California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 19, 1849

Movements for California.

The bark Galindo, Captain Macy, sailed on the 7th instant, for San Francisco. She has been furnished in a superior manner, by Messrs. Brett & Vose, which the passengers acknowledged in a letter highly complimentary to the gentlemen of the firm. Annexed is a list of her passengers:--

Members of unnamed company:
Adams, H.N.
Arlington, J.
Baker, J.E.
Banker, J.D.
Barker, J.N.
Bukman, A.
Bunting, W.C.
Burdge, B., Jr.
Coleman, A.
Coleman, B.C.
Coleman, B.F.
Coutant, J.L.
Cross, Augustus
Darling, J.
Derrick, S.R.
Derrickson, S.L.
Dobbs, J.
Donaldson, R.
Dougall, W.H., Washington, (non-member, passenger)
Dunbar, S.G.
Force, W.H.
Gallon, James
Gardner, James T., Esq., Troy, NY, President
Hamilton, C.
Hamilton, R.
Haskins, S.H.
Higgins, Elliot
Hines, William
Hoeper (Hooper ?), J.E.
Holley, M.W.
Homan, M.
Jayne, A.H.
Jayne, C.F.
Jenkins, R.S.
Johnson, T.B.
Kindall, T.
Knapp, C.H.
Knight, George
Lawson, P.S.
Leroy, C.W.
Lorrimer, H.
Mapes, D.S.
McClure, J.H.H.
McDonald, A.
Menges, M.
Meyneris, T.
Miller, J.
Moore, H.W.
Morse, Constantine
Nelson, Thomas
Pasman, Francis
Purves, J.M.
Putnam, A.J.
Rogers, P.B.
Rollins, S.M.
Sacket, J.
Savage, T.B.
Shepard, W.
Short, W.H.
Skirven, T.W.
Smith, J.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, M.
Snow, S.A.
Stubbe, A.
Terry, E.G.
Tyler, J.W.
Van Nortwick, J.L.
Van Tassell, A.J.
Van Tassell, J.A.
Van Waler, A., Jr.
White, James
Wilder, C.R.
Williams, R.F.
Wood, A.
Young, J.


The ship Frances Ann, Capt. Proctor, cleared at Boston, on the 17th inst., for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Badger, Parish, Norwich, VT (probably “Norwich, CT”)
Bates, Joshua, Boston
Collamore, Wm., Barre, Ms. (probably “Barre, VT”)
Haggerty, John, Plymouth
Hall, Wm., Halifax, Ms.(probably “Halifax, NS, Canada”)
Harris, Theodore, Boston
Haskins, John, Waltham
Haskins, Peter, Waltham
Hazen, Howlett H., Boston
Hesley, Jos. L., Plymouth
Meek, Thos., Marblehead
O’Donogh, Francis, Ireland
Peach, Lot, Marblehead
Pepper, E.S., Salem
Putnam, Mrs. Stephen, and 2 children, Danvers
Putnam, Stephen, Danvers
Snow, Thomas, 3d, Marblehead
Wellington, John K., Boston

[From: Boston Eve(ning) Trav(eler), April 17]

The Boston and Newton Joint Stock Association started yesterday morning for California, overland, by way of St. Louis and Fort Independence. The officers of the company are:

Dickinson, H.W., Director
Evans, Benj. C., Director
Felch, Walton C., Vice-President
Hough, J.A., Director
Lord, Bracket, President
Megrath, Thomas H., Director
Osborn, S.D., Secretary
Staples, D.J., Director
Sweetser, A.C., Director
Winslow, Jesse, Treasurer

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