California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
June 1, 1849

Movements for California.


The brig Meteor sailed from Philadelphia on the 9th ult., for San Francisco, with the following persons:--

Cash, Thomas M., 1st mate
Grant, Henry
Grant, Samuel
Moore, _., 2d mate
Price, Wm. G.
Smith, Capt. J.H.
Stoddart, Thomas R.

“… passengers; 13 before the mast – 2 stewards and 1 cook.”


The brig Thomas B. Hart, Captain Brinagin, sailed from New Orleans on the 24th ult. For San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Alezen, L.
Bluti, P.
Duplux, A.
Erving, J.D.
Herzog, L.
Hoffman, L.
Huntriss, S.C.
Kreig, T.
Long, Jacob
Long, John
Quinn, Patrick
Roland, J.
Rotunir, S., and lady
Shirkill, J.
Watson, John

The bark Seneca sailed from New Orleans on the 22d ult. For Chagres, with the following passengers:--

Adams, J.
Beverly, B.F.
Birdsall, G.W.
Bonderant, J.H.
Burrows, D.H.
Datic (Datie ?), T.
Eames, W.
Fleishman, J.E.
Forbes, A.L.
Furtiss, A.R.
Gee, J.H.
Gerison, R.
Getter, _.
Goubles, J.
Grime, J.
Grime, W.
Jenkins, W.L.
Kane, C.
Letcher, E.
McKenzie, A.
Miller, A.
Parker, H.C.
Pasters, S.
Pray, G.
Pritchett, J.B.
Ransom, J.J.
Rea, J.R.
Ryan, E.R.
Schatter, G.
Smith, William
Tanner, J., and servant
Tichnor, S.A.
Trotter, _., and servant
Wilson, R.H.
Withers, C.
Wood, G.W.
Wright, J.

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