California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
May 24, 1849

Movements for California.

The steamship Crescent City, Captain Stoddard, left yesterday for Chagres, with forty-five passengers. There was an incident with her departure. She has a trial of speed with the Cherokee. The Cherokee is bound for Savannah. They left their wharves simultaneously, but by the time they reached Quarantine, the Cherokee took the lead. Great interest was manifested by an immense crowd of persons assembled to witness the departure of the Crescent City. It is but proper to state, however, and it may be somewhat consoling to the numerous friends of the Crescent City, that while the Cherokee was very light, having but about 70 hours coal on board, the Crescent City was loaded deeply, being at all times obliged to carry sufficient coal to carry her to Chagres and bring her back, amounting, probably, to at last twenty-one days of fuel. They are both beautiful vessels, and in their particular line of business, cannot be surpassed either in speed or accommodation.

Annexed are the names of the passengers in the Crescent City:--

Babcock, C.W.
Babson, T.H., Jr.
Bailey, J.
Branlieu, _.
Colburn, C.W.
Colburn, G.D.
Colburn, L.L.
De Witt, A.P.
Foster, C.
Garcia, _.
Gibson, C.
Hartmann, H.
Helinstrom, T.L.
Higgins, U. (or “C.”)
Hills, J.
Holbrow (Hotbrow ?), W.
Johnson, E.A.
Kirby, W.B.
Knight, J.
Lamb, D.
Lyon, J.D.
Meads, Lieut. R., U.S.N.
Middlebrook, C.
Miller, H.H.
Osgood, F.
Payne, J.
Perine, W.
Roberts, A.
Selling, J.
Spear, C.
Stettnins, J.
Stevenson, W.O.
Stewart, C.W.
Strobridge, J.M.
Sumner, J.W.
Walker, J.A.
Waugh, J.D.
Whittmore, C.H.
Woodwin, H.L.

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