California Bound by

Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
March 23, 1852


On Board Ship Russell,
Taboga, March 21, 1852

Whereas, reports unfavorable to the condition of the ship Russell, and censuring Luis Bayer, Esq., her owner, (unjustly as the undersigned believe) after a full examination of the ship, the provisions and number of passengers,

1. Be it resolved therefore, That the ship Russell is in as good condition as represented by her owner.

2. Resolved, That in the opinion of the undersigned, Luis Bayer, Esq., owner of said ship, has acted in good faith and deserves not only our good opinion and confidence, but that of all emigrants landing in Panama.

3. Resolved, That the complaints of a small number of the passengers on the ship Russell, was without good and sufficient cause, and not for the want of room or accommodations.

4. Resolved, That Luis Bayer, Esq., of Panama, and his gentlemanly and accommodating clerks have our confidence and best wishes.

5. Resolved, That the intelligence, skill and gentlemanly bearing of the commander of the ship Russell, Stephen Gorham, and his active and efficient crew give full confidence that we shall have a quick and pleasant passage to San Francisco.

Abell, E.
Davis, Henry
Mullikin, J.D.
Mullikin, Mary A.
Murphy, John
Quinn, J.M.
Silk, Wm.
Welch, J.
and a large number of others. (Other names not published.)

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