California Bound by

New York City, New York
July 15, 1849


From New York.

The bark Philena, Capt. Swain, sailed from this port, on the 11th inst., for San Francisco. Annexed is a list of her passengers:

Armstrong, W.W.
Austin, A.
Bade, Luis
Barber, S.
Brown, G.
Collins, W.H.
Court, J.
Dawley, J.N.
Frost, J.
Gore, N.
Herbert, H.V.
Herbert, Sidney C.
Hosketh, Dr. H.
Hubbell, E.S.
Macy, J.
Mandirable, T.M.
Martin, W.
Moulton, C.H.
Osborn, E.
Rice, S.
Rugen, D.O.
Schuyler, J.W.
Schuyler, Mrs., and servant.
Sherman, T.P.
Smith, C.W.
Stockholm, J.
Swain, D.C.
Tobey, J.W.
Tower, J.G.

Total: 30.

The brig Mexican, Capt Renne, sailed lately from this port for San Francisco, taking out the following passengers:----

Conklin, James
Crowinshield (variations in Haskins: Crowningshield, Crowninshield), Jacob, Jr.
Field, Edward
Hearn, James
Jackson, James
Laborde, T. Charles, France
Monroe, J.A.
Phalen (Phelen ?), Joseph
Rowan, Charles
Schuyler, Rensalaer
Sterritt, Wm.
Swartout, Edward D.
Tyler, Edmund
Wright, F.R., M.D.
Wyant, Daniel

Total: 15.


The brig Patapsco, Capt. West, which sailed from Boston, on the 11th inst., for San Francisco, took out the following passengers:--

Bridge, Mathew, Boston
Brown, Capt., Bath
Coffin, Miss M.A., Boston
Dearborn, Samuel H., Boston
Eveleth, Henry, Boston
Hutchinson, John, Boston
Lenox, W., Bath
Moore, Capt., and wife, of Boston
Rutherford, Francis A., Boston
Yates, Capt., Bath


The fine ship Louis Philippe, sailed from Baltimore, on the 11th inst., for San Francisco. The following is a list of her passengers:---

For Valparaiso:
Hunter, Passed Midshipman, U.S.N.
MacRay, Archibald, U.S.N.
Smith, Mr., U.S.N.

For San Francisco:
Abell, Edward, Baltimore
Battee, John O., and lady, Baltimore
Brown, James, Va.
Bryant, Edward, lady, 2 daughters and son, Baltimore
Carroll, Mr.
Coffin, Laban, supercargo, Baltimore
Devitt, David M., Frederick, Md
Dorr, Edward
Goddard, George, Baltimore
Graham, Robert and lady, Cumberland
Hoffman, George, Baltimore
McLelland, Edward
Myers, Joseph, Baltimore
Pinnix, Capt., Valparaiso
Pyfer, Wm. B.
Rudolphus, Louis, Philadelphia
Shaw, Mrs.
Thomas, R.H., Frederick, Md.
Wallace, Dr., Cincinnati

The following article about the ship Louis Philippe appeared in the NY Herald, July 16, 1849.

“We referred yesterday to the departure of the ship Louis Philippe, for San Francisco. The ship was towed out of the river at one o’clock, by the steamer Relief, and was left at four o’clock last evening off Swan’s Point. Probably no vessel has left for California since the discovery of the gold mines, under more favorable auspices. The ship was formerly a New York and Havre packet, and has every requisite for the accommodation of passengers. Much has been done by her owner, Capt. R.V. Fitzgerald, to secure the comfort of those who go out in her. Her cargo is valued at about $120,000, and consists of the frames of sixty-four houses, ready to be put up on arrival, and a large assortment of American merchandize. It was shipped mostly by the passengers. The freight list and passage and money amount t0 about $38,000.” (from the Baltimore Patriot, July 12, 1849)


The bark Madonna, Capt. Mitchell, sailed from New Orleans, on the 30th ult., for San Francisco,with the following passengers:--

Baldwin, B. (D. ?)
Beatty, Z.A.
Beverly, _.
Birdsall, _.
Black, J.
Black, R.
Black, S.
Blackwell, J.E.
Bolston, _.
Bowles, J.S., lady and child
Briggs, C.E.
Brookley, G.E.
Cinney, John
Cox, _.
Donnelly, P.
Edwards, Mrs.
Even, J.
Fagan, P.
Fagan, P.
Field, William
Frisbee, _.
Goff, J.S.
Hamilton, A.
Hermann, H.
Hirnee (??), J.
Hunt, C.B.
Kelly, J.
Kennedy, J.
Lamb, O.
Lisley, A.
McCormack, J.
Mecale (??), A.
Nelson, P.
Parker, A.S.
Perkins, J.
Peterson, J.
Philipe, Mr. E., lady and two children
Rowland, _.
Seneidour, John A.
Stickney, D.
Trotter, _.
Wheeler, _.
Winn, M.

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