California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 23, 1849


New Orleans, April 13, 1849

James Gordon Bennett, Esq.:--Sir:-- I spoke, on the last day of February, lat. 31 20, lon. 42 00, the ship Morrison, from New York, bound to California, mizon top mast and yards, and fore and main topgallant mast were carried away, and she appeared to have had very hard weather.

Yours truly,
Daniel Knight
Master of the ship Mosconomo, of Newburyport, from Liverpool.

[The ship Morrison, Capt. Spaulding, sailed from this port on the 10th of February, with 100 passengers. She had made very good progress at the time she was spoken. – Ed. Herald.]

Extract of a letter dated Guadalajara, Mexico, March 13:-- “List of the company commanded by Captain Meredith, bound for San Francisco, California, via. Mexico, at Guadalajara, March 13, 1849, all well:--

Bolton, J.H.
Coit, Daniel W.
Field, E.G.
Forbs, R.J.
Fordham, R.B.
Gladwin, W.H.
Godfrey, John
Hall, W.J.
Lawton, A.
Lawton, F.
Meredith, S.A., captain
Mulford, D.G., Jr.
Northams, E.F.
Rodgers, J.W.
Whittemore, H.M.
Wright, Geo.
Wright, J.T.

“The above company was to leave on the 14th, for Tepec.”

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