California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 18, 1849

Movements for California.


The beautiful steamship Crescent City, Captain Stoddard, took her departure yesterday, about one o’clock, for Chagres; and, as usual, a large crowd were in attendance to witness the animating scene. She took out upwards of $150,000 in small change. Among her passengers will be perceived the names of Capt. Baily and Lieut. Budd – the former gentleman is to take command or the steamship Panama, and the latter to take command of the California. It will be seen by the following list, that she has a large number of passengers:--

In the steamship Crescent City, for Chagres—
Allen, Major R., U.S.A., and lady
Almy, M.B.
Andrews, J.
Atwill, A.
Baily, Capt
Baker, F.
Banford, G.C.
Barnett, Mr.
Benjamin, J.
Bennett, Mr.
Billsque, G.
Bishop, H.
Blakeley, H.E.
Broderick, D.C.
Brown, C.
Brown, H.
Brown, W.
Buck, A.
Buck, H.
Budd, Capt., who goes out to take charge of the steamer California.
Burke, P.
Butler, C.
Cadet, J.
Carpenter, C.
Carpenter, C.C.
Charles, H.
Clark, M.
Clark, T.C.
Clements, J.N.
Clinton, De Witt
Cochran, E.F.
Cook, C.A.
Crocker, T.
Crockett, D.B.
Curtis, H.H.
Davis, J.H.
Davis, R.S.
Delicker, S.
Dewitt, Mr. And Mrs.
Dodge, J.M.
Fairchild, E.
Fitch, B.R.
Fitzgerald, E.B.
Fitzgerald, F.
Foy, R.D.
Gifford, J.
Gilman, Mr.
Green, F.
Green, Mr.
Gridley, Mr.
Griffen, A.R.
Hagar, J.S.
Hall, A.
Hall, A.
Hall, E.L.
Harding, J.
Harding, Mr.
Hawkhurst, Dr.
Hemenway, L.L.
Hempstead, J.
Hodgeboom, S.K.
Homer, E.
Horseley, J.
Hurburt, E.
Jarves, J.A.
Jennings, W.
Jones, H.H.
Kelly, J.
Kenyon, J.
Kenyon, M.
Kibbe, W.C.
Kirk, J.
Lawrence, J.A.
Lawton, A.Z.
Lee, G.P.
Leonard, Dr. J.P.
Leonard, E.W.
Leonard, G.A.R.
Leonard, M.G.
Leonard, Major H., U.S.A.
Lord, J.
Magill, J.
Martin, J.
Mason, P.
Maynard, Lieut.
McKea, J.W.
McKibbin, William
Mekes, Dr.
Mickel, P.D.
Mickel, W.
Morrison, A.
Mott, M.L.
Niles, W.D.
Noble, J.
Northrop, J.
Osborne, Dr. A.G.
Pardu, C.
Parry, Dr. C.
Pearson, D.S.
Perry, A.R.
Phelan, M.
Potter, G.C.
Rafferty, J.
Rowland, G.
Russell, J.M.
Russell, M.
Satterlee, J.
Schermerhorn (Schermerborn ?), M.
Seymour, H.C.
Shannon, W.
Sherwood, T.A., Jr.
Sherwood, W.S.
Sill, B.
Sill, J.
Silvina, J.
Sleeper, H.W.
Sprague, Capt. C.J.
Stark, B.T.
Starr, H.
Stone, C., Jr.
Stone, J.G.
Sykes, R.
Taber, S.
Taite, J.
Thompson, J.
Trim, W.
Tyson, P.
Van Houghton, W.
Velsor, E.T.
Vinton, J.B.
Vinton, Major, Quarter Master, U.S.A.
Walter, E.
Warren, H.K.
Warren, L.
West, W.H.
Wheaton, A.S.
Wheaton, E.
Wheeler, C.
White, K.S.
Wilkes, Mr.
Williams, S.
Winslow, Dr. C.F.

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