California Bound by

New York City, New York
July 2, 1849


From New York.

The bark Tecumseh, Captain B. Richmond, sailed yesterday, July 1, for San Francisco. She is consigned to Messrs. Lount & Dillon, San Francisco. One of the firm, Mr. Dillon, goes out in her as supercargo. Annexed is a list of her passengers:--

Aldrich, Adoniran
Archart, Herman
Auger, Chas.
Barnhart, George
Bennett, B.
Bird, Samuel
Broad, L.B.
Coats, H.J.
Coats, W.B.
Coon, C.B.
Coon, Geo.
Corbitt, Alexander
Darden, R.C.
Dillon, M.
Dorland, T.
Downs, George
Draper, Charles T.
Draper, S.W.
Draper, W.O.
Fisn (Fish ?), Dr.
Foster, Stratton
French, Wm.
Gassert (Gassart ?), Wm.
Getterbarm (Gotterbarm ?), Charles
Gray, H.W.
Gray, H.W.
Green, David
Guerin, F.L.
Hawkins, J.P.
Heeder, F.A.
Holmes, Harrison
Hoyt, H.P. (wife and four children)
Johnes, John
Johnson, Mrs., and son
Jones, Henry
Knapp, Charles
Liscomb, R.C.
Luitz, Lous (sic)
Lynch, Robert
Maire, C.A.
Meyer, C.W.
Paulding, G.W.
Petty, J.W.
Piercy, N.
Platt, G.
Porter, P.H.
Richards, Edwin
Richards, George H.
Schoenhoven, G.
Shepherdson, Lewis
Spear, G.
Sykes, John, 1st.
Sykes, John, 2d
Thomas, W.
Wheeler, D.M.
Wilson, Jonathon
Wingard, Mrs. J.B.
Wingert, J.B.
Wood, W.

Total: 65

The ship Constantine, Capt. Winsor, cleared at Boston on the 30th ult., for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Chase, Amos, Jr. -- New Bedford
Hall, J.A. -- New Orleans
Manson, S.S. -- Scituate
Moore, Augustus G. –Wilmington, Va.
Soul, Otis -- Duxbury
Tovier, F.H. -- Waltham
Walker, Jos. T. -- Roxbury
Warden, Albert – Boston
Winsor, H. -- Duxbury

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