California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
May 10, 1849

Movements of California Emigrants on the Western Frontier.

[Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.]

Independence, April 19, 1849.

“In addition to the companies from the stateof Ohio , previously forwarded you, the following are in camp in this vicinity, and ready to move, viz.:--

“The Western Mining Company of Cincinnati,” composed of

Aber, D.
Ailesworth, C.
Anderson, C.A.
Barnhart, _.
Barret, R.
Beard, C.
Cassim, F.
Curtis, S.T.
Ellison, John
Harris, N.M.
Hurd, Edward
Jeffreys, W.P.
Knapp, W.W.
Liggett, A.J.
Marbley, John
Martin, M.J.
McCormack, B.
McCoy, Alexander W.
Otway, W.B.
Owens, Edward
Rogers, A.
Sargeant, J.B.
Sheppard, G.D.
Silmon, T.
Ternan, M.
Ternan, N.
Thompson, Dr. J.
Thompson, M.
Thompson, R.
Van Winkle, P.W.
Vansant, J.

“… all of Hamilton county. They are provided with seven tents, seven wagons, twenty-six yoke of oxen, and a mule for each man to ride. … “Gold is plenty in California,” and with this motto, they determine not to be burdened …”


The second hails from Cincinnati, and is under the style of “Mutual Mining Association of Cincinnati.” It is organized as a joint stock company, and composed of the following person’s:--

Atkinson, John
Beach, W.
Bennett, Jacob
Boldman, P.
Boyd, John H.
Butterfield, N.
Clary, N.
Dewey, L.
Hart, John B.
Isgrigg, W.L.
Johnson, John
Millan, Wm.
Moore, Wm., captain
Morris, D.C.
Powell, D.A.
Powell, J.
Shaw, P.F.
Tuttle, John
Van Trace, D.
Walton, John W.

“… Of Hamilton county, and John W. Gray, Madison county, Mo. They are provided with three tents, four wagons, fourteen yoke of oxen, and provisions for six months.”


The third hails from Hamilton county, Ohio, and is composed of

Cady, William
Conwell, John
Johnson, Asbury
Johnson, Henry
Jones, G.H.
Lester, Lewis
Phillips, Wm.
Vanhorn, _.

“The company is composed of mechanics and professional men, who go with the intention of engaging in such business as their capacity and means will allow, should their golden expectations not be realized.”


The fourth consists of…

Beckley, George, Crawford county
Larebee, George W., Marion county, OH
Larebee, Henry, Marion county, OH
Munn, Joseph, Marion county, OH
Picketts, Thomas, Marion county, OH
Rice, Geo., Morrow county
Weber, George A., Morrow county


The fifth is from Steubenville, Ohio, composed as follows:

Anderson, D.
Baltzell, J.
Barr, S.R.
Briskell, William
Brown, E.
Burgett, D.
Callendine, Edward
Collins, J.R.
Connor, D.
Dandall (Dundall ?), S.D.
Daniels, William
Fisher, William
Forsinger, D.L.
Fugitt, J.
Gray, O.C., secretary
Haines, C.W.
Hance, George, treasurer
Hayes, William C.
Hoge, John
Irwin, James
Jackson, G.
Kell, James
Keller, D.P.
Loff, Thomas
Marshall, Dr. John
Matlock, John
Maxfield, H.H.
McConnelly, H.
McDonald, A.
McElrath, J., captain
McGee, Daniel
Morehead, A., Jr.
Morehead, T.G.
Morrison, J.
Norton, O.T.
Pacey, John
Parrott, J.
Rainey, John
Ream, S.A.
Richards, Charles W.
Ruddy, M.S.
Scott, H.C.
Sherman, William
Shively, James
Solomon, W.
Spencer, James
Stokes, H.
Stokes, P.F.
Stokes, William H.
Sweeney, Charles
Taggart, William
Todd, George
Treadway, S.V.
Trotter, Thomas
Whittington, E.
Worthington, O.A.

“The company is divided into eleven messes, and under military organization.”


The sixth is from Gallia county, and consists of

Childers, Lewis
Prose, Daniel
Prose, Jacb H.
Rose, Daniel H.
Wood, S.D.

