California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 15, 1849

Movements for California.

Ship Memnon, Capt. Gordon.-- This splendid clipper built ship left on the 11th inst., for San Francisco, with fourteen passengers. She is 1,085 tons burden, and one of the most magnificent vessels out of this port. Accommodations were fitted up for eighty passengers, but in consequence of the high price of passage. She had few passengers – the annexed is a list:--

Carpenter, Walter, Brooklyn
Condon, William, Halifax, N.S.
Cowham, William, NY
Dean, Aaron, Stamford, CT
Dimon, J.S., NY
Elkins, John, NY
Glover, A.B., NY
Gordon, Mrs. Joseph R., Boston
Hunter, P. Schuyler, Sandy Hill
Hunter, Robert E., Sandy Hill
Jackson, Thos. H., Brooklyn
Norris, Wm. Hunt, Newark
Toole, Thomas, Sandy Hill
Wilkins, Miss, NY

“Among the passengers we notice Messrs. R.E. & P. Schuyler Hunter, sons of Col. R.R. Hunter, young men of the highest talent. With the energy and enterprise they possess they will become prominent and useful citizens of San Francisco, where they contemplate a permanent residence. Individuals of such character are valuable acquisitions to a new country, and California must soon become a place of great importance, with a population composed of such materials.”

The schooner General Worth sailed 11th inst., for San Francisco, with the General Worth Trading and Mining Association, twenty in number, and eleven passengers:--

Gen. Worth Mining and Trading Assoc.:
Abbey, T.C.
Amomeaux, Samuel L.
Atwood, James
Avery, H.G.
Balentine, James
Buttress, George H.
Coddington, J.J.
Duryee, J.
Fick (Fisk ?), James
Fields, Thomas W.
Gray, James J.
Hillyer, G.F.
Jeffrey, Thomas
Kelly, Evert M., second mate
Peck, H.
Phelps, A.E.
Reid, M.M.
Requa, J.
Richardson, Justice W., captain
Smith, S.B., mate, Canada
Tappan, H.H.
Tappan, James M.
Whiteford, G.

Stoneall, J.
Cook, G.
Moore, J.
Henkensfeldt, _.
Sanders, C.T.
Smith, W.
Hunter, Jones
Turner, W.R.
Fife, _.
Stout, _.

The bark Selma, Capt. Sellew, sailed on the 10th for California, with the following passengers:--

Fremont Mining and Trading Company:
Abbott, E.H.
Barkels, J.C.
Bolles, E.J.
Bolles, S.G., 2d officer
Brown, A.
Brown, H.G.
Chaffee, H.
Chaffee, S.G.
Chapman, H.D.
Cowan, C.M.
Cutler, A.
D_an (Dean ?), H.
Edgerton, S.
Elderkin, E.
Fitch, A.G.
Ford, J.M.
Gardiner, H.B.
Gladding, L.
Goodwin, A.M.
Graham, J.
Grass, J., Jr.
Griswold, W.
Hall, S.G.
Hastings, B.B.
Hathaway, D.G.
Heath, J.J.
Higley, T.B.
Hubbard, H.
Humason, C.A.
Hutchins, J.
Hutchins, J.
Johnson, J.M.
Johnson, M.
Jones, J.J.
Judd, N.E.
Kellogg, R., 1st officer
Kelly, F.
Kinney, G.
Kirkham, J.L.
Klaude, H.D.
Lexton, G.K.
Lord, W.B.
Maples, J., Jr.
Marton, C.
Mitchell, A.G.
Mitchell, C.E.
Morgan, H.E.
Nelson, J.B.
Payne, G.R.
Phipps, E.H.
Pratt, E.
Ransom, A.C.
Richmond, C.C.
Rockwell, R.R.
Safford, J.
Sellew, O., captain
Sexton, W.O.
Smith, J.A.
Smith, J.P.
Spencer, J.
Turner, N.S.
Vergeson (Fergeson ?), S.
Wellman, C.E.
Whittemore, A.S.


The brig Vesta sailed from Edgartown, Mass., on the 10th inst., for San Francisco. The following is a list of her crew, called the “Chilmark Mining Company,” numbering 20, all native born Vineyard men:--

Butler, George
Chase, George
Clifford, Jacob
Coffin, Matthew
Hall, Geo. N., MD
Look, Alfred
Luce, Ariel
Mayhew, Franklin
Mayhew, Hilliard
Mayhew, Jonathan
Mayhew, Ozander
Norton, Richard
Pool, Jared
Pool, Ephraim
Roulstone, Andrew J.
Skiff, Decattor
Smith, Austin
Smith, Rufus N.
Vincent, Matthew
Wood, Palmer


The South Bend Register, of the 29th ult., says:-- Another company from this place took up their line of march for the golden land last Saturday. They were eleven in number, and started with four wagons, drawn by sixteen mules and three horses. Their names are as follows:--

Hendricks, Dr. J.A.
Johnson, Cyrenius
Linderman, John
Maslin, Wm.
Miller, M.B.
Miller, Wm.
Pierson, George
Reynolds, E.S.
Snavely, W.J.
Willoughby, D.W.C.
Woodward, W.L.


