California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 24, 1849


We published, yesterday, a list of a few passengers by the splendid ship Samoset, Captain Hollis, which sailed on Thursday, for San Francisco. We now give a full and complete list:--

Sing Sing Company:
Coddington, William
Leggett, Benjamin
Leggett, Horatio
Murray, H.E.
Potts, David
Reynolds, Andrew
Reynolds, Horace
Schell, A.M.
Sniffin, Benjamin
Van Wart, E.

Additional passengers:
Alverson, A.B., Baltimore
Anderson, William
Arnold, Austin, Delaware
Arthur, J.D.
Babcock, Mr., Delaware
Bailey, S., Baltimore
Beauclerk, Mr., Baltimore
Becker, H., Baltimore
Bell, E., Baltimore
Bennet, J.C., Baltimore
Benton, B., Baltimore
Billsland, T., Baltimore
Blass, Philip, Baltimore
Blossen, A., Baltimore
Bonner, D.D., Baltimore
Brandt, J.P., Baltimore
Britton, J.W., Baltimore
Brockway, S.H., Baltimore
Brown, A.L., Baltimore
Brown, D., Baltimore
Brown, E., Baltimore
Brown, G., Baltimore
Brown, William H., Delaware
Buchanan, Mr., Baltimore
Buckingham, Robert, Delaware
Burditch, W.P., supercargo of the Ithaca Mining Company, Baltimore
Burns, D., Delaware
Chamberlin, A., Baltimore
Chase, W.H., Baltimore
Conover, C., Baltimore
Conover, E., Baltimore
Cooper, D., Baltimore
Cornell, Isaac, Baltimore
Counter, J.B., Baltimore
Crank, L.H., Baltimore
Crary, E., Baltimore
Deane, Erastus, Delaware
Deitze, A., Baltimore
Deitze, J., Baltimore
Demarest, J., Baltimore
Dennis, L., Baltimore
Dewitt, David, Baltimore
Douglass, John, Baltimore
Dunn, R.J., Delaware
Earle, D.L., Baltimore
Eldred, A., Baltimore
Ely, E., Jr., Delaware
Farlle, A.S., Baltimore
Farlle, C., Baltimore
Gardner, W., Baltimore
Garritson, J.K., Baltimore
Gates, William, Baltimore
Graves, A., Baltimore
Graves, H.N., Baltimore
Gray, J.J., Delaware
Hall, Captain James, and lady, Boston
Heldreth, E., Baltimore
Hildreth, J.O., physician
Hodgkins, Cornelius, Delaware
Hollister, D., Delaware
Horniblow, J.J., Delaware
Hyberg, Mr. Delaware
Irins, J.H., Baltimore
Irins, J.S., Baltimore
Johnson, R.M., Baltimore
Keeling, S.T., Delaware
Kempton, John
Kennady, J.C., Baltimore
Kent, W.H., Delaware
Kimble, J.H., Delaware
King, Ely, Delaware
King, L., Delaware
Kinney, W., Baltimore
Kirk, R., Baltimore
Kissam, C.S., Baltimore
Knapp, J.W., Delaware
Lambert, D., Jr., Baltimore
Lambert, D., Jr., Baltimore
Lamsden (Lambden ?), J.F., Baltimore
Law, Alfred
Lawrence, G.W., Baltimore
Leaycraft, S., Baltimore
Lloyd, R.R., Baltimore
Luddington, E., Delaware
Ludlow, W.H.
Lyster, T.G. Western, Delaware
Marshall, William
McCaffray, D., Delaware
McKenzie, Robert, Baltimore
McLoughlin, A., Baltimore
McLoughlin, N., Baltimore
McNamee, A., surgeon, Baltimore
Merrill, D.S., Baltimore
Milligan, Mr., Delaware
Moe, C., Baltimore
Moorehouse, Rev. Mr., Staten Island
Mowbray, James, Delaware
Muir, William
Needham, Theodore, Delaware
Nickerson, John, Baltimore
North, A.D. Baltimore
Olmstad, J., Baltimore
Passman, David
Pease, C.D., Baltimore
Peterson, T., Baltimore
Petrie, A., Baltimore
Pettis, Amos, Delaware
Philip, A., lady and 2 children Baltimore
Porter, G.W., Baltimore
Randal, C.H., Baltimore
Rice, Charles, Baltimore
Richards, C.J., Delaware
Robinson, E.F., Baltimore
Russ, C.P., Baltimore
Russel, A.P., Baltimore
Sevier, F.A., Baltimore
Sharp, G., Baltimore
Sherwood, S.B., Baltimore
Simonson, E., Baltimore
Sloper, Daniel, Baltimore
Smith, W.N., Baltimore
Spence, H., Delaware
Stark, S., Baltimore
Stedman, O.H., Baltimore
Stone, W.S., Baltimore
Storm, David, Baltimore
Sweet, George, Baltimore
Teneyck, J., Baltimore
Thomas, J.A., Baltimore
Tice, George, Baltimore
Van Schaick, C.M., Baltimore
Wight, R.B., Baltimore
Williams, G.W.
Williams, J., Delaware
Wilson, Mr., Delaware
Wolf, John B., Baltimore
Wood, O., Baltimore
Wood, S.B., Baltimore
Wooden, P.S., Delaware
Youle, James, Baltimore
Young, E.M.

“A gentleman who was accompanying his friends down the bay, became so much excited that he paid his passage and remained on board.”

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