“… who are provisioned with a wagon, tent, three yoke of oxen, and necessary provisions.”


The seventh hails from Sandusky City, and is composed of

Parish, W.E., captain
Cook, C.P.
Beatty, J.W.
Ramsell, John
Hitching, J.
Starr, A.
Crowell, D.A.
Johnson, Edward


In addition to the companies from Illinois, previously noticed, the following are in the field, and ready to move:

The first is composed of

Carter, J.E.
Clegg, J.
Fash, A.H.
Fash, J.
Gunett, William E.
McConnell, D.A.
Peck, _.
Scott, George
Taylor, Robert

“…all of Peoria.”


The second is from Will county, and composed of

Kercheval, A.F.
Mahoney, David
Mahoney, John
Newton, J.W.
Parks, William
Runyan, A.N.
Runyan, O.R. and A.
Runyan, S.
Rutherford, R.


Several additional companies from Kentucky are in the field, ready to move. The first is composed of

Childers, W.H., Pendleton Co.
Croslin, James, Campbell Co.
Fritzland, J. (?), Woodford Co.
Hayes, E.W., Kenton Co.
Mullens, B.B., Pendleton Co.
Shelton, H., Woodford Co.
Snyder, C.K., Pendleton Co.
Thorpe, D.W., Grant Co.
Young, G., Jackson Co.

“… fitted out by Mr. R. Mullens, upon conditions that he receives, as compensation, a certain portion of their findings for a specified period.”


The second is under the style of “Green River Mining Company of Kentuck(y),” and composed as follows:--

Anderson, A.B.
Bayley, William
Campbell, D.B.
Carter, George
Cole, J.W.
Coleman, H.
Crael, J.R.
Crosthwait, S.M.
Darniell, T.R.
Davis, J.F.
Earle, G.M.
Edmunds, B.F.
Elis, George
Ellis, William
Feland, G.W.
France, _.
France, D.
Freeman, J.P.
Gantt, H.C.
Gray, W.W.
Hare, M.D.
Herd, Capt. E.H.
Hill, J.O.
Hoy, J.
Hutcher, J.
Ingram, J.H.
Johnson, P.P.
Jones, F.A.
Landrow, C.W.
Lavidge, R.
Locke, J.S.
Luck, G.W.D.
McCowan, James
McKainey, R.C.
Moore, A.W.
Paris, J.H.
Poindexter, C.W.
Roberts, L.W.
Sale, J.K.
Samuels, B.Y.
Shepard, James
Sherrill, L.J.
Sherrill, M.
Skiles, W.H.
Sloss, L.L.
St. John, John
Stern, L.
Summers, W.F.
Torian, D.
Torian, William

“…and two servants.”


A company of Germans, consisting of

Billings, C., Ohio
Criblin, C., St. Louis
Mann, J., Ohio
Mischcart, L., Ohio
Straub, P., Ohio
Swind, _., St. Louis

“… ready to move.”


Mississippi has several additional companies in the field and ready to move. The first is composed of

Brown, H.
Cain, J.T.J.
Currell, S.
Farmer, C.
Findley, C.W.
Findley, J.L.
Hart, H.M.
Hodges, E.
McMillan, A.
Runnells, R.
Saddler, O.R.
Soffley, E.
Thompson, W.C.
Upchurch, A.
White, D.C.
Williamson, R.M.
Worrell, Wm.

“… of Madison County.”


The second company is from Lafayette county, and consists of

Graham, A.M.
Humphreys, J.M.
Lambert, J.S.
Malone, F.J.
Mitchell, H.S.
Morris, John
Owens, William H.
Robertson, J.M.
Weaver, James A.


Indiana has several additional companies in the field, ready to move. The first is from Wayne county, and consists of

Evans, Isaac
Fulghmer, F.
King, Henry
Manle, C.
Parsons, L.D.
Runnels, William
Sinex, Samuel
Stiddins, J.
Stiddins, P.
Thatcher, William
Tolbert, James
Vaunxen, A.


