California Bound by

Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
August 4, 1851


Cocoa-Grove, July 31, 1851

To Col. Phelan:

Dear Sir: The situation, comforts, and cleanliness of the Cocoa Grove Hotel, are so far superior to any we have ever before seen or experienced on the Isthmus of Panama, that we cannot leave you without so expressing ourselves, and for their own sakes, recommend it to all our countrymen who may be passing this way. The situation is cool and pleasant, beds clean, and rooms airy.

Conly, Miss Margaret
Crooks, Bernard
Duff, F.R.
Fisk, Mrs. E., Boston
Grant, Mrs. D.B.
Greene, Wm. E.
Jacks, Hamlet
Jacks, W.S.
Martin, Miss Harriet
Maynard, R., U.S.N.
McDonnell, Thomas
Pool, E.A.
Ryan, Mrs. James
Smith, P.L.
Wardwell, Mrs. C.A.
Webster, John A., U.S.R.S.

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