California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 30, 1849


{Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.}

St. Joseph, April 13, 1849.

The “Pittsburgh and California Enterprise Company,” composed as follows:--

Officers (all appear to be from Pittsburgh):
Ankrim, William J., captain
Braden, James M., lieut.
Coleman, Charles, vice-president
Kane, M., jun’r., president
Officer, Charles T., secretary
Rankin, Wm., lieut.

From Pittsburgh:
Aiken, J.
Aitkin, James M.
Alsip, E.
Amberson (Anderson ?), J.
Anderson, F.
Anderson, J.C.
Angenbraigh, W.
Barker, Thomas
Beal, A.
Beal, F.J.
Beck, W.C.
Bender, W.G.
Berger, L.G.
Bishop, W.
Blair, C.C.
Blair, D.
Blakely, W.
Blythe, A.F.
Boreland, M.
Boyd, J.P
Brown, B.
Brunot, H.J.
Cadds, William
Call, W.H.
Chamberlain, J.B.
Connor, J.
Cooper, William
Crepps, L.
Cupps, Jacob
Daft, T.
Daft, Thos.
Darragh, D.
Darragh, J.
Davison, John
Day, J.
Deal, Samuel
Dixon, H.
Dixon, J.
Dorrington, J.
Dunn, T.
Eckoff, L.
Estep, W.
Estepp, J.
Flood, John
Flynn, C.O.
Fulton, J.
Fulton, J.B.
Galbraith, T.
Gallagher, J.G.
Gayns, S.
Glass, R.P.
Glenn, J.
Goodfellow, M.
Goodwin, J.
Graham, W.D.
Gug, A.W.
Gug, E.C.
Guy, W.R.
Harbach, J.P.
Harding, E.D.
Hayden, M.
Heise, John
Henderson, J.B.
Holifant, E.
Hughes, J.
Hunker, J.
Huyett, J.
Ingram, A. & W.J.
Irwin, J.P.
Irwin, James A.
Jack, A.J.
Jack, J.
Johnson, J.L.F.
Jones, T.
Jones, T.
Joyce, J.
Kane, James
Kane, M., jun’r
Kane, P.
Knowland. J.
Latshaw, B.T.
Leckey (Leekey ?), J.
Lent, C.
Litman, A.M.
Ludwick, J.
Mallwine, N.
Marthens, W.F.
Martin, J.
Matthews, J.
Maxwell, T.
McCandless, J.
McCarter, A.
McClaskey, J.
McClory, A.
McClory, W.
McCowan, J.
McCrady, George E.
McDonald, J.
McGee, J.A.
McGraw, J.
McGregor, J.
McIlheny, W.
McKee, James
McKee, R.
McMurray, A.
McNulty, A.J.
Means, J.
Mehan, W.
Melville, James
Merabin, J.
Meredith, J.M. & Wm. C.
Messersmith, B.
Miller, M.
Minis, W.
Moore, J.
Morgan, J.
Morrison, J.
Murray, W.M.
Nesmitte, J.
Nilson, J.O.
Oliver, J.
Orendorf, Dr.
Patterson, W.
Peirouski, R.K.
Phillips, R.
Quigley, B.C.
Raban, C.
Riddle, J.R.
Robinson, F.P.
Robinson, J.D.
Sample, A.L.
Sarler, S.H.
Shaffer, W.
Silcox, J.S.
Skelly, W.P.
Spear, A.
Spencer, R.
Suce, Thomas
Sythe, G.
Tallanslie, J.S.
Taylor, W.H.
Templeton, J. & C.
Trisbie, S.
Vankirk, J.K.
Walker, G.A.
Wallace, H.
Walls, J.
Ward, P.
Ward, Samuel
Warren, J.
White, Isaac N.
Whiting, L.L.
Willock, J.S.
Wilson, A.
Wilson, H.
Wilson, J.S.R. & D.W., and 2 sons
Witty, James
Woods, J.G.
Wynne, H.S. 171

