California Bound by

The Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
May 12, 1851

Complimentary Cards.

-- Steamer Brother Jonathan, Chargres, April 25, 1851

We the undersigned, passengers on board the steamer Brother Jonathan, from New York to Chagres, before parting with Capt HOWE, beg leave, respectfully, to make known to him and the public our admiration of his gentlemanly deportment, and also his abilities as an experienced navigator.

Captain Howe never let pass any opportunity in his power, of adding to our comfort and enjoyment. Howe and the Brother Jonathan are a sure guarantee to a pleasant voyage, to good treatment, and all those little attentions to comfort and convenience which the traveler alone knows how to appreciate, and to which Capt. Howe alone knows how to confur.

Abramson, P.
Bigham, James
Bingham, Jas. L.
Black, John
Blackman, A., and family
Blunt, J.M.
Brownberg, John
Buckenmayra, F.
Buckmeyer, F.
Burns, Michael
Cambers, W.
Campbell, A.
Campbell, J.M.
Campbell, J.M.
Caunders, Moses
Chambers, Havre
Chedic (Sheddic ?), Mrs. G.W.
Chounaud, E.
Coyax, A.J.
Crawford, E.
Crawford, J.P.
Crayard, P.
Dick, P.F.
Dickinson, W.S.
Eakin, Jas. A.
Fids, Henry A.
Field, Bradfield
Field, Bradford (signed twice!)
Finegan, Jas
Frowne, George
Gavdrich, C.D.
Gillesburch, John
Gratz, Theodore
Griffith, Wm.
Groff, David
Harper, R.H.
Hickenboth, Edw.
Hicks, John
Howes, C.E.B.
Kelly, Hasbert
Kidd, A.E.
Kidde, Heddy A.
Laughlin, W.M.
Leekee, John
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, Edward (signed twice!)
Lewis, Evan
Lewis, Levi
Lipman, J.
Lose, Henry
Luitor, Charles
Maffir, William
Malante, George
Mariner, T.A.
Marseilles, H.
Marseilles, Robert
Marvin, J.
McComb, Geo.
Mek, C.A.
Mickel, Wm. F.
Moore, J.H.
Mosel, E.
Mosley, E.
Myers, L.
Nettleton, P.
Norfolk, Isaac
Philler, Thomas
Possand, L.
Rose, Henry
Rose, Ira S.
Rose, James S.
Russell, William
Sauford (Sanford ?), Hiram
Sheddic (Chedic ?), Geo. W.
Smith, C.
Smith, Chasrles (Charles ?)
Smith, E.G.
Stannton (Stanton ?), F.
Tobias, Louis
Truax, Henry A.
Truax, Mary F.
Tuthill, William
Wood, Henry
Young, James H.

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