California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
May 11, 1849

Movements of California Emigrants.

[Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.]
St. Joseph, April 14, 1849.

“… I forward you the following, which comprise the whole number in camp at this date:

A company from Wisconsin, consisting of

Cline, James, Milwaukie (sic)
Cone, G.C., Wacasha county
Connover, M., Wacasha county
Doliver, John, Wacasha county
Edwards, John, Milwaukie (sic)
Elder, William H., Wacasha county
Fishelor, J., Wacasha county
Fuller, Randall, Wacasha county
Goodrich, J., Wacasha county
Hill, Leander, Wacasha county
Howell, John, Wacasha county
Hoyt, Dr. E.R., and family, Wacasha county
Ingersoll, C., Wacasha county
Lewis, A., Milwaukie (sic)
Lyman, E., Wacasha county
Minard, Abel, and family, Wacasha county
Oland, Anson, Wacasha county
Ostrander, F.A., Milwaukie (sic)
Root, Henry, Wacasha county
Short, J.A., Wacasha county
Slye, Dr., and family, Milwaukie (sic)
Villinger, George, and family, Milwaukie (sic)
Ward, T.C., Wacasha county
Weahe, _., Milwaukie (sic)
Weahe, Fred., Milwaukie (sic)
West, Dr. E.B., Wacasha county
West, Wm., Wacasha county
Woodward, Geo., Wacasha county


A company from Ionia county, Michigan, consisting of

Fitch, W.W.
Isham, G.S.
Isham, Susan


The “Pokehagan California Company," of Cass county, Michigan, consisting of

Ashley, Z.W.
Benton, Ezekiel
Benton, George
Benton, Leonard
Bradley, J.S.
Hass, Esquire
Hass, Henry
Kimmer, Henry
Shatlock, Charles
Shatlock, Henry
Welsh, Wm.


A company from Mackinac county, Michigan, consisting of

Burns, P., Mackinac
Carter, John B., Mackinac
Crawford, Wm., Mackinac
Dorsey, P.M., Buchanan
Dunn, John S., Mackinac
Gardener, J., Mackinac
Hill, E.P., Mackinac


A company from Adrian Michigan, consisting of

Crandall, H.
Densmore, John
French, H.
Lapham, Edward
Lapham, Ephraim


A company from Kalamazoo, Michigan, consisting of

Barber, R.
Hagen, S.
Tobin, E.


A company from New Haven, Connecticut, consisting of

Stoddard, Lieut. Asa A.
Wakefield, Dr. J.R., and wife


The following families, from New Albany, Indiana, are in camp … and ready to move:

Abbot, G., wife and three children
Abbot, John, wife and child
Gilchrese, Ira, wife and three children
Hoover, Dr. L., wife and five children
Keller, John, wife and five children
Schafter, Mr.
“… and 4 young men, and 3 hired men as drivers.”


Ohio has eight companies in the field … The first is from Columbiana county, and consists of

Anderson, A.
Downer, Z.
Eaholtz, F.
Evans, J.W.
Grice, George
Hagan, A.J.
Hastings, E.O.F.
Holland, S.M.
Jordon, H.
Kinnear, A.V.
Lee, Hugh
Lindsay, J.
McMillan, A.
Schlinder, A.
Smith, J.S.
Wean, N.B.
Williard, Daniel


The second is from Medina county, and composed of

Briggs, B.B.
Briggs, J.G.
Case, George
Chandler, H.
Chandler, K.
Chandler, K.
Fullman, D.
Sawyer, J.


The third is from Loraine county, and composed of

Betel, S., of Morgan
Brooks, E.W., of Loraine
Burrill, L.I., of Loraine
Forbes, A., of Loraine
Garfield, H., of Loraine
Garwick, P., of Loraine
Hall, J.W., of Loraine


The fourth is from Allen county, and composed of

Armstrong, J.A.
Clingaman, Stephen
Hoover, James A.
Hoover, Joshua B.
Mahan, M.
Mitchell, W.H.C.


