California Bound by

Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
July 23, 1852

NOTE: The Pioneer was probably carrying passengers bound for the East Coast. The SS Pioneer was operating in the Pacific at this time.

Complimentary Card.

Taboga, July 16, 1852
Editor of the Panama Herald:

Sir,-- The undersigned would make your valuable paper the medium through which to return thanks to Mr. Barman, host of the Taboga Hotel, for the kind attention he ha(s) paid to our wants since our arrival in the Pioneer --- and take pleasure in recommending him to all our American friends who may be so fortunate as to stop at Taboga.

Yours respectfully,

Ash, Richard --(Brooklyn or Md.)
Brennan, R. –(Brooklyn or Md.)
Buckley, S.R. –N.Y.
Burgess, J.B. –N.Y.
Calahan, Jas. –Ohio
Darling, Lotrip –Iowa
Denkelman, H. –Ohio
Drake, Samuel --N.Y.
Enger, A. –Vt.
Flathman, J.R. –Ohio
Flurshutz, John --Md.
Foster, H. –N.Y.
French, John --(Gon. (?) or N. Jersey)
Goward, H.J. –Brooklyn
Haimbaugh, C. –Ohio
Haynes, Wm --N.Y.
Hosford, John --N.Y.
Hutchins, D.H. –N.Y.
Kampher, Jacob --Ohio
Kampher, John --Ohio
Kattenhorne, H. –Ohio
Kelley, C. –N. Jersey
Kidd, S.J. –Brooklyn
Lawrence, D. –N.Y.
Lynch, M. –Boston, Mas.
Lyon (???), John M. –Ohio
Lyon, Geo. –Pa.
Merrick, G.H. –Gon. (sic)
Mowsher, John --N.Y.
Obermiller, Wm. –N.Y.
Palmer, Chas. E. –N.Y.
Pape, H. –Ohio
Potter, Marvin --N.Y.
Potter, Orson --N.Y.
Roberts, John --Ohio
Stephens, Geo. –Ohio
Sweney, Geo. –Canada
Sweney, Hen. –Canada
Traykay, Daniel --(Vt. or Brooklyn. Unclear)
Waterbury, Jas. –Iowa
White, John --Pa.
White, Joseph --Pa.
Wighton, Geo. –Rio.
Williams, Geo. –N.Y.

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