California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 25, 1849

Movements for California.

The ship Flavius, Captain Thatcher, sailed yesterday morning for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

The White Plains Mutual Benefit Association, vix.:--
Banks, Edward
Banks, George
Banks, H.R.
Dickenson, Wm. H.
Ferguson, J.
Norton, A.
Reynolds, D.
Tompkins, S.C.
Weeks, H.

The White Plains Mining Company:
Billington, C.H.
Collins, John J.
Goodherat, George
King, David
Munson, F.A.

Additional passengers:
Adam, Charles
Albring, Fred’k.
Allen, A.P.
Allen, S.M.
Baldwin, Wm.
Bannister, John
Beardsdell, Robert
Bennett, Benjamin
Brown, Origen (Origon ?)
Brown, S.
Brown, Wm.
Burnside, John
Bushell, Samuel
Claffy, Michael
Clendenen, Henry
Crosler, Wm. H.
Datsun (Dutson, Dotson ?), P.S.
Delavan, Wm. H.
Demilt, S.
Donoghue, Patrick
Doyle, James
Edwards, A.R.
Elmendorf, S.R.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas H.
Ford, G.L.
Ford, Wm. E.
Gardiner, Jas., “and company of four persons.”
Gentlett, Joseph
Grantham, Thomas
Haight, Lansing
Henry, H.M.
Hoyt, A.B.
Hughes, Jas.
Ireton, Geo.
Jamison, John B.
Kennedy, Morgan
Keogh, Michael
Lankanhan, Albert
McCluskey, J.J.
McGuire, Patrick
McIntyre, John L.
Mount, Sylvester J.
Mullin, Wm.
O’Callaghan, J.
O’Connell, Thomas
Oakley, G.H.
Pike, Horace A.
Prichard, Thos.
Purdy, C.A.
Quid, Wm.
Reynolds, Dr. J.F.
Schaeffer, L.M. [Kept diary of journey. See “O. Lewis’ “Sea Routes to the Gold Fields.”]
Seeley, Warren
Sherwood, John
Slorey, N.S.
Smith, H.M.
Snook, R.
Snow, W.H.
Soles, John
Sullivan, Jos.
Tice, A.J.
Tobias, Wm.
Tompkins, James B.
Ulnz, Osias
Van Keller, Otto
Walter, Luther
Welling, J.W.
White, Samuel
Wiley, Jos.
Winship, Geo.


A company of ten young men, consisting of William F. Webb, William Gross, Benjamin Wolper, W.R. Dorsey, James R. Bain, J.D. Baxley, William H. Hopkins, Joshua J. Creery, George W. Bull, and Samuel G. Collins, under the title of “The Baltimore Mining and Trading Company,”
Left this city last week, on their way to California, by the overland route through Independence, Missouri. They are perfectly organized, with the proper officers, under a constitution binding them together for eighteen months, and are fully armed and equipped for their arduous journey. Previous to their departure, they purchased and shipped to San Francisco a sufficient quantity of provisions and clothing for their use during the time for which they are bound together, and also sent their wagons to Independence, where they intend purchasing the mules necessary for their journey. They expect to leave Independence on or about the 15th of April. [Baltimore Clipper, March 23.]


The bark Yeoman, Captain Clark, sailed on the 14th instant, from Plymouth, Mass., for San Francisco. The following persons went in her:--

Barnes, Ellis B., Plymouth
Barnes, Winslow B., Plymouth
Barrows,Nathl. S., Jr., Plymouth
Bates, Ozin, Plymouth
Blankenship, Seth, Rochester
Bradford, Caleb C., Plymouth
Bradford, Geo. A., Kingston
Brown, Thos., Rochester
Chase, Henry
Churchill, Jno. E., (steward), Plymouth
Churchill, Nathan, Plymouth
Churchill, Silas M., Plymouth
Clark, Jas. M. (captain), Rochester
Clark, Jno, Rochester
Collingwood, Geo., (mate), Plymouth
Collingwood, William
Collins, Jas. T., Plymouth
Covington, Nathl. C., (president), Plymouth
Cushing, Nathan G., Plymouth
Doten, Alfred, Plymouth
Dunham, Chandler Plymouth
Dunham, Richd. B., Plymouth
Dunham, Wm. J., Plymouth
Everson, Sylvanus, Kingston
Fowler, Geo. P., Plymouth
Gifford, William M.
Holmes, Franklin B., Plymouth
Holmes, Hy. B., Plymouth
Hubbard, Hy. M., Plymouth
Kingman, Elisha W., Plymouth
Morton, Edward, Plymouth
Morton, Hy. M., Plymouth
Nelson, A.O.
Robbins, Augustus, Plymouth
Robbins, Francis H., (secretary), Plymouth
Rogers, Ellis, Plymouth
Rogers, Thos., Plymouth
Saunders, William, Plymouth
Swinbourn, Robt., Plymouth
Wadsworth, Jas. T., Plymouth
Ward, John, Brooklyn, NY

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