Additional members:
Alderman, William F., Mahoning Co., OH
Ball, F., New Brighton, PA
Barrashman, J., Butler Co., PA
Beatty, W.J., Butler, PA
Bergen, P., Butler Co., PA
Boreland, J., Butler Co., PA
Butler, R.B., Allegheny Co., PA
Caldwell, J., Allegheny Co., PA
Clark, S.B.F., Rochester, NY
Coippersmith, J., Butler Co., PA
Cook, J., Allegheny Co., PA
Courtright, M., Short Creek, VA
Crosby, R., Birmingham, PA
Curtis, G.W., Short Creek, VA
Davis, J.D., Allegheny Co., PA
Dinnin, J.R., Jamestown, NY
Dunn, Thos B., Jefferson Co., VA
Eggleston, J.W., Rochester, NY
Ellcessor, J., Westmoreland, PA
Estep, D., New Brighton, PA
Fiffer, B., Allegheny Co., PA
Fisher, M. Allegheny Co., PA
Foster, J.A., Westmoreland, PA
Gilchrist, R.C., Butler Co., PA
Goodwin, A.S., Allegheny Co., PA
Gotzman, H., Allegheny Co., PA
Grape, B., Butler Co., PA
Gregg, Thomas, Birmingham, PA
Groves, J., Rochester, NY
Haines, Guy, Lancaster, PA
Halderman, H., Lancaster, PA
Halderman, P., Lancaster, PA
Harris, A., Allegheny Co., PA
Hartley, J.B., Mahoning Co., OH
Holzman, M., Westmoreland, PA
Horne, Geo., Lancaster, PA
Houck, D., Mahoning Co., OH
Hughes, W., Rochester, NY
Hughey, D., Allegheny Co., PA
Jacobs, R., Allegheny Co., PA
Johnson, J.R. and W. Westmoreland, PA
Jones, James, Short Creek, VA
Kearnes, J., Allegheny Co., PA
Kerr, J., New Brighton, PA
Kirkland, C.T., Mahoning Co., OH
Kiser, J., Butler Co., PA
Latshaw, J., jr., Westmoreland, PA
Lemon, G., Butler Co., PA
Markle, J.A., Westmoreland, PA
Marquis, E., New Brighton, PA
McBride, D., Butler Co., PA
McCandless, J.W., Butler, PA
McClure, F.C., Birmingham, PA
McConnell, O., Mahoning Co., OH
McGill, D., Mahoning Co., OH
McGoughey, J.F., Mahoning Co., OH
McMillan, F.A., Allegheny Co., PA
McNair, Thomas and R., Butler Co., PA
Meckling, M., Butler, PA
Mitchell, G., Jamestown, NY
Morgan, John, Short Creek, VA
Negley, F.C., Butler Co., PA
Patterson, A.D., Rochester, NY
Perkins, Th., Allegheny Co., PA
Peters, C., Lancaster, PA
Phipper, F., Butler Co., PA
Reed, W.C., Allegheny Co., PA
Reynolds, J., Allegheny Co., PA
Reynolds, T., Allegheny Co., PA
Robinson, R.G., Allegheny Co., PA
Rodgers, T.W., New Brighton, PA
Shelton, W.M.O., Birmingham, PA
Sheppard, H., Mahoning Co., OH
Shotts, J., Westmoreland, PA
Sinclair, J.N., Mercer Co., PA
Smith, C.G., Rochester, NY
Smith, J., Westmoreland, PA
Smoker, P., Butler Co., PA
Squire, S.H., New Brighton, PA
Staley, R., Butler Co., PA
Steel, J.S., Birmingham, PA
Steiner, G., Westmoreland, PA
Stewart, W.J., Butler, PA
Stowe, S.M., Jamestown, NY
Sugder, S., Allegheny Co., PA
Taylor, E., Westmoreland, PA
Taylor, George C., Jamestown, NY
Thornburgh, Th. and John, Allegheny Co., PA
Truesdale, C., Mahoning Co., OH
Wilson, R., Jamestown, NY
Winebiddle, G., Allegheny Co., PA
Wychoff, W., Short Creek, VA
Yetter, A., Butler, PA
Young, A., Butler Co., PA

“This company numbers 280 (208 ?) men in all, and is divided into 52 messes, each mess is provided with a tent, wagon, six mules, and every other necessary for comfort. They will move to the Indian Territory next week.”