The fifth, “The Cincinnati and California Joint Stock Company,” is composed as follows:--

Ankney, J.F., Kenton
Ayres, Samuel, Cincinnati
Burr, E., Cincinnati
Chambers, P., Cincinnati
Conway, Wm. C., Cincinnati
Endicott, W., Cincinnati
Foulds, James, Cincinnati
Frisbee, _., Cincinnati
Harrington, W.P., Cincinnati
Huntington, Wm., Cincinnati
Leach, J., Cincinnati
Louck, John B., Cincinnati
Morrow, T., Cincinnati
Richards, H.J., Cincinnati
Robinson, Charles, Cincinnati
Robinton, Dr. J.F., Beaver, Pa.
Ross, D.S., Cincinnati
Wilson, J.W., Cincinnati


The sixth, under the style of “Experiment Club,” is composed of

Fitzgerald, G.K.
Myers, Peter, Philadelphia
Poor, William, Cincinnati
Rarison, A.P.
Smith, Silas, Cincinnati
Williams, M., Cincinnati
Winslow, H., Cincinnati
Wright, Samuel, Cincinnati


The seventh is from Cleveland, and composed of

Allardt, A.
Chapman, G.J.
Curfes, A.
Fuhrup, H.
Hooper, F.


The eighth is composed of

Evans, John, Cincinnati
Parry, George, Cincinnati
Parry, Isaac, Richmond, Indiana


New York has several companies in the field, equipped and ready to move. The first is from Buffalo, under the style of the “Buffalo Exploring and Mining Company,” and composed as follows:

Albre, William H.
Buchanan, H.H.
Burnett, M.W., captain
Curran, H.A.
De Bois, James, secretary
Dodge, H.S.
Efner, Geo. B.
McIntosh, J.
McIntosh, M.
Patton, C.
Post, O.A., treasurer
Smith, B.F.
Williams, Wm. J.
Winn, T.
Witmer, W.D.


The second hail from Schagticoke, New York, and is composed as follows:

Boomer, A., captain, Schagticoke
Bowers, B.D., Schagticoke
Bowers, H., Schagticoke
Bowers, J.T., Schagticoke
Burzell, Francis, Schoharie, NY
Button, A., Schagticoke
Cain, T., Schagticoke
Dyer, M., Schagticoke
Eldridge, A.G., White Creek
Good, W., Schagticoke
Greatrake, George, Alleghany city, Pa.
Hurly, J., Schagticoke
McClellan, E., Cambridge, NY
Small, Dr. T., physician, Schagticoke


The third hails from Washington county, and is composed as follows:

Bliss, A.F.
Cowson, John
Crandall, H.S.
Gourley, Robert
Hall, D.M.
Harrison, W.
Harshaw, B.F.
Hill, James
McDoul, Samuel
McNorton, A.
Newton, James H.
Owen, Wm.
Robertson, John
Tilford, A.
Tilford, John H.


The fourth is composed of

Clark, J.T., Cattaraugus county, NY
Johnson, Mr., Cattaraugus county, NY
Sargeant, Mr., Cattaraugus county, NY


The fifth is from Albany, under the style of the Albany Overland Association, and composed as follows:

Becker, J.A.
Brayton, A.S.
Gazaway, N.
Haswell, D.R.
Perry, Charles S.
Post, B.F.
Roach, James
Steele, Henry
Taker, Dr. E.


These several companies are encamped on the suburbs of St. Joseph. In their vicinity is a company from Rhode Island, consisting of

Arnold, P.R.
Vickory, S.J.


“… and a company, consisting of

Burne, Philip, of N.H.
Smith, William, N.Y.
Westfall, J.G., of N.J.


Several companies from St. Louis are in camp, ready to move. The first is composed of

Drum, John
Flinn, Thomas
Garvin, James
Murphy, Andrew
Murphy, Mathew
Murphy, Thomas
O’Connor, M.P.


The second is composed of

Atwood, John
Budd, J.A.
Currie, A.S.
Fisher, John
Peters, A.N.
Wright, T.S.

