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Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
January 12, 1852


Applications for admission into the American Hospital must hereafter be made to the American Consul, A. B. Corwine, Esq., who is authorized to grant permits for that purpose.
Notice is also hereby given to persons admitted into the Hospital that after they shall have been pronounced convalescent by the Resident Physician, they will be required to leave the premises, as the institution was established for the benefit of the destitute sick, and not for the maintenance of paupers.

By order of Board of Directors,
C. T. Wilson, Sec.

Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
August 13, 1852


Beginning 25th June and ending 24th July.
54 admissions.

June 25—
Johnson, Robert B.
, Irishman, 35; hydrothorax, following billious pleurisy; had been his own doctor; died June 29th.
Norwood, Thomas, North Carolina, (mulatto) 45; remittent; dismissed cured July 16th; been in hospital before.
Salls, Nick, Canada, 46; remittent fever, 4 days, dismissed cured June 27th.

June 26—
Barstranne, Hanse, Norway, 28; remittent; 2 months; dismissed; cured June 30th.
Gall, Josh, Italian, dying of Asiatic cholera.
Mitchell, John, Prussia, 35; remittent, with engorged liver; dismissed; cured July 4th.
Steward, James, 25; remittent; dismissed; cured June 28th.

June 28—
Brown, Michael, New York, 20; dying of chronic diarrhoea; died next day.
Craig, James, (Black Heath, Virginia), 42; remittent; 1 week; dismissed; cured July 3d.

June 29--
Bartles, Henry, Germany, 49; remittent, 3 weeks; dismissed; cured July 4th.
Matthews, Alexander, Irishman, 24; remittent, recent case; dismissed; cured July 4th.
McClone, James, 28, Irishman, cholera morbus; dismissed; cured July 3d.

June 31—(There is no June 31!)
M’Can, Thomas, Irishman, 21; remittent, recent case; dismissed; cured July 2d.
Smith, Wm., Stockholm 29; remittent, 2 weeks; dismissed; cured July 24th.

July 1—

Smith, Ferdinand, Saxony, 34; remittent, 6 weeks, with insipient dropsy; dismissed; cured July 6--.
Zimmerman, Henry, Hanover, 42; brought in apparently dying of cholera morbus; dismissed; cured July 9th; been in Hospital before.

July 2—
Arthur, Robert, Irishman, 40; remittent case; cured, and taken into service, July 5th; been in Hospital before.
Hewitt, J.C., Georgia, 25; remittent, 3 days; dismissed; cured July 5th.

July 3—
Kennedy, Joseph, England, 27; remittent, with dysentery, 4 days; dismissed; cured, July 23d.
M’Garvey, William, Irishman, 47; remittent, three weeks; dismissed; cured July 6th.

July 5—
Jones, Thomas, England, 37; remittent, 5 days; dismissed; cured July 10th.
M’Clare, Edward, Irishman, 25; remittent and jaundice, 5 days; dismissed; cured July 23d.

July 7--
Dixon, William, Pennsylvania, 30; remittent, with bilious vomiting and purging; dismissed himself July 11th.
Raferty, William, Irishman, 20; remittent, one week, with bilious purging and vomiting; dismissed; cured July 14th

July 9—
Gallendelf, James, New York, 21; remittent, 5 days; dismissed; cured July 12th.

July 10—
Connor, James, Irishman, 22; suppression of urine; been in Hospital before; dismissed; cured July 13th.
Green, Alexander, New York, (mulatto) 22; remittent, 5 days; dismissed; cured July 15th.
Nefferfield, Thomas, Irishman, 22; remittent, with bilious vomiting and purging, four days; dismissed; cured July 18th.

July 11—
Fisher, J., Maryland, 30 days; dying of Asiatic cholera; died in two hours.

July 12—
Luney, James, Irishman, 20; remittent, dismissed; cured July 22.
Smith, George, Wisconsin, 19; remittent, 3 days; dismissed; cured July 19th.
Sylvestine, Charles, Poland, 20; remittent, five days, with enlarged spleen; dismissed; cured July 15.

July 14—
Brown, John, Irishman, 33; remittent, 6 days; very bad case; dismissed; cured July 19th.
Smith, James, New York, 22; (Negro man) remittent, 3 days; dismissed; cured July 19th.

July 15—
Hart, Robert, Englishman, 35; a fit; cured by a nap of 3 hours.
Kennedy, Jos., England, 27; nothing the matter; dismissed July 28.
Melton, James, Massachusetts, 45; debility and destitution, been in before; dismissed July 27th.

July 16—
Faber, M., German, 25; inflammatory rheumatism, superinduced by fever; very ill; still in Hospital.
Leithenberg, _., German; dying delirious; unable to take medicine; had been doctored.

July 17—
Craig, William, Maine, 23; dying of Asiatic cholera.

July 19—
Dillon, H., Pennsylvania, 40; ascites and hydrcole, following long continued fever; been tapped 3 times since 3d of July; still in Hospital.
Hardgrove, Thomas, Massachusetts, 27; remittent, 4 days;
Manuel, E., Valparaiso, 25; remittent fever, 6 days; dismissed July 23d; cured, been in Hospital before.
Robertson, James, Scotland, 33; in the last stages of dysentery; been sick 6 weeks; died July 30th.

July 20—
Campbell, James, Scotland, 27; remittent, six days; dismissed; cured July 27th.
Davis, Frank, New York, 21; dying of Asiatc cholera; died at night.

July 21—
Phillips, John, New York, 35; dying of cholera in four hours sickness.

July 22—
Hobert, Benjamin, New York, 32; dying of Asiatic cholera.
W, ……… Iowa, 44; remittent, with diarrhoea (sic), one month; dismissed; cured July 27th.

July 23—
Johnson, James, New York, dying of cholera, sent to the cholera Hospital and died in a few hours; nothing could be administered.
Riley, Patrick, Irishman, 24; remittent, 4 days; dismissed; cured July 29th.

July 24—
Bessy, Jabez, Maine; dying of Asiatic cholera; carried to the Cholera Hospital, where he died in three hours; was visited, but nothing could be done.
Mahoney, Joseph, New York, 21; (mulatto) remittent, 10 days; dismissed; cured August 2d.

The aboved mentioned cases of cholers, all except one, came across the Isthmus, and were generally taken sick the night of arrival, and died the next day, with one or two exceptions.


Resident Physician.

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