California Bound by

Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
February 8, 1853

Complimentary Card.

Panama, Feb. 4, 1853

Mr. S.B. Smith, Proprietor of the Franklin House, Panama;

Dear Sir: As we are now about to take our departure from your hospitable hotel, we think it but just that we should leave something behind us as a memento of your kind treatment and the comforts of the “Franklin House.”
Many of us have been borders at your hotel for upwards of a month, and others of us for several days. During our stay we have been treated in the most liberal and attentive manner by yourself, and received every civility by your assistants. We have always been furnished with a bountifully supplied table, of the best food in the city, and our sleeping arrangements have been as comfortable as could be expected.
In conclusion, we leave your house perfectly satisfied with the treatment we have received, and part with yourself; personally, with sentiments of the highest regard and esteem, assuring you, that you shall always have our best wishes for your success, and trusting that this letter may serve to induce our friends, passing through Panama, to stop at your hotel, as the most comfortable and best arranged one in the city.

We are your obedient servants,

Adam, C., and lady -N.O.
Anderson, R.
Asdale, Alex. –PA
Bacon, Dr. J. –Balt.
Baker, Mrs., and two daughters
Beecher, D.E. –NH
Bleakeny, W. –PA
Bleakney, R.C. –PA
Bozuen, H. –NY
Broken, J.P. –NY
Carroll, M.J. –NJ
Clark, J. –NJ
Duff, J. –Long Island
Edwin, J. –Nelson, La.
Farrel, T. –Long Island
Gardner, B. –MA
Gelzs (Geizs ?), Jacques
Gilbert, M.B.
Hagerty, P. –NY
Haltze, Q. –NY
Handford, R.
Harriot, Mrs. –Gum. (?)
Herold, H. –MO
Herold, M. –MO
Kahlmezer, J. –MO
Kaugell, J. –VA
Keeves, A.B. –LA
Kern, J.
Kolerston, J.D. –N.Y. City
Kunchenbuch, F. –MO
Larken, Ann -Newton, Mass.
Ludolf, M. –MO
Ludwig, H., and lady
McQuin, Peter, and lady -Detroit
Miller, J. –PA
Montgomery, F.P. –Miss.
Morgenstern & Lady
Neil, C.O. –Long Island
Piper, F.S. –NH
Ricker, A. –NY
Smith, A. –VT
Thompson, Wm.
Whitter, P. –NY
Wilkinson, L.M. –Boston
Wilkinson, Wm. –NY
Woods, Mrs.
Wultzurd, Q. –NY

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