The St. Louis Daily Organ, of the 4th inst., gives the following list as a portion of a company of 155 persons about to leave that city for California:--

Alexander, J.W.
Brausheed, Wm.
Brolaski, H.L.
Brown, Wm.
Burnett, A.
Campbell, F.
Clark, James
Cleaver, Henry
Cleaver, Thos.
Cleaver, Wm.
Coleman, Stephan O.
Coleman, U.P.
Copperwaithe, Thos.
Cruikshank, Wm.
Dallam, B., Jr.
Deacon, Gilbert
Eads, Granville O.
Getzendiner, J.
Gibson, Wm.
Graulech (Grauloch ?), Casper
Guisler, Peter
Hawkins, Saml., Jr.
Hoffman, A.
Hoffman, C.
Holiday, John J.
Holiday, Saml. N.
Hunter, Edward E.
Hunter, Jonah
Jones, Heath
Jones, Jackson
Jones, John
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Taylor
Leeds, Ellis N.
Legg, Lewis
Lightner, C.W.
Ludd, R.
Lynch, Henry C.
Massey, Geo.
Mattoon, Geo.
McDonald, F.A.
Moody, A.
Mullen, John
Parke, Chas.
Patterson, A.
Paul, W.
Pickering, Chas.
Selser, A.
Selser, J.W.
Selser, Wm.
Smith, Chas. L.
Smith, John B.
Stebbins, Wm. P.
Stewart, Jas.
Stewart, O.
Thompson, A.
Twomley, B.
Vanpelt, A.S.
Vorhess, John
Vose, Wm.
Wannell, Thos. M.
Webster, Jas.
Wells, John S.
Wood, Solomon
Yoeter, G.
Young, Saml.


The following is a list of passengers per steamship Col. Stanton, Capt. J.J. Wright, from New Orleans for Chagres:--

Austin, J.G.
Austin, S.B., and servant
Baker, W.A.
Bednett, Gilbert
Blancher, Mrs.
Bolenhager, J.
Bridge, J.C., and servant
Brooks, N.
Brown, J.O.
Brown, William
Butterworth, _.
Calhoun, Duncan
Carkey, R.
Caruthers, J.W.
Caulfield, W.
Chaffin, N.L.
Clark, R.A.
Crawford, W.W.
Curtiss, J.M.
Davis, William
Ferduson (Ferguson ?), W., and family
Field, _.
Field, Mrs.
Fisher, J.W.
Frisbey, Jona.
Gale, Dr. Robert, and servant
Golding, E.
Gordon, J.
Haas, A.
Hale, Jewitt
Hale, Nathan
Hancock, J.H.
Harrison, G.W.
Hatch, F.C.
Hendricks, Wm.
Hudson, John
Hughes, J.T.
Hunt, Barry C.
Jenkins, Dominico
Johnston, R.P., and servant
Kinney, J.A.
Kloppenburg, J.D.
Matossi, Jacob, and lady
Mauzey, J.A.
Mawhinney, John
Meconican, E.
Monson, W.L.
Morrison, John S.
Pearson, James
Richardson, C.
Shattuck, L.
Shields, W.J., and servant
Shipley, William
Slesser, Dr.
Soicer, F.
Somerville, C.
Spaulding, M.
Taylor, E.H.
White, R.J.

The New Orleans Crescent, of the 2d inst. says:--

The steamer Robert Morris left this city yesterday (Sunday) at 2 o’clock, P.M., for Fort Smith, having on board as passengers the New Orleans Trading and Mining Company, under the command of Capt. Thomas Armitage. The company, after procuring mules and horses at Fort Smith, will proceed overland by the way of Santa Fe to California. They are well fitted out, and provided with goods for trading, tools, and provisions for fifteen months. The following are the names of the members composing the company:--

Alford, Dr.
Armitage, Thomas, captain
Boudray, C.
Hoffman, F.M.
Hubbard, H.
Mallory, W.F.
Marsh, J.S.
Oillod, J.
Rowand, W.D.
Skarzinsk, A.
Worman, D.
Wright, James

In a few days Dr. Bowden, Mr. Hold and three others will join the company at Fort Smith.


The following is a list of passengers who left Mobile on the 5th inst., by British mail steamer Thames, for Vera Cruz, on their way to California. The party from this state, and we understand a portion of the others, are:--

Bostwick, C.R., Mobile
Bostwick, O., Mobile
Byrne, E.D. M.D., Mobile
Clements, E.H., Georgia
Cooke, John R., and servant, Demopolis
Cooke, Wm. S., and servant, Demopolis
Crawley, Daniel, Alabama
Cunning, Franklin, Hartford, CT
Dougherty, Wm. H., St. Louis
Gamble, Philip, So. Carolina
Gassner, V.
Hodge, Justin, Hartford, CT
Irwin, John, Nashville, TN
Mather, Elisha, Hartford, CT
McAlpin, Blanton, Mobile
Moniche, C.
Patrin, Geo.
Saunders, Robert T., and servant, Mobile
Skinner, John D., Hartford, CT
Thorn, Reuben Y., and family, Virginia

California Emigrants.

[This unsigned letter appeared in the NY Herald 4/15/1849.]

Mr. Bennett:--
I have a letter from a friend, dated in the city of Mexico, February 26th. He is one of a party of sixteen, separated from the command of Captain Hutton. They had been several days in the city, and completed their arrangements to proceed, that afternoon, on their way to Guadalaxara (sic) (about three hundred and sixty miles). They were in fine health and spirits, and I give you their names below. Captain Hutton, with about sixty men, had arrived, and would leave in a day or two:--

Agnew, Mr.
Field, Doctor E.
Forbes, Mr.
Fordham, Mr.
Gladison, William H.
Godfrey, Mr.
Hall, Mr.
Lawton, Alfred
Meredith, Captain Sam’l.
Mulford, D.
Northan, Mr.
Rodgers, J. Warren
Whitemore, Mr.
Wright, G.
Wright, J.
“and a colored man engaged by the party as a cook.”

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