The second is from Lafayette county, and composed of

Cowdrey, B.
Henderson, William P.
Hill, Samuel
Maxwell, George M., Esq.


The third is composed of

Fudge, D., Clinton Co.
Gentry, Dr. Z.B., Clinton County
Titloe, T.G., Kane Co., Illinois
Waters, R.M., Clinton Co.


From Tennessee, two small companies are in the field, ready to move. The first, from De Kalb county, is composed of

Davis, James
Dellmarsh, R.
Elred, Thomas
Roger, David
Walker, James


The second is composed of

Means, Alfred
Means, H.H.
“… and two servants.”


Two companies, hailing from New York, are in the field, ready to move. The first is composed of

Kelsey, A.
Kent, S.
Seils (Sells ?), D.S.
Webster, H.
“… of Monroe County.”


The second is composed of

Johnson, S.T., Otsego
Marlett, T.J., Aurora, Illinois
Webster, G.P., Otsego


A company consisting of

Coleman, A., Washington county, Mo.
Finlock, P., Campbell county, Va.
Ute, E.B., Wayne county. Ohio


A mess from Adrian, Michigan, consisting of …

Hance, B.M.
Ramsdall, S.L.
Spooner, E.A.

“… are in the field ready to move.”


The steamship Isthmus sailed from New Orleans on the 21st ult. for Chagres, with the following passengers:

Bowden, W.P.
Bryant, Wm. P.
Colville, S.
Crane, John
Donohue, John
Garnett, Major R.S., bearer of dispatches
Hazard, P.F., lady and child
Lewis, J.R.
Loud, John
Montero, J.
Robinson, J.H.
Rynders, J.P.
Shaw, S.W.
Valentine, Whiting
Watson, Mrs. D.


The ship Susan G. Owens, bound for San Francisco, now flying off New Castle, (says the Philadelphia Sun, of the 7th inst.,) will proceed to-day to the Delaware Breakwater, previous to going to sea. Capt. Barclay will proceed down the river with a number of the passengers, this morning, to join the vessel. The following is a list of the passengers, as far as we have been able to obtain them:--