“… and are organized as a joint stock company under the style of the St. Louis Proc Company. They go by way of Fort Kearney, and will move in a few days.”


The third is composed of

McLaughlin, Patrick, St. Louis
Sage, J., St. Louis
Sage, Redmond, St. Louis
McCann, James, Randolph county, Ill.


The fourth is under the style of “Mound City Association of St. Louis,” and composed of

Buckholder, W.
Cutter, Charles
Davis, J.C.
Dewitt, James R.
Gallaway, James E.
Smith, J.C.
Suydam, C.B.
Suydam, John

Mr. Davis, who heads this company, is an intelligent young man, experienced, and well informed as to the route, having once made the voyage in company with Col. Fremont.”


The fifth company is under the direction of S. Thorpe, of St. Louis, and consists of

Cooper, William
Miller, William
Newton, Job
States, William
Williams, Mr.


Two companies from Virginia, are encamped in the Indian territory, equipped and ready to move. The first is under the style of “Sacramento Union Company of Wheeling,” and composed of

Agnew, J.A.
Arthur, G.
Brotherton, Dr. J.R.
Brown, V.
Buckley, R.P.
Burgy, John
Chapman, C.J.
Currey, G.
Curtis, G.D.
Drennon, William
Goode, B.A., and servant
Hamilton, E.E.
Hobbe (Hebbe ?), George
Hopkins, R.S.
Lambdin, McK (sic) (Maybe McLambdin, K.)
McCulloch, J.
Morrison, R.T.
Olney, A.B.
Ray, Moses
Rigby, George
Wade, J.E.
Woods, R.B.


The second company is from West Wheeling, and is composed of

Curley, Amos
Curley, John
Hall, Charles
Thomas, E.
Thomas, P. & F.
Thompson, Charles
Tuttle, Joseph


“Encamped in the vicinity of the above, is a company of fifteen Germans, suitably outfitted for the expedition. Supposing me to be a government officer, seeking their names with a view of taxing them, they refused to give any information. I was unable to relieve them of this impression. After leaving their camp I ascertained they were under a Mr. Pettit, who was then absent.”


A company consisting of

Beddison, J.A., Rock Island, Ill.
Chever, W.H., Davenport, Iowa
Forye, J.B., Davenport, Iowa
Lewis, John, Davenport, Iowa

“… is in camp ready to move.”


A company consisting of

Boyd, J.H., Peru, Ill.
Cannon, Charles, Peru, Ill.
Cannon, N.C., Peru, Ill.
McDowell, William, Dayton, Ohio


A company, consisting of

Detter, M.L., Westmoreland, Penn.
McLain, A., Westmoreland, Penn.
McManus, J., Westmoreland, Penn.
Moata (Moats ?), J., Westmoreland, Penn.
Ormsby, Dr. J.S. of Peru
Ormsby, L.P., of Peru
Ormsby, Major Wm., Kentucky
Shutt, J., Westmoreland, Penn.
Stoufer, Samuel, Westmoreland, Penn.
Trumbull, J.K., Kentucky

“… is ready to move.”


The following companies from Wisconsin, are in camp and ready to move: 1st…

Blake, H.
Blake, H.A.
Dodge, W.
Dutton, L.
Gordon, E.
Howe, J.B.
Kimball, _.
Lowry, E.
Pearce, E.
Simonds, _.
Spofford, W.
Stebbins, E.

“… and two unknowns, not in camp, of Racine county.”


“… and 2d, …”

Mavey, Jonathan, wife and six children, of Rock county.”


The following from Indiana, in addition to those previously forwarded you, are in camp, ready to move: 1st, …

Manlove, John H., Tippecanoe county
Manlove, John N., Tippecanoe county
Manlove, M.D., Tippecanoe county
Mc------, W.P., Tippecanoe county



Bartlett, John
Hammin, James
Leeds, A.
Ridgeway, J.
Staunton, A.
Woodfon, W.


