California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 22, 1849

[The following are abbreviated accounts of narratives of orrespondences to the St. Louis Republican.]

The Romance of the Movement.
Interesting Particulars.
&c. &c. &c.
Movements on the Overland Route.

[Independence, April 6, 1849.]

In camp about two miles west, is a company of men from Cincinnati, Ohio, numbering in all fifty-one men. They organized into messes of five, are provided with ten wagons, twenty tents, and five marquees, and calculate to start with eleven mules to the wagon. ………

The company is composed of:

Anderson, J.W.
Bell, Christopher
Bell, John
Benedict, J.D.
Bird, J.
Bishop, T.A.
Colter, A.H., booker
Cook, R.W.
Diver, W.B.
Eberle, Chs.
Elstner, J.
Fosdick, G.W.
Gove, A.F.
Graham, J.
Graves, N.
Guilford, G.J.
Hamlin, F.
Harley, J.P.
Helm, H.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, J.
Jones, S.T., secretary
Kerr, W.
King, J.
Kinsey, A.G.
Kinsey, David, treasurer
Kinsey, T.W.
Levering, J.H., president
Litter, G.W.
Long, C.
Martin, Geo.
Megowan, R.L.
Mohr, C.
Moreland, F.
Nixon, A.B.
Norman, W.B., vice-president
Pearson, J.
Perry, A.T.
Probasco, H.
Rogers, L.M.
Ruffner, H.
Scott, David
Stokes, E.A.
Talbert, J.
Urner, H.
Urner, P.K.
Vorhees, A.J.
West, M.
Whitehead, S.
Wilson, W.
Withington, S.

"All of the above are fine and healthy-looking men, and examined by a surgeon of the company, previous to being admitted."


On the Santa Fe road, about four miles from town, a fine company of men, fifteen in number, from Summit county, Ohio, are in camp, and ready to march with the first body…….

The company is composed of:

Abbey, R.
Ayliffe, George
Buckley, L.P.
Carr, G.
Decker, Jno.
Fisher, P.
Garrett, J.O.
Gilbert, J.L.
Gilbert, Jonathon R.
Gressard, C.
Kellogg, A.
Long, H.S.
Rose, Ira
Steinbacker, E.
Wistendorf, L.


In the same vicinity a company of thirty-five men, of fine appearance and bearing, from Wayne county, Indiana, are in camp, and ready to move……. There prime object…is to dig for gold. They are composed as follows:

From Wayne county, Indiana:
Baldridge, N.
Beeler, George W.
Boothe, Peter
Buck, William
Cochran, R.
Cunningham, A.
Davis, Wm. V., president
Echelbarger, H.A.
Echtenock, J.
Fritch, J.M.
Gates, Adam
Houston, Robert
Knode, A.B., recording secretary
Koch, William F.
Manifold, B.
McAfee, William
McDowell, A.
McMurray, Samuel
Meek, L. Don
Miller, Henry
Myers, Enoch
Pifer, Samuel
Porter, Wm. S.
Puntney, J.N.
Puntney, Jas.
Rathfun, C.
Saunders, A.
Shaumbrie, H.J.
Starr, Willets
Trisa, Charles
Weaver, Jacob
Williams, Thomas, treasurer
Williams, W., corresponding secretary

Additional members of company:
Neese, George, Champagne county, OH
Neese, Samuel, Champagne county, OH


Three young gentlemen from nearby Carlisle, Ohio, whose purpose is to go in company with Dr. Woodworth, from St. Joseph, are in this place, ready to move. They are provided with a wagon and other necessary equipments, but go as an independent mess in said company. This mess consists of Messrs. F.P. Ward, Dwight Herbert, and Jacob Stetzel.


[Independence, April 7, 1849.]

Taking advantage of a few pleasant hours today, I made visit to the camp of Lieut. G.W. Paul, of your city, which is located on the Santa Fe road, about ten miles from town…….Lieut. Paul informed me that for the mules for which he paid $70 the head in St. Louis, he has been offered $100 per head since his arrival at Independence. The company consists of:

Crosby, _., Penn.
Jackson, Robert, Penn.
Lukens, George, Penn.
Martin, H., Boston
Paul, Lieut. G.W., St. Louis
Paul, Wm., Penn.
Sharp, James, Independence
Taylor, John, Penn.
Wells, W., New Hampshire
Zabriskie, Wm., New Jersey


Encamped in company with the above is the command of William Pye, of Palmyra, Mo., consisting of:

Gilbert, F.D., New York
Harper, J.W., Independence, Mo.
Nichols, E.L., CT
Pye, Edward R., and son, New York
Ray, Shorty, Independence, Mo.
Smith, C.D., CT
Stewart, James, Independence, Mo.
Webb, John S., Independence, Mo.
Wheeler, C.B., CT
Youngs, C., CT

These two companies intend on traveling together, and will move on Monday next.


