followed a sickness of but a few hours duration, and his remains were accompanied by a very numerous train of friends to the last resting place, where appropriate services were performed by Rev. Mr. Warren, who officiated in a most solemn and impressive manner. The deceased leaves a wife and several children, to whom it will be a consolation to know that in his sickness he received all the care and attention which the most sensitive friendship could dictate. (The Panama Star, October 4, 1850)

Weathersby, Dr., in Gorgona, August 7th, of Cholera, of Baton Rouge, La. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Wellman, Dr. Harvey W., yesterday, March 3, in this city, of Missouri, aged about 30 years. (Panama Herald, March 4, 1853). The Weekly Star of March 14, 1853, notes that Dr. Wellman died "at the Louisiana Restaurant ...on the 3d inst., of disease of the liver." He left a wife and two children and it appears that they did not reside in Panama. (The Daily Star, March 4, 1853)

White, Mr. Jno. A.B., died in this city, on Tuesday, July 31st, of Hinds county, Mississippi. Mr. White crossed from the Cruces on the 30th, and shortly after his arrival, was so imprudent as to eat heartily of the production of this climate, just previous to retiring to rest. He was seized with cholera during the night, and expired in a few hours, all efforts to save him proving to no avail. The deceased was a young man of great promise, possessing excellences of character which, had he lived, would have made him honored. His moral worth and sterling integrity, coupled with an affable disposition, won the esteem and friendship of all who knew him. Energetic beyond his years, he bid fair to succeed in the land of gold. He is gone! Two brothers will mourn his loss, but they will find a solice in the reflection that he was cared for in the trying hour by those who loved him, and that his remains were respectably interred in the American cemetery at this place. (The Panama Star, August 4, 1849)

White, John B., a young man, died last Sunday of Cholera. He performed the journey from Cruces the day previous on foot, and on his arrival here, ate a hearty supper of fish and went to bed. The Cholera attacked him, and before assistance could be rendered, he was in a state of colapse, and beyond hope of recovery. His American friends procured a coffin, and had him respectfully interred. He was from Hinds county, near Vicksburg, Miss. (The Panama Star, August 4, 1849)

Whiting, Mr. Joseph P., in Panama, August 15th, of Cholera, a resident of Baltimore, aged 49 years. (The Panama Star, August 15, 1850)

Wilson, Jonathan D(ayton)., at Taboga,on Tuesday last, March 1st, of fever, Commander of the Steam-ship Sierra Nevada. (Panama Herald, March 4, 1853; also a very long obituary in The Weekly Star, March 14, 1853, and the Daily Panama Star of March 2, 1853.)

Woolf, Bernard, of New Orleans, at sea, on board steamship Sarah Sands. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Yates, Herman, died on board the Empire City, Sept. 19th, and buried at sea, of Rochester, N.Y. He leaves a wife and two children. We hear his life was insured for $1600. (The Panama Star, October 6, 1849)


Bastlan, Nicholas, of this city, to Quant, Miss Selina Matilda, of Lowell Massachusetts, in this city, on Thursday evening last, by the American Consul. (Panama Herald, September 3, 1852)

Charrington, Esq., William H., of New York City, to Obandez, Countess Josepha Carmelita Maria, of Lima, at Lima, on the 22d ult., by the Rt. Rev. Archbishop Santiago Tularez. (Panama Herald, May 21, 1852)

Cook, John, of San Diego, to Fulkerson, Miss Jane, of New Brunswick, N.J., at San Jose, California. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851; no date of marriage given.)

Dartois, Mr. Gustave, and Miss Jenny Gardiner, at the Protestant Chapel, on Sunday, July 3d, by the Rev. J. Rowell. (Panama Daily Star, July 6, 1853)

Delf, Mr. Peter Frederick and May, Miss Caroline, both of this city, on the 12th inst., by A.B. Corwine, Esq., U.S. Consul. The occasion was graced by the presence of several American ladies. (Panama Herald, October 13, 1851)

Fletcher, Mr. George, to Miss Theresa Plise, in this city, on Sunday, the 24th inst. (Panama Daily Star, July 26, 1853) (Contact: Nancy Kelly)

Hermann, Mr. James S., to Dinneford, Mrs. Anna, on the 19th instant, at the Protestant Chapel, by the Rev .J. Rowell, all of this city. (Panama Herald, June 22, 1852)

Hiron, Mr. Victor, to Dumenil, Miss Henriette Desiree, at Protestant Chapel, by Rev. Rowell, July 7, 1853, both of Panama. (Panama Herald, July 12, 1853)

Hunter, Mr. James, late of Pennsylvania, to Pardon, Miss Mary, formerly of Missouri, on March 25th, in Volcano, California. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Hurtado, J. Marcelino, Esq., son of the late Minister Plenpotentiary of Columbia at the Court of St. James, to Perry, Ida, daughter of William Perry, Esq., H.B.M. Consul at Panama, in London, on Monday, the 14th ult., at St. Peter's Church, Eaton Square, and, at the Catholic Chapel, Cadogan-terrace. (Daily Panama Star, April 26, 1853)

Lewis, Wm. D., of N. York, to (Carvalho), Sophie Marie, daughter of L. Carvalho, Esq., of Canton, at the house of the United States Legation, at Canton, by the Hon. and Rev. P. Parker, M.D. (Panama Herald, April 21, 1851; no date given for ceremony)

Livingston, Mr. Geo., of New York City, to Farrow, Miss Eliza Jane, of Illinois, on the 28th March, in Marysville, California. (Panama Herald, May 5, 1851)

Marah, Mr. Daniel, (printer) late of Kingston Jamaica, to Quentero, Senora Lucia, of this city, in this city, 14th instant, at the Church of San Felipe. (Panama Herald, May 26, 1853)

Mocatta, Mr. Joseph Augustus, with Picos, Senorita Maria Conception, daughter of Col. Picos, of this city, on the 9th inst., by Mr. Wm. Perry, H.B.M. Consul. (The Panama Star, September 20, 1850)

Morro, Sor. Manuel, to Plise, Miss Julia, in this city on Sunday last, at the Church of San Francisco. (Weekly Star, Panama, October 31, 1853) (Contact: Nancy Kelly)

Rice, Mr. F.W., Editor of the California Courier, with Arosemena, Miss Josefina Dolores, daughter of Don Mariano Arosemena, Administrator-General of this Province, in this city, on Sunday evening, April 13th, by the Rev. Bishop Barrera. We tender to you, brother chip, our warmest congratulations on this occasion. May you enjoy all the domestic happiness you deserve; and, in time, be surrounded with all the adjuncts of connubial felicity. (The Panama Star, April 15, 1851)

Rowel, the Rev. J., of Panama, to Cummings, Miss Hannah, daughter of the officiating clergyman, on the 11th ulto., in the High St. Church, Portland Me., by the Rev. Asa Cummings, D.D. (The Panama Star, November 4, 1852.)

Van Gaasbeek, Alexander B., of Panama, Granada, to Keeler, Miss Antoinette H., daughter of Jasper S. Keeler, Esq., of Albany, in the Second Dutch Church, Albany, by the Rev. Dr. Wyckoff, on the 20th ult., at 11 o'clock, A.M. (The Panama Star, March 14, 1851)

Vidal, Senor Augustin, to (Arosemena), Senorita Teresa, in this city on Thursday evening, August 25, daughter of Don Eduardo Arosemena. (Panama Daily Star, August 27, 1853)

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