California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 10, 1849

Movements for California.

The ship Balance, Capt. E.W. Ruggles, sailed for San Francisco, on the 1st inst., with the following passengers:--

Ackerly, Ch. C.
Bassett, P., Buffalo
Blunt, Dr. Thos., Stratford, CT
Brooks, Benj. S., lady, child and servant, New Haven
Brooks, Doctor Wm. , New Haven
Brooks, Mr., Stratford, CT
Brown, Ab. B.
Chamberlain, Mr., Buffalo
Colgan, Edward P.
Couster, Sylvester
Curtis, G., Buffalo
Curtis, J., Buffalo
Doane, Henry
Dorman, James
Dupay (Dupuy ?), John J.R. , New Haven
Durkee, John L.
Elliott, John
Frye, Frederick, lady and servant, New Haven
Gaynor, Mrs. B. , New Haven
Hamilton, Mr. Robert D. , New Haven
Hawkins, D.W.
Higginson, John
Hopping, _., Buffalo
Hopping, J., Buffalo
Houseman, Barnet, Buffalo
Howard, J.E.
Howe, Wm. R.
Jenkins, Alexander, Buffalo
Johnson, C.W.
Jones, J.J.
Kennedy, Morgan
Laughly, Moses
Leland, Chas., Buffalo
Leonard, Francis
May, Francis
McAdam, John, Buffalo
McCracken, John, New Haven
McLaughlin, James
McNamara, J.
Mills, John W.
Morrison, Roderick N. , New Haven
Mullener, Peter, New Haven
Owens, Calvin R.
Piggott, A.W.
Pirce (Price ?), George M., Buffalo
Poore, Albert W.
Price, Mr., Buffalo
Richards, George
Ruggles, Charles S.
Sands, Miss Ann, New Haven
Shannon, Alfred, New Haven
Shannon, Joseph and lady, New Haven
Shannon, Miss Isabella, New Haven
Shannon, Miss Maria, New Haven
Smith, James, Buffalo
Smith, Orrin N., Buffalo
Stull, B., Buffalo
Sullivan, James
Swan, Howard, Buffalo
Ward, Dr., Stratford, CT
Ward, Mr. J., Stratford, CT
Wheeler, Charles G.
Whitely, J., Buffalo
Whitestone, Wm.
Wise, Mr. John, lady and child, New Haven
Woodbridge, John, Buffalo
Wright, William


The Milledgeville Federal Union of the 3rd inst., says:-- The following young men from this city and its vicinity, left last week for California, viz:--

Breedlove, Bolling
Edwards, T.D.
King, E.
Park, Elsworth F.
Park, Starke
Sandford, F.H.
White, T.W.

They unite with others at Atlanta, and proceed thence to St. Louis. At this place they design providing themselves with conveyances and then take the Independence route, via Santa Fe.


The Fort Smith Herald, of the 14th ult., gives the following list of emigrants, composing a company which left that place on the 12th ult., for California:--

Ballard, G., Scarborough, AK
Bowman, D.D., St. Louis
Brokaw, W.
Flynn, M.J., Ireland
Funnells, _., ME
Gerold, T.
Harris, H., Germany
Heath, M.H., captain, IL
Hutchinson, W.H., St. Louis
Lanweister, F.W., Germany
Lime, W.P., NY
Marshall, M., NY
Mullrey, S., Germany
Owen, Jesse, Scarborough, AK
Rom, N., Germany
Sellers, J.H., Scarborough, AK
Stanley, S.F., Scarborough, AK
Waddle, John W., PA
Wedsworth, J.V., NY

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