Michigan has three small companies in the field, ready to move. The first consists of:

Ashley, D.R.
Belkley, H.
Besby, Horace
Kirkland, George
Mason, A.J.
Scott, D.B.
Sweeny, M.
Swzore (sic), J.B.
Wethington, George
Wilson, Wm.


The second company is from Adrian county, Michigan, and composed of:

Chafey, G.
Crittenden, S.G.
Gleeson, E.F.
Harmond, L.A.
Parke, F.A.
Woodbury, D.A.


The third company is from Cass county, Michgan, and consists of:

Bouine, E.J.
Brice, William H., and his lady
Brown, Aaron


Pennsylvania has six companies in the field, equipped and ready to go. The first is styled the “Iron City Rangers,” and composed as follows:

From Pittsburgh:
Brockaway, A.W.
Brown, S.D.
Clark, Dr. Allen
Grubb, S.
Hart, Thos. S.
Kennedy, Jos. C.
Kennedy, T.B.
Kinzenbach, F.
Laury, Wm.
Mart, Robt. S.
McKibben, J.C.
Mitchell, James B.
Myers, H.W.
Risber, J.C.
Robbins, Lorain
Rudolph, A.
Sharp, W.B.
Tingle, A.J.
Wightman, Robert
Wingham, R.S.

Additional members:
Brecker, Isaac, Mansfield, OH
Miller, George, Mansfield, OH
Smith, Eli, Mansfield, OH
Smith, Joseph, Mansfield, OH
Taylor, Walter, Mansfield, OH
Whitehill, D.M., Wooster, OH


The second company is from Centre county, Pa., and composed of:

Bartlett, Wm.
Frederick, Wm.
Miller, G.
Miller, John
Montillus, Edward
Moore, Jonathan
Plaff, Mathius
Sauket, Samuel
Wasson, Geo. M.
“Who go as a joint stock company.”


The third company is from Pittsburgh, under the name of Diamond K. Company, and composed as follows:

Johnston, W.G., private
Kincaid, C., private
McBride, W.B., private
Moody, Joseph L., private
Scully, W.O.H., private
Washington, Crawford, captain

“They design moving with Lieut. Paul, on Monday next, but as an independent organization.”


The fourth company is from Schuylkill county, Pa., and composed of:

Bird, H.L.
Cockill, C.S.
Jenkins, _.
John, Rob’t.
Small, Thomas


The fifth company is from Tioga county, Pa., and composed of:

Allworth, N.B.
Andrews, Norman
Doud, Philemon
Hill, J.B.
Scutter, J.G.
Smith, Samuel R.


The sixth company is composed as follows:

Faulkner, Robert, Eire county, Pa.
Keefer, J.L., Steuben county, Ky.
Moody, P.H., Eire county, Pa.


In addition to the companies from Ohio, previously noticed, another, from Middleburg, Summit county, is in camp and ready to move. It is composed of:

Britton, S.
Cleveland, A.S.
Evans, J.W.
Hickcox, T.B.
Nash, F.A.
Newton, S.
Ostrom, Wm. A.
Palmer, N.
Rhodes, G.W.
Sumner, I.
Wait, F.W.
Wait, N.


Indiana has also an additional company in the field, hailing from Grant county. They are organized into messes of five, each mess being provided with a wagon, tent, and other necessary equipments. It is composed of:

Brown, Edmund
Cleveland, M.
Draper, Josiah
Dubois, Jonathan
Harlan, William
Hendricks, H.
Hendricks, Wm.
Hersey, Joshua
Hite, David
Hummer, John
Hummer, Levi
Hurlburt, J.W.
Inman, Anthony
Luger, Barney
McCormick, L.
Morehead, C.
Patterson, Andrew
Pratt, Thomas
St. John, John
St. John, Thomas
Stout, Benj.
Stout, Peter
Swift, Jesse
Webster, Royal

More Adventures to California.

The steamship Falcon, Captain Thompson, left this port Thursday noon for Chagres. The following is a list of her passengers:--

Allen, Col. R.T.P.
Allen, R.N.
Avaline, J.B.
Bower, Jacob C.
Boyer, John
Briggs, John
Brooks, _.
Burns, John
Dewolf, M.A.
Dickinson, M.M.
Doane, George
Doermer, Charles
Eddy, W.M.
Ferris, L.W.
Gibbs, John S.
Green, W.
Hooker, Lieut. Col. J. (This may be “Fighting” Joe Hooker, of Mexican War fame, and later a Civil War general.)
Hudson, W.H. , P.M.
Jackson, A.
Kenyon, E.B.
Kenyon, J.B.
Ketcham, H.S.
King, Hon. T. Butler, Savannah
Leland, D.
Leland, S.
M’Kean, John
M’Lean, Edward
Pratt, W.T.
Putnam, R.L.
Rich, D.P.
Shankland, R.
Shelton, S.W.
Simpson, A.
Simpson, W.E.
Smith, Henry
Swaine, J. B. (?)
Taylor, H.
Van Schaick, W.
Van Wyck, A.
Walker, W.A.
Williams, O.V.
Willock, William
Woodard, John

“25 in steerage.”


