California Bound by

Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
August 25, 1849

NOTE: The following names appear on a "card" of appreciation published in the Panama Star. This is a resolution usually commending the captain of the ship. For some unknown reason I have neither the name of the ship nor its captain. However, a second card signed by many of the below listed passengers was published two days later and gives the name of the ship as the Empire City. For that information, the Panama Star is available on microfilm by Inter Library Loan from the California State Library.

Abel, Geo NY
Austin, Elijah Ouachita (Either AR or LA)
Ball, John Vicksburg, MI
Beecher, A. NY
Beecher, P.D. NY
Bennett, Henry NH
Bolen, Dan'l M. NY
Bradley, O. NY
Brown, F.C. GA
Brown, T.A. NY
Brown, Wm NO
Burdick, Henry J. NY
Burdsall, John M. NYC
Burgess, Ed NYCaldwell, J. FL
Chase, Samuel NO
Cheshird, W.W. NO
Clark, Smith NYC
Coleman, James IA
Dace, Henry NO
Davis, Albert OH
Dean, Nathaniel NO
Dodge, Robert K. NO
Drury, A. NY
Duncan, J.H. AL
Durkee, J.A.
Fenn, F.C.M. Rochester, NY
Fitch, George K. Cleveland, OH
Floyd, Wm St. Louis, MO
Ford, J.M. NYC
Ford, James M. NYC
Gerard, A. NO
Gordon, John N ewburgh, NY
Harley, James Rochester, NY
Harris, John C. NY
Hinchman, A.O NY
Hinman, J.N. NO
Hoff, J.R. NY
Holden, E.S. Boston, MA
Howard, B. MS
Howison, Henry Washington (D.C.)
Johnson, James LA
Jones, John M. TN
Kay, R.H. NO
Kipper, Henry NO
Landerberg, _. New Orleans
Lucas, Wm NO
Lynch, Thomas NY
Mallett, David Rochester, NY
Mason, John NO
McCannon, J.D. Baltimore, MD
McComb, J. NY
McComb, J.J. NO
McCook, Wm NO
McMorris, M. NO
Mitchell, John V. NO
Moncrieff, Alex NY
Nycum, Andrew J. Philadelphia, PA
Peters, W.C. NY
Phillips, Ed MA
Redington, John H.
Reed, John NY
Ryerson, Wm. T. NY
Saunders, Dan'l PA
Sharps, C.G. Philadelphia, PA
Simpson, C.S. Philadelphia, PA
Skillings, Azel NYC
Smith, Geo M. Rochester, NY
Smyles, Wm NO
Stanley, H. MS
Stearns, Charles NH
Stover, Wm. D.
Styles, John NY
Take, Dr. L. H. NY
Tancy, _. Baltimore, MD
Terynson, Wm NO
Thompson, R.G. NY
Tobin, James New Orleans
True, Hiram Rochester, NY
Tuck, Rufus P.
Tuttle, H.D.
Tyson, F.W. Baltimore, MD
Ulrick, Henry NY
Underhill, G.W. NY
Van Wart, Philip NY
Vellely, Peter NO
Warner, John NO
Watts, Jonathan NO
Weaver, John NO
Weed, G.C. NYC
White, Andrew J.Palmer, MA
Whyban, Fred NY
Williams, Geo MA
Wilson, Geo NO
Young, W.C. NYC
Youngs, Chas E. NY

[We are compelled to omit a large number of names for want of room. - Ed.]


NO: New Orleans

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