California Bound by

Panama Herald
Panama City, Panama
May 6, 1853


Our city has been favored during the last few days with the presence of the celebrated and eccentric Lola Montez, Countess of Lansfeldt. There is a story told of her adventures whilst crossing the Isthmus, which is too good to be lost. When at Gorgona, she ordered the hotel keeper to fit up a cot for her dog in her bed-room, at which the host remonstrated, as all his cots were occupied, and many of his guests obliged to content themselves with a “shake down” on the floor, and “I think, madam,” he said, “the dog can sleep very well for one night on the floor.” “Sir,” replied the Countess, taking her Havana from her mouth, and stamping her pretty little foot, “I don’t care where or how your guests sleep, but I’d have you to know my dog has slept in palaces – get me the cot immediately, and say no more.” The frightened hotel keeper obeyed, and the next morning charged in the bill $5 for the dog’s bed. At this the countess remonstrated, and on the host’s insisting on being paid, she pulled out her pistol and threatened to settle, not only the bill but the hotel keeper also for his extortion. How the affair ended we have not heard.

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