California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 23, 1849


The bark Santee, Capt. Parker, sailed yesterday, 22nd instant, for Chagres, with the following passengers, bound for the gold regions:--

Alpros, A.A.
Burritt, H.O.
Candee, W.W.
Case, Albert
Clark, John
Coffin, J.
Espersan, C.
Gardiner, Francis S.
Goodenough, Rodney
Hammond, N.
Hamor, Jonathan
Haskins, Mr.
Holt, George H.
Johnston, J.W.
Middleton, Master
Milligan, D., of Saratoga Company [and 18 others in Saratoga Company unnamed]
Pagin, John, and wife
Pagin, William
Rebello, Charles S.
Sharp, A.A.
Shervoy, Geo.
Smith, C.E.

Franklin Mining and Training Company:
Carpenter, William L.
Hungerford, John F.
Kirck, Henry D.
Leavenworth, Beard
Lenicke, Frederick Wm.
Mathews, Morse
Norton, James B.
Oliver and Crandell (?)
Osborne, Benjamin S.
Perry, Col. Stuart, director
Plummer, David
Rankin, Daniel
Rankin, Thomas
Walrad, W.H.
Walrad, William H.
Wilcox, Nelson

“The above company leave for three years’ absence, and go fully equipped in every particular for their labors in California. No company excels them in their outfit, and a good account of them may be expected. They are a noble set of men for such an enterprise.”

The ship Samoset, Captain Hollis, took her departure, yesterday afternoon, for San Francisco. The following is a list of some of her passengers, being all we were able to obtain last night:--

The Otsego Mining Company, viz:--
Baley, S.
Bicker, H., Secretary
Chase, Wm. Henry
Deites, A.
Deites, John
Eyck, J. Te_, Director
Gardner, Wm.
Gates, Wm.
Graves, A.
Graves, H.V.
Loyd, R.
McVame, R.
North, Dr. A.D., Director
Pearson, C.D., Treasurer
Peterson, T.
Rice, C.
Thomas, J.A.
Wright, R.B., President


The Boston Courier, of the 22d instant, says the following persons, comprising the Congress and California Mutual Protection Association, left that city on the 19th inst. for California. They will go via St. Louis and Independence:--

Allen, David, Leominster
Clark, William D., Roxbury
Coburn, George L.
Collins, Joseph, Leominster
Corbett, Charles, Roxbury
Cowan, James K., Boston
Cracklin, Joseph, Roxbury
Crane, Capt. A., Leominster
Crossman, Nath’l. W., Roxbury
Darling, Colonel, Adjutant, Leominster
Darling, Geo. S., Leominster
Davis, Thomas F., Hennicker, NH
Dudley, Major N.A.M., second officer, Boston
Edgerly, S., Roxbury
Freeman, Benjamin H. Roxbury
Hall, David, Roxbury
Hall, Graham, Roxbury
Hawkins, I.S., Fitchburg
Hogdan, David A., Roxbury
Hyde, Henry F., Newton
Hyde, T.W., Newton
Legate, Franklin, Leominster
Mathews, Charles Roxbury
Nichols, Capt. R.C., Secretary and Treasurer, Boston
Nichols, William, Boston
Paige, Sylvanus
Palmer, Thomas W., Roxbury
Pearsons, Geo. C., Portland, ME
Pevear, Charles, Quartermaster, Roxbury
Pevear, Jas. N., Roxbury
Robinson, Dr., Surgeon, Fitchburg
Shed, Frederick K.S., Roxbury
Smith, G.W., Leominster
Stevens, Otis, Commissary, Roxbury
Stone, Lieut. Luthur (sic), Leominster
Thurner, Albert K., Leominster
Tolman, John., Roxbury
Tyler, Geo. C., Leominster
Tyler, John P., Leominster
Walker, William, Boston
Webber, Major John, Jr., first officer, Roxbury
Welch, Oliver, Boston

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