California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
June 13, 1849

Movements of California Emigrants.


Bark J.R. Gardner, Capt. Pratt, (formerly Capt. Pederson,) sailed yesterday for San Francisco, via Callao. Those acquainted with the sailing qualities of this vessel, anticipate a short passage for her, as she has proved herself an extraordinary fast sailer in several of her passengers between this port and Belize, Hon. Her passengers are Messrs. Grant Thorburn, Jr. and William Ledlie Kennedy.


The brig Chas. J. Dow, Capt. Glover, sailed from Boston, on the 10th inst., for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Austin, Thomas, Jr., Boston
Bray, Capt., Portsmouth
Decker, Henry W., East Boston
Eaton, Ira E., Boston
Eayres, Mrs., and child, Boston
Hovey, John N., Hallowell
Ramsey, G.R., Boston
Sanderson, Edward, Springfield
Stetson, Mrs., Damariscotta
Towle, John, lady, and 2 children, Boston
Wade, Robt. I., Boston
Walker, Marshall H., Lexington
White, E.D., Hallowell
Wort, Henry, Boston

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