The fine ship Andalusia, Captain Wilson, after being detained at Baltimore, on account of the low tide, for several days, got under weigh last Wednesday morning. She carries out a very large cargo, and upwards of one hundred passengers – a list of whom is annexed:--

Albright, John S.
Bayley, Daniel
Bayley, Robert P.
Binks, John
Boehme, Morris
Boswell, Jos.
Boulton, Peter L.
Brown, Alex’r.
Buchanan, Joseph
Buckner, Dr., physician
Busey, Wm.
Canby, Wm.
Chapman, W.C.
Conway, E.
Craig, F.
Daley, Jacob H.
Denson, James H.
Dick, Sam’l.
Drinker, Sam’l. M.
Edwards, James L.
Effinger, Edw’d. T.
Frazier, James Jr.
Fuger, John T.
Gallagher, James
Garvey, John B.
Gibson, Geo.
Gillingham, Chas. P.
Gold, Mr., and lady
Green, Joseph
Groune, Josephus
Haldeman, Peter
Hants, Henry
Harbaugh, Cornelius
Harbour, L.
Hardy, Ths. E.
Henry, John B.
Henry, Sam’l.
Holtzmayer, Henry
Hubbard, D.S.
Hyer, F.H.
Jones, G.J.
Kent, Jacob
Kimberlin, Miss Virginia
King, Thomas
Kirk, Calvin
Klinefelter, G.W.
Looby, Edwd.
Mann, James
Marye, S.B.
Maynard, F.T.
McCay, John W.W.
McKinley, James
Merrill, John A.
Miller, Danford
Murray, Michael
Neilson, Geo.
Northerman, Wm. J.
Owens, John
Passano, Aler’r.
Perkins, Ivory
Pierce, Edw’d.
Price, David, Jr.
Price, T.B.
Price, Wm. Jr.
Prince, David O.
Reed, Mrs. A.I.
Ricketts, Charles
Roszel, B.
Rothrick, Larkin J.
Rupp, George W.
Schmidt, George B.
Shook, George
Short, Jas.
Sibert, W.F.
Simpson, Henry
Smith, S.H.
Smith, Thos. V., and 2 sons
Snyder, Henry L.
Stone, B.C.
Stover, Jonathan
Tarr, W.B.
Taylor, Rev. Wm., and lady [Methodist Episcopal missionary]
Thompson, George
Thorp, E.H.
Toner, George
Trust, Andrew
Wagner, Joseph E.
Warner, C.
Watts, Alex’r.
Wiatt, E.L.
Wiatt, James M.
Wilson, Edwd. P.
Wood, Alfred
Woodward, R.C.
Wright, Benjamin F.
“…and J.L. Finley’s servant.”


A small party of the right stamp, will leave here on Sunday morning next in the steamship Globe, for California. They will land at Brazos, and proceed to Brownsville, where they will be joined by some six or eight persons who are there awaiting the arrival of the party from this city. Their route will be that described in the Delta, some time ago, as being the most practicable one yet selected by the emigrants, viz: by way of Monterey, Durango, Mazatlan, &c. Every member of the party is thoroughly acquainted with the greater portion of the route, having repeatedly traveled it during the last six or eight years, while trading in the interior of Mexico; and what is also of great advantage, though Americans, all of them, speak the Spanish language fluently. They are all whole-souled fellows, and thorough campaigners. The following is a list of their names:--

Box, M.J.
George, J.G.
Martinelly, James
McDuffie, J.Y.
Ogden, F.
Ogden, R.L.
Patterson, W.J.
Pendergrast, _.
Sitcher, John


A new French brig, of 16 pounders, L’Entreprenant, Captain Pouget, is about leaving the port of Rochefort for California, sent by the government.

The ship Edouard, Captain Curet, left Havre on the morning of the 30th ult., having on board her the legion of modern Argonauts, leaving for the new Colchid, under the command of the new Jason. To-day, the Colchid is called California, and Jason is M. Jacques Arago, the blind writer, a brother of the Aragos, of Paris. This gentleman, who has already been in California, before the sad event which deprived him of his sight, is a very enterprising and gallant gentleman, a very learned geologist, and talented writer. The company under his command is composed of one hundred and twenty young men, belonging to very respectable families. The Minister of the Navy has taken great interest in this expedition, and gave the emigrants many letters of introduction for the American authorities in San Francisco, commendind them to their care and kindness.

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