California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 24, 1849


From New York.

The steamship Unicorn, Captain Dealy, sailed yesterday, 23rd instant, for Rio Janeiro, Valparaiso, and California, with the following passengers:--

For Rio Janeiro:
Beatty, William B., New York
Millotson, Mr. New York

For Valparaiso:
Reder, A., Valparaiso
Ward, C.T., Boston

For San Francisco:
Allen, E.
Andrews, A., MA
Bishop, C., New Haven
Brady, J.B., NY
Chenn, L., Fredericksburg, Ia.
Coffee, G.W., NY
Coles, A., CT
Cox, Mr., England
de la Montagnie, Dr. and Mrs., New York
Desotell, J., NY
Disbrow, W.C., New York
Dobson, J., New York
Finnie, J., New York
Garland, Dr. J.B., Fredericksburg, Ia.
Garland, J.M., Fredericksburg, Ia.
Glover, R., New York
Green, W.A., Providence, RI
Haywood, W., MA
Howes, O.R., Rochester, MA
Jenney, E.C., Rochester, MA
Jones, P., Bridgeport
Jones, T., NY
Leveridge, George, NY
Manoney, T., NY (sic)
McDonald, William, Canada
Minor, Theron, NY
Newman, Mr., Fredericksburg, Ia.
Newman, Mr., NY
Osborn, S., MA
Perley, W.P.
Perry, J., MA
Putnam, R.L., Maine
Ravenhill, Mr., Brooklyn
Rega, _., NY (??)
Sheppard, J., NY
Smith, T.J., NY
Smith, W.C. and M.
Spofford, L.P.
Sthreshly, O., Fredericksburg, Ia. (listed in Haskins’ as “Chenn, S.”)
Stimpson, G., Providence
Townsend, E., NY


The bark Warwick, Capt. Anthony, cleared at Philadelphia, on the 21st inst., for San Francisco. Annexed are her passengers:--

The Pacific Mining and Agricultural Society of Pennsylvania, viz:
Abbott, John R., Trenton, NJ
Beris, John J., Phila.
Carmichael, Thomas, Phila.
Coates, Thos., Jr., IN
Cowan, J.A., Pittsburgh
Cowan, Joseph, Pittsburgh
Cownan, Dewith, Phila.
Crosby, Wm. T., Montgomery county, PA
Croud, Jos., Norristown, PA
Demere, Morris M., Savannah, GA
Flagg, J.F., Phila.
Huey, George, Phila.
Jahm, Robert J.C., Phila.
King, Chas. P., Phila.
Larch, Reuben, Schaefferstown, PA
Levan, Isaac B., Schuylkill county, PA
Livingston, Oscar F., Phila.
McClintock, Samuel R., M.D., Philadelphia, secretary
Miller, Wm. C., IN
Ocletreo, A.J., Williamsport, PA, treasurer
Saunders, James R., Woodbury, NJ, president
Sparry, Jas. S., Norristown, PA
Tomlin, Josiah, Bucks county, PA

Passengers not belonging to the Association:
Bartling, Edw’d., Phila.
Bond, Richard, Phila.
Brannan, John, NY
Calden, George, Lancaster, PA
Holland, N.P., Washington, D.C.
St. John, Samuel A., NY


The ship Alhambra, Captain Coffin, sailed from New Orleans, on the 14th instant, for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Allen, Dr.
Alvord, Dr.
Anson, J.J.
Baldwin, Dr.
Bauman, Mr.
Bennet, Mr.
Bernard, Mr.
Bogart, Mr., wife and 2 children
Bompars, Mr.
Breedy, Mr.
Breen, Richard
Brittenham, Charles
Buseholdt, Mr.
Carlton, Mr.
Chase, John
Chittenden, Mr.
Clark, Mr.
Comstock, Mr., wife and 3 children
Crabbe, George
Davenport, J.
Fleming, Wm.
Hagarty, Dr.Buxton
Hutchings, John
Johnston, P., and wife
Kimball, L.
Ladd, A.T., wife and 3 children
Lane, Mr., wife and 2 children
Lee, Dr.
Lehr, George, wife and child
Long, John
Long, Thomas
Mahew, Mr.
Mason, W.W.
May, John
May, R.H.
Menzies, Thomas
Moore, Mr.
Mordecai, Jonas, wife and boy
Moss, Samuel, Jr.
Myers, Mr.
Nappert, D.
Phelps, Anthony
Phelps, Geo.
Phelps, J.
Phillips, Robt.
Redmond, R.
Ricewick, John
Roch, J.C., wife and 3 children
Root, J.
Russell, Samuel
S_ell (Shell ?), Charles
Scott, Captain
Skilling, Mr.
Slade, Thomas
Smith, Chas. H.
Smith, William
Stevens, William
Thomas, David
Tillman, Mr., and wife
Toppe, Dr., and lady
Ulrish, H.
Walker, John
Wellers, Mr.
Whitcomb, Otis
Wilkinson, Chas.
Wood, A.
Wood, H.
Wood, T.

The bark Florida was to have sailed from New Orleans on the 16th inst., for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Ship/Bark Florida

Adie, B., and 3 servants
Alverson, _.
Baker, A.H.
Bernard, Capt. Thos.
Bezeen, Capt. H.
Bouaz, A.
Brandis, Dr.
Briggs, A.G.
Brotherston, B.
Brun, L.
Burk, Thos., 2 ladies and 3 children
Casler, M.W.
Clark, M.
Clift, O.
Conroy, D.
Coriel, _.
Cox, R.
Cox, S.
Crennell, A. (may be “Grennell.”)
Cummins, S.
Dennet, J.N.
Donnelly, D.
Duncan, N.
Edward, C.
Elroy, J.
Frisby, A.
Gillisam, _.
Grennell, S. (may be “Crennell.”)
Hayden, Louis Z., lady, daughter and servant
Hays, R.
Houston, Dr., lady and child
Johnson, James
Judah, W.H.
Knapp, T.E.
Kuhn, F.M.
Lea, James
Pearson, Dr. A.
Proctor, G.
Ratliff, A.
Ratliff, B.
Shubank, B.
Shubank, C., and lady
Simons, A.A.
Singu, R.C.
Truiant, D.H. (sic)
Vanzandt, B.

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