California Bound by

Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
August 27, 1849

NOTE: This "Card" appears to have been published by passengers on the SS Empire City two days after another card by some of the same passengers was published.


Whereas the Chairman, Secretary, Committee and all persons having signed the resolutions which appeared in the Panama Star of last week, have been denounced through a public placard by Messrs. Zachrisson, Nelson & Co. as being unfair, dishonorable, and not gentlemen, and more particularly stating that their own opinions were backed by the Empire City's passengers:

Therefore, we, the undersigned, passengers per Empire City, would state that said meeting was principally composed of the passengers from the Empire City, and that we do heartily concur in all the resolutions adopted by said meeting, yet consider our action has become such as became fair and honorable American citizens, whose object was vindication of their rights and to enlighten future travelers by this route.

Abel, Geo NY
Beecher, A.
Beecher, P.D. NY
Bluxome, Joseph NY
Bowlen, Danl M. NY
Bradley, C. NY
Brown, Capt. F.A. NY
Burgess, Edwd NY
Caldwell, J. FL
Coleman, Jas IA
Drury, E.A. MA
Durkee, J.A. NY
Fake, Dr. J.H. NY
Fenn, F.C.M. NY
Gordon, J. NY
Hadley, _. NY
Hinchman, A.O. NY
Holden, E.S. Boston
Howison, Henry Washington D.C.
Hoyt, Capt. Munsen NY
Hurley, J. NY
Mallet, D. NY
McCoomb, John NY
Moncrief, Alex NY
Nycum, A. PA
Redington, John H. Boston
Ryerson, Wm T. NY
Sharps, C.G. Philadelphia
Simpson, Chas. Philadelphia
Skillings, Azel NY
Smith, G.M. NY
Stover, Wm D NY
Tompson, R.G. NY
True, H. NY
Tuttle, H.D. NY
Underhill, G.W. NY
Wheeler, S. PA
White, A.J. MA
Young,W.C. NY
Youngs, Chas E. NY

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