California Bound by

Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
September 3, 1853

Complimentary Card.

Panama, August 3d, 1853
To Messrs. J. & T. Bowels. Proprietors of the
American Hotel:

GENTELMEN: We cannot leave your excellent establishment without expressing to you our thanks for the accommodation, comfort and attention we have received whilst stopping in your American Hotel. The excellence of your table, the comfort of your sleeping apartments and the general management of your house, is everything that can be desired, and we most sincerely recommend it to all travelers as a truly American house in a foreign land.
Wishing you every success, we remain, respectfully, yours, etc.,

Barkley, G.L. –Cal.
Boyle, J.D. –Mass.
Bridenstine, John -Md.
Bridges, A. –Ohio
Brody, Mrs. –Del.
Brody, Mrs. M. –Del.
Brooks, M.E. –Mass.
Conerty, P. –Mass.
Conlen, G. –Del.
Coulet, Mrs. S. –Md.
Day, T.H. –Ia.
Day, T.W. –N.Y.
Deneshire,Henry -Del.
Dirques, Francis -Mass.
Ditton, A.C. –N.Y.
Dovey, R. –N.Y.
Fairbrother, H. –Ohio
Fox, M., and lady -N.Y.
Fullis, R.L. –N.Y.
Giager (Glager ?), N.Y.
Gordon, D. –Del.
Hamilton, M.N. –IA.
Hayes, W.W. –N.H.
Hogan, D.J. –Mass.
Howard, J. –Ohio
Ingersall, O. –Ohio
Kelly, E. –N.Y.
Klphburges (Klipburges ?), Philip -Ohio
Landy, Edward, Chief Justice of Washington Territory
Little, T. –Mass.
Livermore, Henry -Md.
Lusengell, Simon -Mass.
Manster, John -N.H.
Marsh, C. –Mass
McCame, S. –Pen.
McCloud, Mrs. –Mass.
Meamont, D. –Texas
Merwin, Gen.B., Vice-Consul of Valparaiso -Ohio
Mier, L. –Ohio
Miers, Charles -N.Y.
Milburn, T. –N.Y.
Minson, J.H. –N.Y.
Mistick, E.B. –Mass.
Mitchell, A. –N.Y.
Moltiel, Stephen -N.Y.
Moore, Charles -N.Y.
Murchel, Mrs. –N.Y.
Murphy, J. –Mass.
Murray, T. –Del.
Osburn, O. –N.Y.
Peboddoy (sic), A.E. –Mass.
Penniman, Col. T. –Md.
Portel, E. –Mass.
Prescott, S. –Mass.
Pritchard, Wm. –N.Y.
Rasonnel, Henry -Md.
Rellne, G.B., and lady -N.Y.
Rikes, M. –Mass.
Shadick, C.B. –Mass.
Smith, J.F. –Mass.
Sneed, Wm. –Pen.
Stanton, H. –Mass.
Stewart, H.P.B. –Me.
Stilwell, Henry -Mass.
Sullivan, J. –Mass.
Topliff, G.M. –Ohio
Trask, Capt. F. –N.Y.
Treadway, Mrs. –Mass.
Watts, E.H. –La.
White, J. –N.Y.
Whitney, D. –Mass.
Williams, C.A. –Conn.
Williams, J.A. –N.H.
Witmouth, H.E. –Mass.
Wood, Gov. R., American Consul of Valparaiso -Ohio
Woodard, D.S. –Texas
Woodman, J.M. –Mass.

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