The “Illinois Sucker Company,” composed as follows:--

Aldrich, D.W., and family
Anderson, Mr., and family
Beeler, J.G.
Benson, Wm.
Bilis, John
Boos, David
Boothsinger, W.
Bowers, William
Bozer, George M.
Bratagan, M.
Brooks, _.
Brooks, John
Buffum, H.
Buffum, J.W.
Burton, J.F.
Camfield, R.W.
Carr, G.W.
Case, E., and family
Chancy, Charles
Croghan, _.
Curree, A.
Curtis, F.H.
Dorsey, N.M.
Douglass, John
Dow, J.N.
Elwell, Ellis
Ferguson, A.
Flanagan, J.
Gifford, J.
Godfrey, J.
Godwin, John
Green, Robert S.
Grischline, R.F.
Groetfield, A.
Guild, _.
Haltzwert, J.
Hanly, C.S.
Hogas, John
Hughes, John
Hutton, B.
Joblauski, _.
Johnson, C., and brother
Johnson, J.
Keller, _.
Kirkwood, R.
Latham, H.A.
Latham, W.R.
Layman, J.
Lock, Thomas
Longwell, J.
Lottim, Peter
Louis, M.
Luken, B.
Martin, H.
McBride, George
McPhaill, Samuel
Mitchell, C.
Mitchell, William
Mizendorfer, C.
Moody, W.V.
Oakes, T.
Palmer, C.J.
Patrick, J.
Pomeroy, E.
Post, John
Post, L.
Post, Rollin
Powers, J.D.
Purseley, _.
Rainey, Thomas T.
Randall, E.
Record, C.
Rice, H.
Ristin, John, and son
Rowe, J.
Salee, John
Schenitoski, A.
Settlemyer, D.
Sinclair, Charles
Sittibruive, G.
Smith, M.T.
Spruance, J.
Starr, A.
Starr, F.
Stevens, A., and family
Taylor, _.
Truitt, Samuel
Vaugn, C.
Vauntee, _.
Walker, C.A.
Wardzinuski, _.
Wedder, J.
Went, F.
White, Wm.
Whyers, R.
Woods, T.

“This company hails from St. Clair, Morgan and Macoupin counties, Illinois, and St. Louis. … Mr. David Adams, of St. Louis, guides the company as far as Sutter’s Fort.”


The “St. Clair Mining Company,” from St. Clair county, Ill., is encamped in a beautiful grove about seven miles from the town on the opposite side of the river. It is composed as follows:--

Adams, J.O.
Amel, Louis
Boismenue, John
Boismenue, N.
Boles, John
Butler, John H. and J.O.
Carnes, Robert
Chandler, John
Christy, John
Cornoier, N.C.
De Noville, P.
De Rousse, M.
Delorine, B.
Delude, B.
Everson, _.
Frotier, H.
Frotier, Joseph
Gamlin, A.
Greer, John
Hook, G.W.
Hotue, Jeremiah
Illinski, Dr. A.X.
Jarrot, Vital, captain
King, _.
Lecompte, M.
McCracken, Robert
Morrison, M.
Ogden, William
Peron, P.
Renois, B.C.
Robinson, A.
Sexton, N.
Short, Thomas
Statis, J.J.
Stewart, L.D.
Thatcher, L.
Turcot, N.

"They are provided with twelve light wagons, four mules to each, ten tents, provisions for six months, and other necessaries for an outfit. Each man, excepting the drivers, goes mounted on a pony."


