California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 22, 1849

Movements to California.

An overland company, called the Congress and California Mutual Protective Company, numbering about 50 persons, particularly from Roxbury, started from this city for California yesterday afternoon, in the Old Colony cars. They are all armed with rifles, cutlasses, and bowie knives, and take the route via Baltimore and Santa Fe.— J. Webber, jun., President of the company; Nathan Dudley, Vice President, and Robert Nichols, Secretary. [Boston Traveller, March 20.]


The following is a list of passengers by the brig Major Eastland, Capt. Wells, which cleared at New Orleans on the 20th inst., for Chagres:--

Applegate, Mr.
Baldwin, D.
Baldwin, E.W.
Baldwin, G.W.
Barnes, Wm.
Belcher, A.
Billings, Dr.
Bodley, Mr.
Brinley, George
Brown, J.R.
Brown, Mr.
Camerden, Michael
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, D.
Carll, E.
Carter, F.
Castle, J.F.
Chaplin, J.L.
Cleveland, D.C.
Collins, P.
Crandall, Henry
Cressler, J.
Critcher, H.
Cutlett, F.
Davidson, B.K.
Develle, Benjamin F.
Develle, George W.
Donnegan, J.
Dougherty, J.W.
Fagan, Jos.
Fagan, Joseph L.
Fisher, N.L.
Fitzhugh, _.
Frazee, C.
Gallman, Wm. F.
Gibson, Thomas
Gillet, C.B.
Gillet, E.P.
Gimble, F.
Harberma, J.H.
Hastings, B.F.
Heird, Spencer C.
Henderson, M.
Hillman, S.
Hoe, F.
Holt, J.S.
Holt, K.F.
Hooff, P.H.
Ingraham, N.
Jarvis, P.
Josephs, Mr.
Keans, W.P.
King, H.
Kirkpatrick, J.W.
Krause, K.
Krause, L.
Lehman, Mr.
Light, Wm. W.
Lindiver, Louis
Lipman, Joshua
Long, L.B.
Lynch, F.
Lyon, L.
Mallett, J.H.
Marten, J.B.
Mason (Masen ?), Mr.
Mattingly, L.
McCarthy, D.
McFee, Jas.
McGookey, John
McKnight, W.
Metcalf, D., and 2 sons
Mitchell, J.
Moberg, H.G.
Moses, Abram
Moses, John
Mount, Thomas L.
Nelly, P.
Nelson, W.J.
Nelson, Wm.
Parkman, C.B.
Parks, J. Carey
Pope, W.R.
Post, J.
Ray, Benjamin
Read, J.
Ryan, Michael
Sage, T.P.
Schungle, H.
Sears, H.
Seaton, H.
Sherwood, G.
Small, W.H.
Smith, C.L.
Southmaid, J.A.
Stroder, Volney O.
Taggard, J.W.
Tibbat, Mr.
Varney, Thomas L.
Vater, Thomas
Watson, J.M.
Weeks, P.W.
Welby, T.F.
White, J.H.
Wilson, C.
Wydown, J.D.
Yeager, P.

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