California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
May 9, 1849

Movements for California.

[Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.]

Independence, April 20, 1849.

[Portion of a long report from the correspondent.]

“In a rencontre between two of the members of the company Thos. S. Sawyer and Mr. Walters, of Illinois, respecting a balance claimed by Sawyer as due him, shots were exchanged, and a Mr. Alexander H. Baldwin, of Elmyra, New York, who chanced to be passing the belligerents at the time, received the contents of a gun, fired by Sawyer, into his loins. Baldwin will recover. Sawyer was arrested; pleaded guilty to an assault, and was fined at $1 and costs.”


Several companies, in addition to those previously forwarded, have gone into camp, and ready to move. Among them is a company from New York, under the style of “German California Mining Company.” It is composed of

Ahrent, _.
Anderform, C.
Asgolm, T.
Aulich, B.
Aulich, K.
Balm, A.
Berling, _., jr.
Berling, _., sen.
Brantlach, F.
Buchananer, W.
Carl, M.
Deuz, G.
Diebrich, _.
Diefel, F.
Dutrich, _.
Elergoff, P.
Ferber, A.
Franz, Seler
Gross, F.
Hartman, Dr. F.
Hill, A.
Huber, C.
Hubermann, _.
Kaller, F.
Kelly, J.
Klump, _.
Knouer, C.
Kopf, V.
Kramer, F.
Langs, N.
Mattesheimer, _.
Moore, F.
Neihmert, A.
Nussbarner, L.
Pflugratu, G.
Preness, F.
Richter, C.
Roth, G.
Roth, L.
Rusche, W.
Scharman, B.
Scharman, T.
Schaub, T.
Scheibrock (Schelbrock ?), G.
Scheid (Scheld ?), F.S.
Schlagider, F.
Schmidt, T.
Schnaeider, _.
Schnaeider, D.
Schneider, G.
Schrafft, _.
Scimmers, G.
Steinburg, H.
Thomas, F.
Topf, Geo.
Tupper (Tapper ?), H.
Weber, F.
Wichrowsky, A.
Wisehoff, C.

“While several members of this company were engaged shooting at a mark, a gun in the hands of Dr. F. Wallace was prematurely discharged, by which a young man named Werner Hill was instantly killed – the ball passing through the upper lobe of the left lung.”


A company composed of

Coney, _., Wisconsin
Conway, A., Wisconsin
Hubbard, Allen, Adrian, Mich.
Melee, Thos., Wisconsin
Sherman, B., and family, Pennsylvania
Smith, G.J., and family, Pennsylvania
Turner, J.W., Adrian, Mich.
Williamson, _., Wisconsin


A company consisting of

Cutler, T.L., Racine county, Wisconsin
Eldridge, D.T., Racine county, Wisconsin
Freeman, William, Racine county, Wisconsin
Holcombe, P.E., Bond county, Ill.
Knight, Joseph, Racine county, Wisconsin
Paddock, D.W., Racine county, Wisconsin
Warren, T.D., Racine county, Wisconsin


The Havilah Mining Association left this city on Friday last, on the Alert, for the Gold Region, via Fort Smith. The following is a list of its members:

Allen, Tilly
Andrews, G.H.
Billing, J.G.
Brinkerhoff, J., Jr.
Cohn, H.S.
Coleman, W.D.
Conger, Dr. J.
Ehrenstroem, C.W.
Faucitt, W.
Garrelly, J.C.
Gorsegner, F.W.
Grant, W.B.
Hoyt, D.
Hoyt, F.A.
Langley, H.G.
Lasak, E.F.
Lott, J.I.
MacDonald, J.H.
Miles, E.E.
Miller, A.S.
Noe, B.L.
Norton, E.
Parsons, T.
Pattison, G.K.
Randolph, J.B.
Schenk, C.S.
Sniffen, G.F.
Tappeff, C.P.
Teller, W.
Thompson, J.W.
Van Wyck, O.H.
Vandeveer, H.
Wear, W., Jr.
West, J.S.


The Continental Company of New York, also went up on the Alert. The following is a list of the members

Cadnan, J.
Chilton, W.
Golder, W.
Hollohan, J.
Morgan, R.
Shepherd, E.
Stanly, G.
Voorhees, N.

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