“…and 3d …”

Anderson, David, wife and 2 children, of New Albany
Jackson, Andrew, of Ireland
Kamp, B., wife and eight children, of New Albany
Kyle, Thomas, of Kentucky


The following from Tennessee, are in camp, ready to move:--

Berdew, Charles, Montgomery county
Boggs, William A., Nashville
Brown, James, Montgomery county
Coffin, Thomas, Nashville
Finnin, B., and lady, Nashville
Goole, F.A., Nashville
Gordon, J.O., Nashville
Hart, Thomas and William, Campbell county
Kinney, F., Nashville
Kinney, Patrick, Nashville
Miller, D., Nashville
Moss, Albert, Montgomery county
O’Callhan, J., Nashville
Thorpe, Allen, Summit county
Wayman, William, and son, Summit county


The following, from Pennsylvania, in addition to those previously forwarded, are in camp:--

Bancroft, William, of Eire county
Carter, R., Philadelphia
De Foe, A., of Eire county
Evans, D., Philadelphia
Jacobs, George W. & Charles, Chester county
Nash, M. of Eire county
Nash, William, of Eire county
Thomas, J.D., Chester county


A company, consisting of …

Boorsman, C., Columbia county, OH
Brumbarry, J.M., Nacogdoches, Texas
Casey, James and Charles, From Ireland
Days, John, and lady Columbia county, OH
Heager, John, from Holland
Ladew, James, Galena, Ill.
Sneadem Samuel, Lynchburg, Va.
Wheeler, J.R., Harrison county, OH
Wiley, James R., Columbia county, OH
Wiley, M.W., Columbia county, OH

“… are in camp, suitably equipped for the trip.”


A family from Hampden county, Mass., consisting of …

Campbell, Hector
Campbell, William B., Samuel L., Hector B., and Chas. A., and 6 females

“… are in camp, ready to move.”


The following, from Illinois, in addition to those previously forwarded, are also encamped, ready to start:--

Autees, Dr., Grundy county
Ayres, Samuel, Grundy county
Brown, Henry, Grundy county
Carr, Arthur, Shelby county
Church, Amos, LaSalle county
Gilford, E., Shelby county
Gordon, John, and son, Shelby county
Hagan, A.F., LaSalle county
Hoffman, Peter, Coles county
Johnson, John, Shelby county
Lawrence, William, LaSalle county
Patterson, William, Will county
Perry, George, Grundy county
Pierce, Mr., Grundy county
Robinson, James, Coles county
Rowley, Calvin, Will county
Sanford, George A., Kane county
Taylor, James H., Will county
Turner, S.K., Grundy county
White, Henry, Grundy county


[Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.]
St. Joseph, April 25, 1849.

In addition to the companies forwarded you from this point, I have to add the following, which are in camp and ready to move:--

A company from Cincinnati, Ohio, consisting of

Barret, Samuel, treasurer
Burne, James O.
Caldwell, James W.
Crane, J.C., secretary
Drake, J.A., captain
Fitzpatrick, B.
Glover, William
Inglesbe, C.L.
Israel, S.G., president
Jones, J.A.Z.
Mallowy, William
McCarty, C.L.
Shays, C.M.
Thompson, Robert
Weller, S.B.
Wright, J.R.


A second company from Cincinnati, who intend moving with the above, consisting of…

Griffin, A.W.
Harrington, G.W.
Hubbell, J.G.
Jones, Barry
Moore, J.H.
Sperry, W.J.


A third company from Cincinnati, consisting of …

Cloppenburgh, D.
Kerr, J.M.
Krausz, George
Way, J.W.


A fourth company from Cincinnati, consisting of …

Braley, L.H.
Coover, C.S.
Hiddon, C.
Johnson, J.R.
Mower, George
Smart, J.B.
Stockton, E.


“A fifth company from Cincinnati, consisting of Jacob Son and eight Germans, whose names I was unable to learn.”


“A sixth company from Cincinnati, consisting of David Scheaffer (Scheafler ?), and three Germans, who are provided with a wagon and two horses.”


