California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
April 2, 1849

Movements for California.

The Louisville Courier, of the 26th ultimo, says the following persons left that city on that day, via overland route, viz:--

Bardin, C.P.
Baxter, J.H.
Bland, Theo.
Brown, M.
Brown,, S.
Bryant, Edwin
Bryson, Ed. A.
Buck, E. (?)
Byers, Henry (?)
Chin, M.A.
Conroy, Henry
Cory, Samuel
Crawford, Ed.
Dulaney, C.F.
Dunn, Justus
Fogerty, Ed.
Fox, Henry
Fox, Jacob
Fox, Jacob S.
Goach, J.S.
Graf, Abraham
Graf, Ferdinand
Griffin, Morris
Harris, Matthew
Haynes, H.
Hule (Huie ?), Dr., and lady
Hule (Huie ?), J.B.
Johnston, M.B.
Kaye, F.A., Jr.
Kaye, John
Ludwig, L.W.
Marshall, H.
Marshall, J.H.
Martin, D.D.
Martin, Dr.
Martin, H.D.
Mayhall, W.D.
McCleary, J.
McCracken, M.
McDuffy, B.
McFarland., W.
McMillen, S.
Miller, Dr. B.
Miner, J.H._., and two others (best guess on surname)
Moore, Geo. G.
Moore, John T.
Moore, R.W.
Morgan, _.C.
Murray, O.J.
Musselman, A.
Neblett, Ed.
Parker, Z.D.
Percival, W.
Pope, Robert
Pope, Wallace
Prather, J.S.
Rankin, A.
Raphael, S.
Reader, S.P.
Redd, R.H.
Richardson, W.P.
Ross, George
S_ager, (Seager ?), J.
Shaefer, F.H.
Sheddell (Shaddell ?), Bernard
Smiley, C.
Smith, J.T.
Smith, John
Stewart, James L.
Stewart, W.G.
Stone, D.C.
Stout, B.
T_ford (Tilford ?) F.
Thomas, L.K.
Thompson, I.D.
Thompson, Lieut., U.S. Navy
Todd, John
Wakeman, W.B.
Weems, Dr.
Wingate, R.A.


The Charleston (Va.) Spirit, of the 27th ult., speaking of a company organized in that place, says:-- The company in all numbers seventy-six. Some ten or more have already gone, to make the necessary purchase in the way of wagons, mules, provisions, &c. The route by Independence has been selected as the most advantageous, from which point the company hope to embark by the first of May……..

Below is a full and accurate list of the officers and members of the company:--

Allen, John
Alsquith, Edward M., treasurer
Barley, Richard
Bender, Jacob
Blakemore, R.M.
Boley, John T.
Bowers, John William
Bradley, Thornton, C.
Bryarly (Bryerly ?), surgeon, of Baltimore
Burwell, Walter J.
Clevinger, Asa
Cockrell, Daniel
Comegys, G.W.
Conway, Hugh
Crane, Smith, Second commander
Cunningham, Charles
Cunningham, George
Cunninham, James
Daugherty, Enos
Davidson, James
Davidson, Samuel
Davis, Joseph C,
Duke, F.W.
Engle (Eagle ?), Joseph
Engle, Jacob H.
Fagan, Daniel
Ferrill, Milton
Gallaher (sic), John W.
Garnhart, John H.
Gel_er (Gelcer, Gelser ?), Vincent E.
Gittings, F.
Harrison, Ham. C.
Hayden, Charles A.
Hoffman, Benjamin
Hooper, Edward
Humphreys, Dr. J.D.
Humphreys, J.T.
Keeling, Robt. H., First commander
Kelly, J. Harrison, secretary
Krebs, James A.
Lewis, Jos. E.N., Third commander
Lock, Elisha
Lupton, John M.
Mackaran, William H.
Marmaduke, A.J.
McCurdy, James
Melihany (Mellhany ?), Edward
Miller, Andrew R.
Miller, Morgan
Milton, Taliaferro (Tallaferro ?)
Moore, Henry H.
Moore, James H.
Moore, John, Jr.
Moore, Thomas C.
Murphy, John H.
Poland, John T.
Purcell, John
Riley, Edwin A.
Rissler (Risaler ?), William
Rohrer, Elisha
Seevers, Benjamin F.
Severs, Nathaniel, quartermaster
Showers, John S.
Showman, P.B.
Simpson, Francis R.
Slagle, Charles F.
Stonebraker, G.C.
Strider, Isaac Keys
Strider, Jesse A.
Tavener, Newton
Thomas, Charles G.
Wagner, Andrew
Walpert, John C.
Washington, Benjamin F, president
Washington, T.F.
Young, Joseph C.


The ship Thos. Bennett, Captain Halverston, left Charleston on the 28th ult., for San Francisco, California. The following is a list of her passengers:--

Allen, W.
Barns, S.
Bearings, J.H.
Benthom, C.M., and servant
Brack, E.A.
Brand, Mr., and lady
Brandner, B.
Bunch, _.
Burghester, Mr., and lady
Clifstin, W.
Cordes, J.D.
Cruger, H.
Curriere, J.H.
Davis, J.R.
Denwent, P.N.
Dingley, C.
Englehart, H.
Ferrel, H.W.
Folk, J.
Fuller, H.
Gaillard, Dr. D.H.
Gordon, G.
Gruber, C.
Hadelin, H.
Harlow, G.S.
Hesseman, G.
Heyward (Hayward ?), N.W.
Hill, _.
Hofferman, G.
Holliman, W.
Iusti, Mr., and lady
Jones, S.W.
Lowden, R.
Lutes, F.
M’Kennie, J.P.
Martin, M.
Matthiesson (sic), C.F.
McKeen, S.
McNeese, W.
Murdhard, G.
Quigley, J.
Rice, R.C.
Rielly, H.C.
Rivers, C.V.
Robertson, W.A.
Ryan, James
Ryan, W.
Schmidt, D.W.
Schultze, S.
Simpson, _.
Street, J.C.
Taylor, L.
Townsend, M.
Trescott, E.H.
Tutt, B.F.
Watton, R., Jr.
Webb, W.P.
Werner, J.
Wightman, W.E.

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