California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
October 3, 1849

Passengers Sailed.

Chagres: -- Steamship Crescent City

_____th, T.P.
_askell (Haskell ?), Mr.
_osing, F.R.
Adams, Mr.
Allen, J._.
Andrews, F. _.
Andrews, F.R.
Anthony, B.
Aredid (?), W.
Ashby, W.
Asherman, M.
Atkins, Mr.
Bagley, C.
Baily, W.T. (?)
Barnham (??), C.
Benedict, A. (might be from Liverpool)
Biden, J.
Blake, J.Q.
Bostwick, J.
Boweil (Bowell ?), _.
Braithard, V.R.
Breed, H.A.
Brown, W.L.
Calkins, E.C.
Canning, Jno
Carr, A.
Carr, S.
Carter, J.
Carter, W.
Chadbourne, E. & U. (B.?)
Chadbourne, G.
Cheever, J.G.
Clarke, W.O.
Close, M.T.(?)
Co__ll, lady and 2 daughters
Connelly, (F. ?)
Connelly, P.
Connelly, S.
Coombs, G.
Coombs, M.
Corwin, C.
Craven (Craves ?),W.
Creighton, Mr.
Curtis, (O.R. ?)
Cutler, A.P.
Dam, G._.
Darling, Mr.
Day, B.
Dearett (??), G.
Dei_n_, W.P.
Erw_n___, W.
Ewart, J.
Foster, S.
Foster, Wm. -- Liverpool
Frisbee, J.
Fuller, G.
Gallagher, Mr.
Gilbert, _. S.
Gilmore, A.
Gray, B.
Haines, Jno P.
Haldroth, G.A.
Halsey, A.N. (might be from Liverpool)
Halsey, D. (might be from Liverpool)
Halsey, S. (might be from Liverpool)
Halstead, George, and lady
Hawkins, R.
Hawley, G.A.
Hersblerg (Hersllerg ?), A. (might be from Liverpool)
Hildreth, S.C.
Hill, W.
Hopkins, L.
Howard, George A.
Ivans, A.
Ivans, C. _.
Ivens, A.
Jagger, S.
Jones, Jno W.
Keating, A.
Keating, Mr. F.A.
Kendrick, Mr.
Ketchum, (I.N. ?)
Kilburn, G.A.
Kir__r, A.
Low, H.W.
Lowe, F.G.
Lowell, _.
Lowell, W.B.&F.
M___l_en, W.B.
McGrew, A.
McGuire, Mr.
McGuire, Mr.
McWilliams, Mr.
Messerve, J.
Moffatt, J.S.
Moore, J.P.
Morris, S.
Munez, A.A., and servant
Neals (?), W.H.
Nive___, D.
O’Brien, P.
P____as, M.N.
Packsher, A. (might be from Liverpool)
Palmer, H.
Peabody, F.
Powers, E.M.
Powers, J.
Rams_ett, B.H.
Reynolds, J.K.
Richardson, J.
Ripp, L.C.
Rogers, Geo.
Root (?), _.B.(?)
Sanford, N.
Sayder, B.F.
Shirtland, Mr.
Spea_, D.S.
Sprague, Y.
Stamard (Stannard ?), G.A.
Standard, F. (??)
Stanton, George
Stiles, A.W.
Stinson, Fred A.
Tappan, C.F.
Taylor, B.T.
Thi__ll, J.
Thorne, T.
Thornton, _.
To_htend (Townsend ?), Mr.
Toek, S.K.
Tripp, Mr.
Tripp, S.
Tuttle, Mr.
Vilgour, J.B.
W__rs (?), W.
Waits (Waite ?), C.C.
Walker, S.
Waterman, O.
Watson, C.
Wells, C.P.
Wells, C.W.
West, _sa_ah
Whitney, John
Whitney, W.
Wialey (?), Wm.
Wilcox, A.
Wilcox, C.
Wilcox, C.A.
Williams, S.
Wright, L.L.
Wyatt, J.
Wyckoff, J.L.

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