A seventh company from Cincinnati, consisting of …

Atherton, A.J.
De Butts, Arch.
Haslett, Jas. H.
McConnelly, H.
Sloan, Wm.
Stokes, Isaac


An eight company from Cincinnati, to travel with above, consisting of …

Arnold, J.C.
Baldwin, A.C.
Gillmore, Robert
Shiner, John
Vance, Joseph
Wingate, J.C.


A ninth company from Cincinnati, consisting of …

Bell, C.H.
Delany, John
Lawrence, William D.
Millikin, John
Prenell, Silas
Sanderly, L.D.


A tenth company from Cincinnati, consisting of …

Burnett, Thomas
Goman, Samuel M.
Ogle, M.
Ogle, Theodore


An eleventh company from Cincinnati, consisting of …

Ruckle, Mathew
Vredenburgh, J.S.
Vredenburgh, J.V.


The twelfth, and last company from Cincinnati that I have found since my last, consists of …

Culverson, A.
Dinney, Joseph
Gill, Joseph
Howard, Joseph
Malay, Asbury
Shaw, J.W.


A company from Trumbull county, Ohio, consisting of …

Bidwell, C.W.
Case, George S.
Hyde, W.W.
Robbins, Wm. H.


A company from New Carlyle, Ohio…

Hubbard, D.
Stitzel, Jacob
Ward, F.P.


A company from Columbus, Ohio…

Carpenter, B.
Cowan, J.W.
Green, L.E.
Hoyt, S.Y.
John, B.
Morgan, H.L.
Rareden, H.C.


A company from Monroeville, Ohio…

Baker, Timothy
Cook, W.C.
Goodhue, George
Ross, C.P.
Thompson, William P.


A company from Miamisburg, Ohio…

Anderson, William
Backenbaugh, Peter
Botts, D.
Gepheart, John
Howard, Joseph
Kurtz, Charles
Loree, Samuel
Reller, William
Stewart, Robert
Watson, C.
Whitbridge, M.D.


The Pittsburgh Independent California Company, consisting of …

Bondelear, D.
Ellis, D.C.
Gay, William
Gross, W.T.A.H.
King, John D.
Moore, Alexander
Robins, C.
Stewart, George


A company from Hancock county, Ill…

Cozad, J.M.
Garrett, Joseph
Metts, Thomas B.
Miller, D.C.


A company from McDonough county, Ill…

Anderson, J.L.
Ayre, Edward
Ayre, Geo. W.
Beau, E.
Boughman, George
Broadus, R.H.
Chandler, T.
Chitham, G.
Cormany, P.
Dellam, J.W.
Farwell, L.G.
Fox, Charles
Hamilton, D.
Harris, _
Head, George W.
Hunt, John
Lupton, James
Luster, Dr. Thos.
Martin, Mike
Morrow, James
Naylor, J.
Neitesky, Joseph
Pierson, Frank
Robinson, L.H.
Step, Elijah
Updegraff, J.H.
Wilcox, John
Wiley, John
Yost, Michael


A company from Galena, Ill…

Gates, Urial
McGowan, L.
Stephenson, B.B.
Whitesides, Wm. B., and lady


A company consisting of…

Clark, Dr. Asa, Chicago
Drummond, R.A., Galena, IL
Galord, Joseph, Schuyler county, IL
Galord, W., Schuyler county, IL
Mecham, Mr., Chicago
Middler, James, Chicago
Oatman, Dr. J.E., Chicago
Pettibone, A., Galena, IL
Wade, David, Galena, IL


A company from St. Louis…

Hilt, Mr.
McFarland, James
Seward, J.M.


A company from Adrian, Michigan…

Crandall, H.
King, C.
Richmond, S.
Skinner, James


A company from Steuben county, New York…

Bidwell, Eli, jr.
Dudley, B.F.
Melburn, Joseph
Miller, H.M.


A company consisting of J.D. Van Allen and son, from Buffalo, New York, who have a wagon and five mules.


