California Bound by

New York City, New York
July 10, 1849


New York, July 9, 1849.

We yesterday paid a visit to the ship Prince de Joinville, Capt. James Adams, for California, as she lay anchor at the Quarantine, waiting a wind to waft her on her way to the land of promise, where we were most hospitably received and entertained by her noble and generous captain. We found all on board enjoying themselves in the highest degree, and anticipating for the future a most pleasant and agreeable passage, which they cannot fully realized to them, under the auspices of such a captain, and other officers, as have command of so fine a ship, not forgetting to mention her talented physician, Dr. Edgar, who accompanies her, to keep off all fears of cholera and other diseases, from her select and gentlemanly passengers. After a delightful repast, we left her as the breeze gently filled her sails, with many wishes of God-speed to her on her way, and “three times three and once more,” which were heartily responded to by the whole ship’s company. The following is a list of her passengers – all first cabin:--

Aldinger, William – Pennsylvania
Bassett, John – Pennsylvania
Boehme, Meyer J. – Germany
Cossitt, H.B. - Staten Island
Edgar, Dr. D.A. - Staten Island
Hood, Edmond B. – Ravenna, Ohio
Hood, John M. - Ravenna, Ohio
James, E.S. – Baltimore
Kyte, John A. - Canada
Large, J.A. – Germany
Larned, F.S. – Washington, D.C.
Sanford, Robert – Lansingburgh
Standish, R.L. – Connecticut
Talman, H. - New York
Watkinson, Robert, Jr. - Hartford, Ct.
Watt, E.W. – New Jersey

Total: 16.

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