California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 3, 1849

Movements to California


The painful intelligence published yesterday, relative to this company, has caused a great anxiety among the friends of those who left this city. The telegraphic dispatch of those who fell victims to the cholera, and as a matter of course, the friends of those from this city, were each apprehensive that they had lost a son, brother, or other connection. The following is a list of the names of the members of the company, though many of them joined after the company left this city:--

Audubon, J.W. (Biography)
Ayres, V.
Bachman, J.H.
Barclay, W.B.
Benson, L.L.
Benson, R., Jr.
Black, J.A.
Bloomfield, J.J.
Borden, H.J.
Brady, H.
Brady, J.
Cavarley, J.P.
Clements, J.B.
Combs, F.S.
Cowden, H.
Cres, W.J.
Damon, L.
Davis, G.P.
Delaney, J.
Doubleday, U.
Ely, J., Jr.
Emslie, J.I.
Graham, A.C.
Graham, A.S.
Graham, C.M.
Hall, T.H., Jr.
Haven, L.H.
Hincklay, L.F.
Hudson, D.
Hutchinson, W.A.
Kashow, I.
Kearney, Dr.
Lambert, E.A.
Lambert, J.
Lambert, J.B.
Lambert, J.R.
Lambert, J.S.
Lee, A.F.
Liscomb, S.H.
Liscomb, W.A.
Mallery, H.C.
McCusker, P.
McTown, A.T.
Molenaor, W.D.
Nevin, A.M.
Osgood, E.W.
Plumb, J.H.
Powell, E.
Rogers, J.K., Jr.
Sherwood, J.W.
Sherwood, R.W.
Shipman, A.T.
Sloat, L.W.
Steele, G.C.
Stevens, J.
Stille, H.
Stivers, D.A.
Stivers, W.D.
Tallman, H.
Tone, J.H.
Trask, J.B.
Valentine, C.
Valentine, M.B.
Valentine, T.B.
Van Buren, G.F.
Walsh, N.J.
Warner, J.
Watkinson, J.S.
Webb, Col. H.L.
Webb, E.C.
Webb, W.
Weed, G.
Whittlesey, G.B.
Whittlesey, W.
Williamson, I.H.
Winthrop, F.B.

“The fact only of the robbery of the company of $12,000 was received, and the dispatch was so indefinite as to fill with painful apprehensions all who had a friend or friends among them. It is not yet known whether the remaining members will, upon their return, take another route, or abandon the project; but until the whole facts connected with the company are known, with the names of the dead, the greatest anxiety must be felt throughout the city.”


The brig Canonicus, Capt. Martin, sailed from Boston on the 1st inst. For San Francisco via Valparaiso, with the El Dorado Association:--

Company officers:
Carleton, A.W., director, Methuen
Craft, Francis D., director, Roxbury
Davis, Charles, secretary, Roxbury
Godfrey, Christopher, 1st officer, of Providence
Howard, Nathaniel J., director, Boston
Judkins, _., 3rd officer, of Roxbury
Lyon, Lemuel, president, of Roxbury
Martin, John S., master of the vessel, of Castine
Perkins, W.C., vice president, of Roxbury
Wessinthall, Andrew, 2nd officer, of Boston

From Boston:
Bense, Henry
Devall (Devell, Devoll ?), G.H.B.
French, F.B.
Kent, Edwin A.
Neal, D.W.
Prescott, Edward, Jr.
Schlesinger, B.
Snow, Frederick A.
Tileston, Edward H.
Woodward, Edmund F.

Members of company:
Ames, Jacob, Cambridge
Ames, John G., Cambridge
Barker, Thomas, physician, Bangor
Birckhead, H.W., Shoreham, VT
Clark, John D., Salem
Cogswell, William, Plainfield, CT
Collins, Charles W., Eastham
Davis, Gilman I., Roxbury
Doane, Ezekiel, Eastham
Eastman, Augustus, Salem
Edmands (sic), E., Corinth, ME
Emerson, E.F., Stoneham
Emery, Joseph H., Augusta, ME
Farrington, John S., Claremont
Foss, Erastus, Salem
Gilman, William A., Bangor
Harwood, Seth K., Athol
Hill, Charles E., Portsmouth, NH
Jewett, Elias M., Lexington
Kimball, Nathaniel, Roxbury
Larrabee, John R., Auguata, ME
Levine, Edward, Montpelier
Lyon, Champlin, Ashford, CT
Marsh, Thomas, Andover
Osgood, John S., Chelsea
Tilden, Heber N., Montpelier
Wilson, John D., Lowell
Woodward, Edwin N., Taunton
Woodward, Warren, Taunton

Atherton, Charles M., Castine
Camden, R.L.
Carson, Alexander, Boston
Dunlap, Robert, Boston
Gould, Chauncy, Boston
Jones, William
Stewart, A.C., Boston
Wyman, C.R., Melrose

The following is a list of passengers in the ship York, Cheever, which sailed from Boston on the 1st inst. For San Francisco:--

Barnes, J.H.
Campbell, Thomas R.
Cartwright, J.W., Jr.
Cartwright, John W.
Dennis, Ed. M.
Hall, C. John
Hubbard, Charles H.
Lear, Robert R.
Melvin, Adoma L.
Minor, George W.
Piper, N.H.
Smith, C.W.
Teschemacher, S.E.
Thayer, William H.
Thompson, I.B.
Welles, Nathaniel H.
Wheelwright, Alfred
Whittemore, F.W. 18

Other members of company:
Ainsworth, Sydney, Barnstable
Baily, George, Wiscasset
Barrett, William H., Nantucket
Bassett, Thos., New Bedford
Burr, H.T., Charlestown
Cheever, George N., (master of the ship), Salem
Cheever, John, Saugus
Clark, F.B., Wills, ME
Colby, John, Lowell
Drew, George, Duxbury
Ewer, Ferdinand C., Nantucket
Gay, Arthur O., Hingham
Hooper, R.H., Charlestown
Littlefield, I., Charlestown
Small, Clement, East Boston
Soule, Enoch, Duxbury
Spooner, John A., Plymouth
Swift, C.A., Monmouth, ME
Trumbull, Joseph, Worcester
Wadsworth, E., Duxbury
Williams, I.M., Wiscasset


The bark Montgomery, Capt. Jones, left New Orleans on the 24th ult., for San Francisco. She carried out the following passengers:--

Adamson, P.
Booth, Mr.
Brooks, L.H.
Burns, F.
Cook, H.
Curry, John, and lady
Curry, Miss
Dethmer, H.
Edgar, J.T.
Gahan, George
Gay, John L.
Gerard, Mr. E.
Holmes, George, and child
Holmes, J.H., lady and child
Knoche, J.E.
Liening, J.H.
McMurray, Charles F.
Meggitt, A.
Perego, Mr., and lady
Powers, J.J.
Schaffer, M.
Stone, J.
Teramp (?), Mr. F.
Weber, A.

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