California Bound by

Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
October 18, 1850

"List of passengers from New York per the steamship Ohio, transferred at Havana to steamer Falcon for Chagres."

Adams, John Quincey
Boyle, R.
Brown, Richard
Burwell, H.
Caro, W.
Clarke, A.S.
Falut, S.
Faul, Wm.
Godbold, John
Goldin, R.
Gorham, E.J.
Hartford, E.C.
Hodge, Thomas
Holbrook, E.
Johnston, Alex.
Johnston, W.S.
Keyes, Robt. and wife
Low, Wm
Lyles, Thos
McLane, M.
Meyer, Louis, and wife
Mitchell, Paul
Noal, Wm Jacob
Parker, M.
Rotsger (Rotager ?), S.S.
Smith, W.S.
Swibler, Simon
Tidall, G.F.
Wescote, J.S.

From Havana:
Cano, Manuel
Garcia, Beneto
Lopez, Jose
Molino, Antonio
Rynders, J.P.
Tranquanillo, A.E.

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