A company under Capt. N. Hayden, composed of…

(all from Rushville, Indiana)

Aldridge, J.
Beall, R.
Bratton, S.
Buchanan, _.
Carr, H.E.
Carr, J.H.
Cox, M.W.
Crawford, A.J.
Diffendaffer, Samuel
Findley, George B.
Hillman, James
Maddox, Wm. B.
Malone, John W.
McMath, William
Murphy, J.
Nichols, J.J.
Piercy, W.
Points, Charles
Posey, O.
Scott, Smith
Sexton, M.
Stone, George
Wildbridge, James
Wolf, Joshua


The following is a list of names of those who crossed the Isthmus in the boat Panama Express: --

Allerton, F.
Aulden, L.
Austin, L.G.
Berry, Alfred M.
Bonesell, Cook D.
Chapman, J.H.
Clap, Samuel
Coffe, Enoch
Coffin, Thomas J.
Collins, Frederick
Cook, A.
Cornwell, J.
Donnan, Nathaniel
Garner, George
Gowen, Jas. W.
Jackson, John H.
Johnson, Benjamin
Miller, J.
Moses, Frank
Noble, J.W.
Phipps, Robert
Putting, H.S.
Quick, R.B.
Ransdel, William
Richardson, J.A.
Ryan, Capt, of New Hampshire
Scott, James
Shoefelt, S.
Smith, James
Southerland, W.
Tan, Howard
Thomkins, John
Tooker, H.
Vanderbeck, A.
Walker, Robert
Wheeler, James F.


The ship New Jersey, Capt. Boss, sailed on the 1st inst., from Boston, for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Beal, B.J.
Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. H., Boston
Dingley, F., Boston
Farley, Rev. C.A., Boston
Faton, S.S.
Faxon, F., Quincy
Linn, A.
Lucas, M.B.
Mellow, A.
Pelton, Mr. and Mrs. J.C., Andover
Ross, J.
Shepherd, D., and servant, Salem
Shepherd, M., Salem
Spear, A.
Taylor, D.

Members of the Suffolk and California Mutual Trading and Mining Association:

Boss, R.P., Charlestown, Captain
Boynton, Beresford, Boston, president
Cardell, Edmund, Warren, VT, director
Coffin, J., Newburyport, secretary
Crocker, A.S., Sandwich, 2d mate
Dyer, Rev. Barlow, Contocookville, Chaplain
Gibbs, Dr. C., Wareham, physician
Hanson, F.C., director, director
Hardy, Wm. H., Contocookville, NH, vice-president
Marsh, R.C., Boston, director
Morrill, Jesse, Boston, director
Patch, John, Ipswich, director
Snow, Wm., Charlestown, mate
Towers, Safford, Richmond, VT, director

Buntin, John T.
Byram, H.O.
Cheney, C.F.
Colburn, L.H.
Griggs, Robert
Heath, J.C.
Jones, Franklin
Lea, H.C.
Mann, E.J.
Wadsworth, H.M.
Walcott, Asa

