California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 29, 1849

Movements for California.

The ship Mayflower, Captain Randall, cleared at New Bedford on the 26th inst. for California, with the following passengers:--

The members of the New Bedford and California Joint Stock and Trading Company, viz:

New Bedford:
Brooks, Lloyd
Buchanan, Thomas
Clark, Ebenezer C.
Drinker, Dr. Jno. Henry
Fletcher, George
Hathaway, Alexander
McLaughlin, Michael
Meader, Jonathan B.
Randall, Chas. H.
Randall, George
Sullivan, Daniel

Deane, George R.
Grinnell, Joshua
Hitch, Hardy
Merrihew, William
Taylor, Aaron S.
Thompson, Dr. Ezra

Albert, Lewis
Allen, Charles
Ball, Chas.
Bassett, Jas.
Brightman, Leander
Coggeshall, Bradford
Gifford, Edward S.
Gifford, Frederick
Hicks, R.C.
Hicks, Wm. B.
Howland, Isaac
Macomber, Geo. B.
Manchester, Jas.
Seabury, Albert
Washburn, Israel
Washburn, John H.

Additional members:
Allen, Oliver, Norwich, CT
Barnitt, McPherson, York, PA
Chadwick, Isaac S., Dartmouth
Church, Wm. S., Providence
Compton, Little, Providence
Crosby, Josiah, Waterville, ME
Dexter, James F., Rochester
Doe, Josiah, Vassalboro, ME
Howes, Freeman B., Rochester
Huse, Joseph, Newburyport, ME
Jenkins, Henry, Barnstable
Johnson, Henry C., Providence
Leach, Seth K., Harrisburg, PA
Lindley, Wm., Downingtown, PA
Mantor, Jas. P., Providence
Meader, Thomas B., Nantucket
Pierce, George, Boston
Pierce, Wm. J., Providence, RI
Randall, Robert C.
Randall, Robert C., jr., Rochester
Rhodes, John A., Waterville, ME
Ritchie, D.K., Needham
Smellee, James, Rochester
Stead, Thomas, Providence
Stone, Edward F., Boston
Warren, Saml., Brooklyn, VT
Whaley, James H., Montville, CT
Williams, Robt. S., Waterville, ME


“The Milwaukie (sic: Milwaukee) Sentinel, of the 10th inst., says: Two more “California wagons” left our city yesterday, the one belonging to Mr. Jennings, of East Troy, the other to Mr. C. Nunn, of this city. Mr. Nunn takes with him his wife, brother and father; the latter, eighty years old. They go by land to Galena, thence down the Mississippi to St. Louis, where they intend to lay in their property of provisions, and then push for Independence and the Plains. For the information of California emigrants, we may add that a letter has been received from Mr. Joseph Ludington, who left here some weeks since for El Dorado, stating that supplies of all kinds can be purchased at St. Louis on the most favorable terms.”

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