California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 8, 1849

Movements for California.

The bark Charles Devans, Capt. Bailey, sailed on the 6th inst. For Chagres, with the following passengers:--

Acker, Mr.
Adee, J.
Anderson, J.S.
Bailey, Lyman R., president
Ball, John S., treasurer
Baylies, James
Bingham, B.
Bingham, B.
Black, A.
Bonnell, Dr.
Boon, Thomas
Boorman, T.
Bradshaw, R.S.
Brown, J.B.
Buckingham, Mr.
Campbell, J.
Clark, S.C.
Cook, Mr.
Davidson, William
Durand, Joseph
Elliott, C., Jr.
Flemming, Chas. F.
Hirsch & White
Hoffer, D.
Hunneman, J.H.
Hunt, D.W.
Keron, J.H.
Lacy, Caleb
Larroston, John E.
Lines, J.
Murray, McC. (sic)
Olden, W.R.
Ottenstall, C.
Page, Benjamin
Prior, H.
Prouty, Sanaford (sic)
Read, William
Richardson, J.W.
Schyler, J.A.
Searl, George
Shultz, _.
Sinclair, J.H.
Smith, John
Valentine, J.W.
Van Winkle, Charles, secretary
Walter, Mrs. R.H.
Walter, R.H.
Weld, F.
Whales, Chas.
Williams, Samuel R.
Yourks, J.


The ship Areatus, Capt. Knowles, sailed from Boston on the 5th inst., for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Austin, B.
Bacon, S.S.
Bailey, Alfred
Bean, Jas. R.
Bean, M.S.
Beckwith, Chas.
Berry, Enoch, NY
Bigelow, Jerome H.
Bigelow, Levi
Billings, Jno.
Bixby, Alvin
Blood, M.M.
Booke, W.W.
Booth, Hosea
Bowen, Hy. W.
Brown, Nicholas
Campbell, Chas.
Campbell, John, Jr.
Caswell, Noah H.
Chace, Simeon
Chapman, C.H.
Cheney, Nathl.
Chesley, Paul
Chesly, Wm.
Clark, Sidney C.
Colley, E.S.
Conlin, Andrew
Copeland, Joshua W.
Crowell, Jos.
Crowell, Robert F.
Davis, J.B.
Day, Hy.
Donnovan, J.P.
Draper, Jas. O.
Drewry, George
Dudley, Leonard
Finch, Ira G.
Fisher, Elias
Foss, Calvin J.
Fowle, J.A.
Gardiner, Joan (Josu ?)
Garfield, Samuel
Gay, Albert C.
Gibson, Saml.
Gilbert, B.
Gilbert, Ezra
Godfrey, Jas. A.
Goodwin, Jas. C.
Gould, Moses
Grover, Eli W.
Hadley, Franklin
Hager, Wm. H.
Hall, Robt. B., NY
Harris, Geo. W.
Hartley, J.H.
Hatch, William H., NY
Hays, Geo. A.
Hichman, Jas.
Hill, Alonzo
Hill, William
Hiller, Jas. M.
Hillgar, Sam’l.
Holbrook, S.N.
Howe, Geo. A.
Hunt, Haman
Hutchins, Ezra K.
Hutchins, Jos., Jr.
Hyer, Wm.
Jackson, Thos. A.H.
Janes, Saml. G.
Kingman, Jas. H.
Leonard, Jas.
Lindsey, Theodore S., NY
Luther, Daniel W.
Lyons, Chas. S.
McGee, Jno.
McGerry, Derby, NY
McLeod, Robt.
McNally, Hy.
Mellen, A.S.
Melloon, Lewis T.
Morgan, Jas.
Murray, Lyman
Murray, Wm.
Nash, Jas. P.
Nickerson, Enos, NY
Park, George W.
Pearce, Edw., NY
Phelps, Luther J.
Plummer, Danl.
Poor, Thos. C.
Pratt, Jos. W.
Prince, Frederick
Proctor, Lewis
Putney, Otis
Rand, Saml.
Rand, Wm. H.
Reed, Wm.
Richardson, Thomas R.
Ripley, Benj., NY
Rumsay, Chas.
Sargeant, Chas. H.
Sawyer, Wm. H., NY
Sayles, Richd. A.
Searle, Comfort
Short, Phillip
Smith, Benj. S.
Smith, Ezra D.
Smith, Geo. L.
Smith, Otis S.
Snow, Charles
Stanley, Jno. H.
Stetson, B.
Stewart, Thos.
Symonds, Merrill S.
Tarbox, J.
Tompkins, Andrew
Tourtelotte, W.H.
Townsend, J.C.
Trask, James P., NY
Underhill, Charles B.
Wallace, E.G.
Warren, Benj.
Waugh, Archibald
Welton, Wm. J., NY
West, Jona.
Westcott, E.J.
Whitney, John A.
Willard, George
Willia, Ellis
Wilson, Geo. R.
Wilson, Horace
Wilson, Wm. H., NY
Winslow, G.L.
Wood, Franklin A.
Woolley, Jas. W., NY
Wright, Francis


The Columbus State Sentinel, of the 2d inst., says:-- Two companies of adventurers, of thirty in each, residents of Columbus and vicinity, have this day taken leave of their fellow citizens, and started for the El Dorado of the Sacramento Valley. The first company, whose name has not yet been furnished, is composed of the following persons:--

Barcus, E., Jr.
Boyle, C.E., physician
Breyfogle, C., director
Bryden, D.
Cain, W.
Canfield, E.E.
Canfield, J.G., vice-president
Chadwick, G.
Crist, A.B.
Davis, T.
Decker, Peter, secretary
Demgan, J.S.
Denig, L.A.
Dewitt, C.
Fisk, C.M.
Krumm, J.
Lunn, J.C.
McColm, G.Q., treasurer
McCommon, P.
Moores, H., director
Price, S.J., director
Ranney, H.
Rugg, D.
Rugg, T.
Sherman, L.H.
Stiles, W.C.
Stone, J.P.
Walton, G., director
Walton, John, president
Wood, C.D.

The company has ten wagons and forty mules, and is well supplied with equipage, provisions, and arms. In organization, it is divided into five messes, with one director in each. Leaving Columbus, they pass through Xenia to Cincinnati, thence by water to Independence, in Missouri, beyond which the particular route is not determined upon. The other band is called the “Franklin California Mining Company.” Its officers are:--

Armitage, Jacob
Barr, J.K.
Bobo, Jona.
Booth, Joseph W.
Colton, Chester F.
Cornwall, Anderson
Coulter, J.W.
Coulter, John, Lieutenant
Demorest, Nicholas
Gaver, E.
Hunter, A.M.
Hunter, Joseph, Captain
Hunter, O.S., Quartermaster
Hunter, R.J.
Marpie, J.H., Secretary
McCartney, John
McCormick, F.A., Treasurer
Myers, C.H.
Myers, Samuel
Price, Samuel
Robertson, Alexander
Robertson, Charles A.
Robey, J.
Shaw, C.M.
Smith, V.R.
Spaythe, John
Uncles, John
Walcutt, O.S.
Williams, Matthew
Woodward, Geo.

The members are associated upon the joint stock principle, and are to remain in California eighteen months, from May 1, prox. They carry provisions for that length of time. Their train consists of eight new and strong wagons, ans twenty-six yoke of oxen. The route to be pursued is the same with that of the other company.

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