Additional members:
Adams, John, Lynn
Alden, J.C., Leeds, ME
Atkinson, G.W., ME
Ayres, John, Chelsea
Bailey, G.A., Waltham
Bailey, T.R., Waltham
Bartlett, W.H., South Natick
Bartlett, W.S., Boston
Bemis, J.C., Cold Brook
Benson, Alphonso, Worcester
Besom, J., Lynn
Bickford, George, Epsom, NH
Blood, C.E., Groton
Blood, Charles, Groton
Borden, T.H., Chelsea
Boston, Royal, Dorchester
Brandenberg, O.W., Boston
Bryan, W.J., South Boston
Buel, Loverman, Charlestown
Burke, A., Hallowell
Cash, J., Woburn
Chillis, Timothy, Contocookville
Choate, Daniel, Portland
Clowry, P., Boston
Cohandit, C.T.
Cole, J.B., Beverly
Cross, B.F., Medford
Crowell, W.F., Newport, NH
Dennison, A., Lowell
Depeaux, J.H., Boston
Dodge, Olney, Slaterville
Driver, _., Lynn
Dunn, Jos., East Abington
Dyer, T., Portland
Emery, Thos., Boston
Evans, C.G., Epsom, NH
Fernald, H., Cambridge
Fiske, G.N., Bedford
Fiske, J.L., Boston
Fiske, John, Bedford
Folsom, B.G., Gifford, NH
Foster, J.L., Warren, VT
French, W., Boston
Frost, _., Boston
Gillson, L., Lynn
Gilman, S.P., Hingham
Ginn, J.M., Charlestown
Gleason, J.C., Warren, VT
Goddard, R.H., Litchfield, ME
Goddard, Sewall, Lynn
Goldsmith, B.A., Charlestown
Gordon, N.A., Lynn
Gove, R., Waltham
Grant, J.B., Salem
Green, S.S., Medford
Griner, C., Watertown
Haley, B., South Boston
Hall, Wm. Henry Harrison, Warren, VT
Hastings, A.G., Contocookville
Hasty, J., Lynn
Hewitt, C., Warren, VT
Hill, W.H., Watertown
Hobby, G.W., Boston
Hogan, John, Lynn
Hooten, James, Boston
Hooton, Henry, Boston
Hunnewell, J., Boston
James, J.B., Smithfield, RI
Johnson, W.E., Attleborough
Keith, Albert, Uxbridge
Kemp, C.M., Dunstable
Kitts, J. _. Boston (initial may be E or R.)
Knox, R.W., Epsom, NH
Lawrence, G.B., Groton
Leach, E.B., Charlestown
Libbey, S., Lynn
McDonald, John, Richmond, VT
Meers, Joseph, Charlestown
Melvin, W.A., Woburn
Merrill, Hansom, Boston
Merrill, J.H.W., Boston
Merrill, L.F., Boston
Merrill, L.G., Boston
Merrill, R., jr., Boston
Merrill, T.P., Boston
Merrill, W. R., Boston
Meyer, J.A., Boston
Morrill, D.H., Boston
Morrill, G.P., Boston
Morrill, Lewis, Pembroke, NH
Morse, L., Warren, VT
Mowry, D.A., Burrillville, RI
Neil, Lemuel, Athol
Page, D.L., Contocookville
Parsons, C.C., Manchester, Mass.
Pike, N.H., Boston
Plympton, J., Jamaica Plains
Reed, Augustus, Boston
Reed, Jackson, Newport, NH
Reed, W.W., Danvers
Rehfish, M., Montreal
Reilly, Joseph, Watertown
Richardson, A.R., Lynn
Richardson, C., Cambridge
Richardson, Jason, Woburn
Ring, D.P., ME
Rogers, G.F., Watertown
Sargent, Joshua, Contocookville
Scott, G.N., Uxbridge
Shadd, J., Boston
Sheldon, W. Hooper, Gardiner, ME
Sibley, W.F., Keene, NH
Smith, L.D., Warren, VT
Smith, Z.W., Richmond, VT
Southworth, J.A., Duxbury
Spaulding, I., East Lexington
Stevens, C.A., E. Abington
Stumoke, C.T., Charlestown
Swain, D.L., Chichester
Taft, James, Plymouth
Tappan, C., Manchester
Tarbett, L.F., Boston (Bartlett ????)
Thompson, Austin, Contocookville
Tifft, Ransom, Slaterville
Trull, G.G., Watertown
Walcott, C.F., Watertown
Webster, G.H., Roxbury
Weed, J., Boston
Weeks, T.J., Wayne, ME
Welsh, Dr. Thomas, Boston
Wheeler, H., Watertown
Whitney, S., Fitchburgh
Williams, J.S., East Abington
Williams, Jonah, Plymouth
Winn, F., Boston
Wood, S.P., Groton
Woodbury, R.R., Pembroke, NH


The brig Susan & Abigail, Capt. Pearce, sailed from Boston on the 28th ult., for San Francisco. She took out Stephen B. Elwood, of Boston.