A company from Shelby county, Illinois, consisting of:--

Bevins, W.
Evey, David
Evey, John
Evey, Jos.
Harsman, William
Hunter, Benjamin F., and family
Hunter, L., and family
Madison, R. and J.W.
Perryman, James
Rankin, William H.
Reeves, Dr., and family
Rice, Mathias
Scruggins, John
Stewart, Joseph
Sullers, John
Turr, John
Williams, R.L.
Wright, David L.

“…(they) are encamped a short distance from town, ready to move. They are provided with eleven wagons, ox teams, two light carriages, four mules to each, four tents, and six months outfit complete.”


“ A company of Germans, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, and consisting of:

Fraunborger, A.
Knower, Elk
Van Gardiner, C.
Werner, F.
Zeager, C. and G.

… are also in camp and ready to move. They are provided with two wagons, ox teams, six months provisions, and go as a joint stock company.”


“ A company from Will county, Illinois, consisting of:

Bayley, Peter, and family
Connor, _.
Waite, James S., and family
Whitemore, D.W. and S.
Zumalt, Joseph, and family of nine children

“… are ready to move. They go in three separate messes, and are provided with eight wagons, ox teams, three tents, and other necessaries for the journey.”


{From the St. Louis Republican, April 19.}

The steamer Meteor, Captain Turner, left here this evening, for Independence, having on board over one hundred passengers, fifty wagons, twenty-five mules, and lots of provisions, for California. Among the passengers are the “Buffalo Mining Company,” composed of

Blossom, Ira H.
Fay, Colonel (former Governor of Camargo)
Fay, J.M.
Hayden and Brother (?)
Hays, George E.
Hays, H.O.
McBeth, Dr. G.
Olds, Rev. Mr.
Wheeler, George

“They go completely equipped. They are some of the first men of Buffalo, New York. It is a joint stock company, and prepared for mining, smelting, &c., and carry with them one year’s provisions.”


Also, a company of from Xenia, Ohio, consisting of

Barlow, M.L.
Conner, J.
DeWolf, D.
Farber, J.
Ford, William
Gibson, R.
Harris, L.
Johnson, P.
Loe, D.
Moody, A.
Purdy, John H.
Smiley, Geo. W.
Smith, Mr.
Stevenson, G.H.
Taylor, George
Taylor, J.W.
Vanordel, Mr., and brother
Walker, Platt B.
Weers, E.L.

“A joint stock company; all young men of energy and perseverance, and carry along nine month’s provisions.”

“ Also…

McArdle, John H.
Myers, S.
Patrick, Delano, and brother
Roop, Josiah

“…from Republic. They are the rwmainder of the Republic Company, who passed up the river about ten day’s ago, numbering about forty persons.”


The schooner Creole, Captain Allen, sailed on the 24th instant, for Chagres, with the “Baltimore and Frederick Mining and Trading Company” on board, consisting of thirty persons, from Baltimore and Frederick county, who intend crossing the Isthmus to California. The following are the names of the officers and members of the company:--

Baechtel, Henry H.
Baechtel, Samuel S.
Ball, O.D., clerk
Barney, Al, vice president
Bruner, David T.
Canby, Wm., director
Clingman, David
Davis, John A.
Doub, Valentine
Dowell, John T.
Engle, Ephraim
Feelmeyer, George W.
Hoover, Francis J.
Job, Wm.
Landers, John
Maund, Dr. Frederick, surgeon
Maund, Repold C., secretary
Mercer, Wm. F., director
Miller, David E., director
Miller, Frederick
Murry, James, engineer
Powles, Henry, director
Pue, Thomas B.D.
Sadtler, Captain Wm. F., director
Shorb, Dr. James, treasurer
Taylor, Daniel T.
Waesche, George, president
Waesche, Wm. H.
Waits, James P.
Ward, George H.
Zimmerman, E.T.F.

Passengers on vessel:
Freaner, John A.
Graham, James S.
Houck, Wm.
Vaugh, Andrew J.

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