Abbott, Samuel C. , New York city
Aiken, Wm. H. , New York city
Anderson, George, NY
Ashworth, William, NY
Ayres, John, New York city
Babbitt, Clement B. , New York city
Bable, Alfred N. , New York city
Barclay, DeLancy, Providence
Bateson, Jas. , Ballston, NY
Bayless, P.J., NY
Benson, S. Wall, Williamsburg
Benson, Sewall, Williamsport, NY
Bernard, Richard, New York city
Blake, William N., Philadelphia
Brock, Charles W. , New York city
Brock, Wm. W., NY
Brown, A.C.A., NY
Brown, M.A., NY
Brown, T.B., NY
Burkhart, Elias P., Palmyra
Burr, Aaron, New York city
Butterfield, Chas. P. , New York city
Cain, Charles R., NY
Caulk, David A. , New York city
Charter, John O. , New York city
Cheeney, Cyrus, Brandon, VT
Cheney, C.S., NY
Clifton, John, NY
Cochran, C. , New York city
Cochran, Richard, New York city
Cockran, C., NY
Cogswell, Henry D., Providence, RI
Collins, Edward, New York city
Cook, A.H., NY
Cook, F.W., Providence
Cook, J.W. and F.W., NY
Cook, T.W., NY
Cummings, Mr., Williamsburg
Cummings, William P., Boston
Denmark, Jno. V. , New York city
Dewees, E.W. , New York city
Dillon, Thos. , New York city
Dixey, F., Buffalo
Dungan, John, New York city
Emerson, W., NY
Ernst, Jacob, New York city
Evanstine, J.R. , New York city
Farington, Wm., NY
Fitzgerald, Chas. A. , Ballston, NY
Foard, John McDonough, Printer, Philadelphia
Foster, James, NY
Foster, James, NY
Freeman, Henry, NY
Freeman, Mr., NY
Gibbs, J.W., NY
Gibbs, Jno. W., Jr.,Stamford, CT
Gilmore, Hugh, Stamford, CT
Gnoordike (Ghoordike ?), Frederick, NY
Gould, Jas. F., Jr.
Green, Benjamin S. , New York city
Groves, Dr. M.F. , New York city
Hall, Geo. W., NY
Hallowell, Azor C., NY
Handy, H., NY
Haney, William, and wife, Palmyra, NY
Harris, Mary C., NY
Hayden, Stephen C., Haverhill, MA
Higber, James T. , New York city
Hillyer, Nathan, Ballston, NY
Hornblower, J.H., New York city
Hotchkiss, G.W., NY
Hoyt, M.G., Grafton, NH
Hubbs, C.H., NY
Hubbs, M.A., NY
Hubbs, Miss Virginia, NY
Hubbs, Paul K., and wife, NY
Hubbs, Paul K., Jr., NY
Jackson, John, NY
Jacob, Jules, New York city
Johnson, Silas W. , New York city
Johnson, W., Stamford, CT
Johnston, William, New York city
Kelly, William C., Haverhill, MA
Kennedy, James, Palmyra, NY
Koons, Henry A., Philadelphia
Kunitz, Lewis, New York city
Lawrence, George A., New York city
Lindsay, James J. , New York city
Lynch, J.R., NY
Lynch, James R. , Ballston, NY
Marple, Charles C. , Palmyra, NY
Marple, William L. , Palmyra, NY
Martin, Patrick, New York city
Martin, Sylvanus, Buffalo
Mason, Mr., Grafton, NH
May, William, surgeon, Palmyra, NY
McAllister, Charles, Jr., NY
McGregor, Wm., NY
McIntosh, William, Palmyra
McKessick, Francis, Buffalo
McKinney, Jeremiah, New York city
McKissick, Wm., NY
McNamee, Samuel, New York city
Mentor, Michael, New York city
Millnor, Geo. A. , Ballston, NY
Millward, Geo. W. , New York city
Milnor, James, Providence
Mooreland, James M. , New York city
Morris, Thomas Y., NY
Newell, Cyrus, New York city
Osborn, Samuel B. , New York city
Parnell, John, NY
Perrine, Henry E., Palmyra
Peters, George H. , New York city
Pike, Joel S., Boston
Platt, Lott E., New York city
Plitt, C., NY
Pollack, David H., Buffalo
Pomeroy, Ralph W., NY
Porter, Robert R. , New York city
Raymond, James, New York city
Raymond, Samuel T., NY
Redfield, John, New York city
Reed, E.S., NY
Reed, Ephraim S., Trenton, NJ
Rehr, John, New York city
Remick, Christian, NY
Rhoades, Jno. M. , New York city
Richards, Samuel N., NY
Riddle, Crawford, New York city
Rogers, S. , New York city
Rogers, T. , New York city
Sagendorph, Edward J., NY
Scott, R.J.F., NY
Seeler, W., NY
Seeley, Nathan, Ballston, NY
Shaw, John E. , New York city
Shinn, Thomas, New York city
Smith, Jos. A., NY
Snowden, James, New York city
Sowerby, Thomas, NY
Sparks, F., NY
Stinson, Coplin, Palmyra
Storer, Mr., and lady, NY
Strawbridge, Stockton, New York city
Sumners, Mr., NY
Taylor, James, New York city
Taylor, William B. , Palmyra, NY
Thomas, Edward S., and wife, Palmyra, NY
Tilden, Lyman A., Palmyra
Tomlinson, Wm., NY
Townsend, H.P., NY city
Townsend, Sidney S., NY city
Towser, Dan’l. , New York city
Tyson, Jos. , New York city
Warnack, James, New York city
Warren, P.S., Providence, RI
Webster, Everett, Haverhill, MA
Wheeler, Lieut. F. , New York city
White, H. Nelson, Syracuse, NY
White, John, Geneva, NY
White, Thomas N., Geneva, NY
Widdlefield, Joseph, New York city
Williams, W.A., NY
Williams, Wm. A., NY
Wilson, George, NY
Wood, H.H., NY
Wood, T.J., NY
Yardley, Stickland, New York city
Zwablen, Jules K., and wife, NY

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