The bark Susan Jane, Capt. Prior, sailed on the 1st inst. From Boston for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Adams, Geo. W., Boston
Butler, John R., Boston
Cook, Samuel E., Warwick, RI
Davis, Joseph M., Boston
Edmands, Wm., Boston
Gilbert, John, Boston
Givens, John, Boston
Keene, H.J., Boston
Littlefield, Thomas P., Boston
Mathews, Patrick, Boston
Murphy, Thomas, Salem
Southworth, James A., Duxbury


Ship Walter Scott, for San Francisco, will sail from Edgartown, Mass., to-day, 7th inst., wind and weather permitting. The following persons comprise her company:--

Adams, Moses, Chief Director, Chilmark
Basset, Nathan S., Chilmark
Chase, Henry, Chilmark
Crane, Daniel, Berkley
Folger, George, blacksmith, Nantucket
Goff, William, Chilmark
Huxford, Wm. W., 2nd officer, Edgartown
Leonard, William H., Middleborough
Look, Samuel, Tisbury
McNiel, James, Boston
McNiel, Moses, Boston
Nickerson, Joseph, Tisbury
Norton, John R., 1st officer, Edgartown
Pease, Henry, 2nd, Edgartown, Captain and Treasurer
Weeks, James, Chilmark
Weeks, Wm. S., Chilmark

From Edgartown:
Bunker, Charles
Bunting, Charles A.
Butler, Freeman, Jr.
Butler, Tristram E.
Buts, David
Coffin, John W.
Coffin, Wm. H.
Coombs, James M.
Fisher, Sylvester H.
Fisher, Theodore
Hart, Prince S.
Jernegan, Hiram
Lewis, Edmund
Luce, Ichabod N.
Marchant, Henry H.
Mayhew, Chas.
Mayhew, Theodore A.
Norton, Charles B.
Norton, Henry M.
Norton, Matthew P.
Norton, Wm. R.
Pease, Charles W.
Pease, Cyrus W.
Pease, Daniel C.
Pease, Isaiah D.
Pease, Isaiah D., Jr.
Pease, John A.
Pease, William A.
Robinson, Jeremiah
Robinson, Mayhew A.
Smith, Edward
Stewart, Samuel S.
Vincent, Oliver M.

“… and one other, cook, unknown.”


The Highland Mary, leave this day for Independence, will carry up a party of gold-seekers from New England. We recognize many of the names. These gentlemen are all from Boston—fine looking men, and wear the mein and bearing of the sons of the North. They style themselves “The Mount Washington and California Mining Company,” and are composed of the following named persons:--

Bogan, J.
Carpenter, J.L.
Ellsworth, R.
Fersaith (Forsaith ?), F.
Green, T.C., director
Guild, J.
Gullerson, H.D.
Hinkley, E.
Houghton, C.
Huff, J.
Jordon, W.L., director
Kaulbeck, C.T.
Knowles, D.K.
Lawton, C.B.
Lewis, R.A.
Marcy, C.
Matthews, S.
Mills, J.
Morse, J.A.
Murdough, S.D.
Norris, T.A.B., director
Nye, A., Jr.
Perkins, E.S., vice-president
Richardson, L.H.
Ross, J.M.
Sandford, Geo. F.
Shaw, R.C., director
Snow, C.
Southwick, S.
Thing, Joseph, president
Toby, C.F.
Trumbull, Wm., secretary
Turner, W.B., director
Wallace, Wm.
Watkins, Nathan
White, Wm.
Whittmore, C.
Willet, Edward, treasurer
Winship, C.F.
Winship, J.A.
Woodcock, Virgil, Jr.

Four of the number, including the President, Capt. Thing, have been to Independence, for the purpose of procuring the animals, tents, camp equipage, &c., &c. The President is perfectly acquainted with the route, having been four time from St. Louis to the Pacific.—St. Louis Reveille, May 1.

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